HK Station♥ Sungei Wang Plaza & Favourite Look Campaign

27 March 2013

Heyy Everyone  :3 Finally this post is up!! Remember that I tagged and posted some of the photo on last week's blogger event? Some of you wonder where the shop at and it look really nice right?? Seriously I get shocked when I go to that event because Sungei Wang 6th floor had changed a lot. Especially the quality and things I got from that day is really AWESOME !

So before I continue my post please sweeties *puppy eyes* Do vote my look on HK Station's fb page!! Just so simple  click here .Then it will direct you to a link click a like on their page then JOIN for the voting. Each person can vote/like 5 of your favourite look. Please Please do me a favor on that :) Much much appreciate your like because each account only can like 5 look only!! Look for the picture above and like on it :3 HAHAHAHA 

It's actually a MY LOOK Campaigngoing on! You guys can actually win the awesome prizes home!!! For those who vote for your favourite look you can stand a chance to win RM100 shopping voucher home! HOW AWESOME !! Vote for meee I just need 1 for your vote or you can click twice for 2 look of me :P HAHAAHAHAHAH 
I'm really happy that get invited by them to join this campaign! It's really my first time get invited to be a model. It's really a good experience and great day to meet with all pretty blogger :) Really surprise that HK Station gave me a big range of choices. From hair to toes! Necklace , heels, bottoms , tops, skirts , dress and everything is just there! I just feel so lucky that each of us have RM200 voucher to shop! Seriously SHOP TIL DROP!
See my happy expression! It's really a good day which make me fall in love with HK Station. Loads of interesting stuff and supper affordable price with width range of choices. From japanese style to korean style! I really had a hard time on that day because few hour isn't enough for me to shop! I want EVERYTHING!! Girls Being Girl, will never get enough of that. 

If you plan to grab some stuff from there I guess you should!!! Faster date your sister or friends on a day and have a look at there. How to get there?! It's just as simple as a piece of cake.Catch the lifts from the yellow zone or orange zone then straight away heading to 6th floor! YEAPPP it's 6th floor!!  6 6 6 6 6 :P 

I'm really lucky that I could get myself a full OOTD shooting with my favourite full outfit. Head to toes everything is get from HK Station. How awesome . The left outfit is from  Boys Girls while the right outfit is from Sam' 90 :)

So here's the photos of the day!! Seriously, I hope to grab more than that but I didn't have enough time to do that. So I'm sure I will visit there again :P You might spot me appear on that floor recently xD Teehee* 
 I'm so nervous because Bobo & Wei Wei haven reach on that time!! I'm alone but people there was so friendly slowly tell me what to do :) I'm so happy and had a great time with them. At the same time I'm still nervous because don't know what to pose! HAHAAHAH the venue looks and make people nervous I guess.
 We have 2 diff background :) Both of it look awesome!! Maybe I'm too exited so everything is sooooooooo nice to me :3
 Some of the photos I took. The decoration and interior design PLUS the things they sell is just so NICE! I'm really in love with one shop name Gallery 80's .
 Here's some photo on the Gallery 80's! This shop offer many diff type of outfits. From vintage style to sweet style and slowly it mix some japanese style inside too :) Some of their top have bigger size and easy match with short that can create a korean style! Sounds so great :P

 The LOOK which I'm wearing (the dress) is from this beautiful shop - Boys Girls . This shop is more to classic , gorgeous , dinner type of outfits.
 Look at the skirt! It's just so lovely!!
 My next favourite shop rather than Gallery 80's & Boys Girls will be this Sam' 80
 This shop is more on korean style and galaxy prints outfits! Pretty leggings too :)
 Some others shop :)
It's really a good opportunity which work with many pretty bloggers and I'm really enjoy on that day :) Just after that I need rush back to my class! HAHAAHAHAH 

Last but not least, don't forgot to like your Favourite Look ya :)   click here to vote 
Thanks so much and appreciate for your vote/like!!Love, xoxo.

Contest Period : 23 March 2013 ~ 23 April 2012