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28 February 2013

Herloooo Sweeties :3 Guess what I received few weeks ago-Fairy Beauty Products! Yeap~ and finally I can blog it and show you guys the before and after photo! It's a very good try but I have no much time to show you guys more obvious result because the promotion end before this month and I need to blog the advertorial before this month! 

OMG it's a little bit rush but let me introduce this 2 product to you! The one on the left is Fairy Blossomand the right one is Fairy Whitez. Yea only this two product and both of them is formulated from New Zealand
This is my first impression when I received the parcel. Stupid Skynet delay my parcel before Chinese New Year if not I think I got more time to try and shall see more diff of the product! The packaging is so simply ♥ and inside more surprise. The quality is so much nicer than others normal collagen drinks.
 Women nowadays are making incessant efforts to become better in various aspects, particularly to obtain eternal beauty as well as good body health. It's so important, even my mom or friends that same age with me are taking some external product like collagen to maintain their beauty. I never try any product like this before. I tried some other product but it's in powder form you need to mix with plain water but this Fairly beauty product is all come with liquid form. It's much more easy and convenience compare to others.

I notice my own problem recently and it make me feel like trying some product which can reduce my dark spots. Yea! Seriously, most of you might think that I have a fair face and white skin type but the problem comes when I'm getting older :'(

The only problem occur for those who having a whiter skin than other is the DARK SPOTS! I HATE DARK SPOT! But I have my own problem with that because in my case it's Hereditary :'( I couldn't change it even I apply sunblock every afternoon before I go out but some time I really so lazy to apply it ! My god!
It's not really obvious on the photo above because I haven enlarge it but if you enlarge it ( Will show you guys the enlarge photo below) you can see the amount of black spot slowly increase on the surface of my face! My friends always told me to apply some make up base with sunblock or apply other sunblock product while my mom always buy some additional supplement for me . She always told me to take note of the dark spots but I always say it's still early to take note of that :'(

Now I regret! My grandmother and mom have a serious problem on the black spot. Their black spots appear all over their face and when it didn't appear together it look still nice on it but when all the black spots join together and you will notice the surface become larger & larger.  Then it's so ugly when it appear larger and all spot join together! ARGH!! I'm really afraid that my black spots will become like that:'(

I never apply any make up base / foundation or anything :( Usually I just apply make up which focus on my eyes area! Never think of how important to reduce the black spots! Now it slowly appear on my face. Not much but it's enough to kill  me

In real it's more obvious because my skin tone is whiter than this photo. I'm fine with the condition of my face just I worried my black spots will spread all over my face now :'( 老了就这样的咯! Turn your screen down abit then you can see more clearly and spot the dot dot !

So yea I think Fairy Whitez is suitable for me! I NEED IT! But before trying any product I must make sure that it's natural . Fairy Beauty's product is 100% NATURAL & SAFE no added sugar , preservatives , artificial colourings , flavourings  or chemicals  & no hormones . Since it's really natural and I did read and see their certificate on their fairy2u.my website.

 I choose to trust on their product because it's really dangerous if you simply take something that is not natural and without any prove on their product. I willing to give them a try. Ok! Challenge Accepted  You can see the result in 20-30 days! In one month time.

Let's have some basic idea on the product . (Click the link to view the ingredient and more detail & diff Language)

The Fairy Whitez   can improve your skin condition by reducing the wrinkle , black spots , pigmentation , skin lightening & dark circle. Besides, it can prevent the development of acne .
 While Fairy Blossomis suitable for those who want to develop fullness and plumpness of breasts *wink wink* , firming and uplifting of sagging breasts , hips line and the most important, REDUCE Pre-Menstrual Tension and Menstrual Problem. I suffer menstrual pain every month -.- Very serious until my lips turn white and whole day lie on the bed. Then keep on playing twitter say IT'S PAIN -.- It's life! Girls have to suffer it every month :'( Pity us.
 You can purchase it online on Fairy2u.my or purchase it from independent pharmacy/caring pharmacy. They are now having promotion 3 boxes for RM188! Normal Price for one box will be RM89. Applied before the end of this month, February. Grab it now if it's work you can never say expensive to this product because it's totally worth for me if it's work!

Black spots and menstrual pain please get off from my life!!! Let's see what's inside the box
 So once you take off the plastic you can see some brochure and detail of the product.
 Oh goshh. Carefully open it and you can see how they protecting the bottle of the product. Really diff from the collagen my mom bought from others brand.
 Left- Fairy Whitez
Right- Fairy Blossom
 Each box come with 10 mini bottles. It's really so mini so you no need worry about it's so disgusting when you drink it or it taste so weird. It taste like berry and smell a bit sour sour like that!
 See how cute the bottle and the size is really small. I usually absorb 3-4 time using the straw given then it finished. So don't worry and I think most of the thing with small size seems so cute! LOL
1. Remember shake the bottle for few time before drink. Shake it well !
 2. Remove the cap.
 3. Insert the straw into the centre of the bottle's cap and remember to consume the product immediately.
 Yea! That's all! 1 day 1 bottle and drink it every morning.
I just finished one box and 2 bottle of the Fairy Whitez so it's still not very obvious that my dark spots reduced but the black spot become lighter. I'm happy it turn lighter ,so I guess I should continue it and I hope to see it disappear to! Plus, hope I wont be lazy to apply sunblock again :'( Any nice sunblock product recommended for me?

 So here's the 1 week after photo
It's lighter but still have the black spot.Nothing much changed but let see the result on the second week :) Continue drink it!!! I got small mini pimple appear again :( I always sleep so late! Need to have my baby skin back! No more dull condition  on my skin! Huirayyy :3 ~

 So here's the 2 weeks after photo (now)

See the diff? It slightly brighter and lighter than previous :) Hope this can help you too! This is my face without applying any foundation/bb cream/base + ENLARGE it until you can see my mustache!Lol

 I really can't wait the more obvious result when I consuming the 3rd box. So far I'm satisfied with this product because I know it's not possible to see the result immediately . I still need to take care my face other than just taking this supplement :)

So from now on I will apply sunblock everyday and make sure my skin is enough moisture Plus having a fixed time on my meal , try not to drink cold drinks and don't always late sleep. With all that and Fairy Beauty products as supplement I guess I wouldn't be so worry about my skin condition anymoreTeehee*

I think I should buy the Fairy Blossom to  my mom because I don't think I need it at my age :) Hope my mom like it <3

 A short video here :) Enjoy reading & watching.
*AHHAAHAH I change my audio to baby sound after that xD

 For more information you can visit http://www.fairy2u.my/
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Fairy Whitez 

 Fairy Blossom