CNY Celebration with Family♥

19 February 2013

Hey Sweeties! Just done transferred all the CNY photos to here and seriously got more than 1000 photos of my family , friends and me :S To make it easier I will blog two postabout my CNY celebration. One post is with familywhich is the 1st & 2nd day of CNY and another one is with my friends

I think quite a long time what title should I put and how to arrange the photos nicely! Lol !! Too free to think of it~ I guess most of you feel so sad now because tomorrow need to start working or going to class but i'm still HOLIDAY! Huiiirayyy~~ 

Stop crapping here :3 
As usual wake up in the early morning 10am and feel really tired every first day of CNY :'( Lack of sleep that night because too much to talk with my cousin on the reunion dinner. Once I awake simply rush to the toilet and dress up myself nicely! I prefer pink on the first day of CNY so I just simply choose whatever pink sweater I got from H&M :) 
 After that I just brought whatever I had in my make up bag! LOL spot my messy make up bag and feel so nice because I no need make up myself .Make up sponsored by: Click on the page to get the latest make up products new and some sharing tips on make up soon :) 
 When all the adults are busy, all the kids just playing around behind us and some just standing behind us and see what are we doing with all the messy things on the table. They quite curious and keep asking why need to set and make up in home -.- First day leh! I can't believe I'm wearing a spec without make up myself while celebrating the CNY! Lolx
I'm so exited and can't wait for the outcome! Actually we plan to have a normal daily make up but that's what I normally do.So this year I wanna try to have a little bit smokey eyes! How was it? Is that alright? I'm pretty in love with that! Thanks soooooo  much!! I'm damn love especially the make up can cover all my pores and it seems like I have a small face! HAHAHAAHAH 

Plus, I'm not familiar with all the nice lipstick colors but she recommended me this color! Damn sweet right? *wink*
Oh yea! This is the closed-up photo! Nice nice nice?! I always simply put the eye shadow and the smokey eyes will turn to be DIRTY EYES but this time it's really nice~ Oh yea~ I'm loving it! My face is so expensive now because the make up artist use CHANEL base , powder and blush on my face! OMG Once in my life -.- I rather save the money to eat! Most of my friends using channel blush and bobo using the channel face powder and she recommended it to me during our taiwan trip!

Can't believe that the outcome of the product with the additional make up skill can really get myself a nice face to selca! LOL
 OK last selca photo! HAHAHAHA Having a great time with all my family members :) Before continue the rest of the photo please help me like on this page ya :3  Thanks a lot!!
 Play around with all my little cousins! Can't believe that I'm 21 years old this year :'( Old Old Old!

That's all for today :) Enjoy reading