Yadah x SaSa Blogger Event ♥

23 February 2013

Herloo Sweethearts :3 Wooohooo guess where am I today?? Yea!! I'm appear on the YADAH x Sasa Blogger Event @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. It's really a cute and enjoyable event where you can see most of the products beside you have it own cute design and also the cute girl, Yadahand her pet Yom Yom:)
So, what happen when I meet Yadah & Yom Yom?! HAHAHAHA It's actually a brand from Korea and the short hair girl is Yadah. She has a pet alien which is Yom Yom , the cute little pet who forced landed on earth due to a space travel mishap! First impression I think Yom Yom is a dog but it's not a dog :P It's an alien which has super HIGH IQ , love to eat (like me) and always stick to Yadah while Yadah is a brilliant girl which is witty and optimistic & you often seen with Yom Yom! Both of them always fight with each other but they still can't live without each others!
It's so cute right? Even they got their comic version! OMG I'm really in love with the cuteness of Yadah and Yom Yom now!!!! Even each of the facial product packaging has Yadah face and some cute drawing of YADAH! 
Here is some of the product which you can grab it from Sasa from NOW! Actually I knew this brand quite a long time because I got the cute sample pack from lovely Elaine. From that time, I start to realize that it's quite a popular brand in Korea and Japan too! Finally our turn , MALAYSIA!! Even my friend told me that she bought quite a lot Yadah product during her Korea Trip but that time I guess I'm still not familiar with this brand. Really feel thankful and glad to attend this event because it make me happy and I understand more about the brand's story & their products too.
As you can see nowadays most of you prefer natural kind of beauty skincare products and so YADAH is 100% Free from artificial colouring , preservatives , mineral oil , sulpate and animal extracts! Conclusion, IT'S ALL NATURAL! Yadah targeted for teens and young adults, US! YOU AND ME!!! Besides, as told it do not contain animal extracts of any kind so it's suitable for Malay too :)

It's so cute right? It's all natural. I really get attracted from it. Other than those skincare product like cleanser , toner and emulsion , they have hand cream , natural shampoo , BB cream , anti-trouble spot , sunblock , ampoule and MASK! OMG!! Do you interested now?! They have lip balm and lip gloss too~   

See those products!! So attractive right? Some of the products during it launching , it already become a hot selling item!!! Next, (like me) I will think about their price then only decide whether to grab it home anot~ Do you think it's expensive?


For me i think it's CHEAP compare with other skincare products! Their cleansing nose pack mask (10 pieces per pack) only RM19 while others lip balm only RM25 , Lip gloss RM19! OMG! REASONABLE RIGHT? It's still a new brand in Malaysia so the price compare to other country is CHEAP TO THE MAX! Price Range from RM19-RM69! I think the most expensive is their ampoule only RM69!

I almost get shocked when I saw their price list! At first I thought it was not cheap but unexpected their price is quite reasonable for students like us! Thanks for the invitation I get to try out every product ( smell , touch , see it) All the form is very gentle and the smell so fresh
Hot item/ Best Seller :  Bubble Deep Cleanser *RECOMMENDED*
This is the cleansing nose pack! Hot item too! HAHAHAH I grab it home and their natural color lip balm!
Lip balm and lip gloss

So cute right? I love YADAH and Yom Yom!! OMG I wanna grab bubble deep cleanser at the nearest Sasa Shop too!! I'm gonna bring my YADAH HOME!!!

It's so fun to join this blogger event. I can meet new friends and talk with them :) Knowing new product is not a bad thing but increase my knowledge throughout this event! I know more about YADAH and their product's story. (Yadah actually is a anime in Korea) & I get experienced with new product and of course I'm loving it! People there are sharing their own personal experience and we can ask anything we want to know.

Here's some of the photo I took during the event :) I'm using NEX F3 camera.
Met lovely Jennie too :) Special thanks Bobo for the accompany. Hope she enjoy and has a blast on this event too because this is her first time to join the product launching with me~ Hope more and more event coming so that we can attend together :P

And I grab some photo from Bobo's camera too!
Thanks for the goodies box! We love it so much especially can't stand the cuteness of YADAH :) & Ofcourse I'm willing to spend my money to grab some additional products too! I grab some cleansing nose pack and lip balm while Bobo grab the anti-trouble spot and nose pack too!

Product recommended to my readers/Hot seller : Cleaning nose pack , lip balm , anti trouble spot , bubble deep cleanser and their ampoule. Really so in love with this brand especially their product really works in long term and result/feedback is pretty good in other country! So, I guess is time to change my skincare product because I prefer 100% natural product by YADAH!

And also thanks for the goodies box so that I can get to try more product ! I love their mask because I'm now using their mask when blogging! HAHAAHAH It's so moisture my god! I can feel the diff compare with other mask because the outcome is really obvious when the moment you take off the mask, your face is just so MOISTURE!

Their daily facial product has the special care linefor those who have poor skin and sensitive skin! What are you waiting for?!!!
 The Yadah paper bag is so cute tooo T^T My god!!
 Don't worry it's not yellow color but it's a natural color for your lip :) Normally I didn't really use any lipstick or lip gloss because I will eat it -.- but I can't stand with the dryness of my lip so Here's the first try on Yadah product. I think because it's so natural I can even EAT the lip bulm *Serious face*! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
It's a great experience with Yadah yesterday and Yadah's Birthday coming on MAY 3!!! OMG wonder they have special celebration on YADAH's Birthday anot!!! Happy Birthday to Yadah in advanced :)

*Just used their sample pack and I'm going to grab their normal pack of daily skincare product to myself!!!

Find out more on  Yadah Malaysia  
For those who want to purchase online can visit zalora :) http://www.zalora.com.my/catalog/?q=Yadah