CNY Celebration with Friends♥ @ Ipoh

20 February 2013

Hello Sweeties :3 So here is the second part of my Chinese New Year! I really miss the moment when all relatives and friends gathering together and celebrating the big day :) I guess the most wonderful and happy thing I did in this CNY is got a chance to meet with my friends and some readers on my hometown @ Teluk Intan
How to say...hmmm..I don't know it consider my hometown anot but it's my grandmother's house. I back there every beginning/end of the year to visit my lovely grandmom :) I'm really so glad that she still doing well although somehow she tear before we back to KL :'( At the end of the day, all of our relative left the home reluctantly and sick at heart. Miss her♥  :'( 

My grandmom getting older and I hope she still doing well until  one day I marry someone! I'm seriously very afraid of all my loved one left me one by one when I'm getting older. I'm not really worried until last year my big aunt just passed away suddenly without any sick and preparation. From that day onward, I told myself to appreciate everything I had now and be thankful to god and both of my parents who love me and bring me to this world.

There are always a reason why we are here :) To meet someone with fate and to meet someone that could change your life to happiness. That's what my parent teach me. I'm always worrying about how to make my parent to be proud of me and etc. I hope that I could make it one day! I'm exited and of course work hard for the coming of the day!

Suddenly feel like crying when blogging here :'( Too much thing to face with and the only way I can express myself is just writing it and sharing with you. All of you is my readers , my listener , my sweeties and one of the person that I care too! Thanks so much for the accompany. Seriously, I love you guys!

Continue for the post! On the 3rd day of CNY I received watsapp from Bobo and AlexYu! Both of their hometown and location is just SO NEAR teluk intan! So then we decided and planned to have ONE DAY IPOH TRIP! ahhahahaha! Thanks for the driver of the day Alex Yu for the fetch! HAHAAHAH
You can see how cute of us! Wake up in the early morning with my sleepy face @7am. Almost 7.45am Alex reached my grandmom's house and both of us go and fetch Bobo! From setiawan to teluk intan then go to kampar again! Proud of him :P ~ 
We planned to go 明阁 at ipoh to have our brunch but too bad the shop still not yet open :'( The big and huge restaurant opposite is 富山 is full of people so we simply drop by nearer shop to have our brunch! If not I might faint without having any food in the afternoon. 
The food wasn't that good because we still want to have a try on 明阁点心! Why you no open?! :'( So after that we went to AEON , Ipoh. We play around and have a blast on that day! Watched movie together , play basketball game machine , shopping and talk non-stop! 

Most of the time we google search on the food recommended and all the ipoh road :P Thanks Alex Yufor bringing us around & being our daddy for just ONE and the only day ! HAAHAHAH! Some of us might wonder how can we have our photo shooting on CNY but it's actually not in our plan! Lol

Just before we leave AEON we realize that the car park is so empty and Bobo come with an idea! Random shooting at there! HAHAHA Of course not ready yet but we just running around jump and have fun together!Most of the photo without pose one and you can see through my expression that I'm really so happy!!Can't see my eye -.- Laugh until look so stupid there but Hope you guys enjoy this post and the photos :) 

That's all for today :) Do you enjoy your CNY too?
Love, xoxo.