Giveaway Winner♥

15 February 2013

Herlooo Sweeties :3 I know what you waiting for~ Sorry for the late because I'm just back from my grandmother's house on Wednesday & outing with Mr.Kitty yesterday. That's why I'm late for 12 hours to update the announcement for the giveaway winner!!!! 

I actually planned to giveaway one box of those hand pick beauty product + mivva box but end up I make it to 2 box because I received quite a number of respond on this giveaway and most of you is really so sweet! But so sorry for those who didn't win for the giveaway because I just have only 2 box of it and I still need to add and pay for additional thing but soon will be MORE GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned to my blog post~
So here's some mask which I bought from Taiwan with some french nail extension and also some sample of the beauty product! Nothing much but I will just randomly put into this two box~ Hope you will like it and enjoy the product~ I very love the pink mivva box and hope to keep it but now I have to giveaway to the winner :'( Please sayang the box because mivva box is just so cute!!!

Oh yea, some of you never tag me in facebook I can't find it :'( I wanna get to know your detail and address on facebook which might be easier to contact you guys than email. But seems some of you not really clear about it. Next time I should bold it and state it clearly :)

As usual I will just random pick the winner from and give everyone a number.

1.Wendy Chong 2.Chiew Nee  3.Ng Pei Fung  4.Angela Yapp  5.Khor Hui Ying  6.Sching  7.Julie  8.bB-Lyn


Congratz to 4.Angela Yapp  5.Khor Hui Ying♥ 

Why the number so close one? HAHAHAHA I have no idea why but it's really randomly pick from the website! SO AGAIN~ CONGRATZ to you both and remember drop me a msg on fb about your receiver's name , phone number and address ya.

AHHAAHAH! Thanks for the joining pretties! I'm really sorry for those who can't win the giveaway but more to come k?! *wink* By the way, I'm really spend some time to read all of your comment ! Basically most of you think that I'm friendly and nice to be with~ AHAHAHAHH you made me so happy~ I hope to be your friends rather than just a relationship between reader and blogger :) Because you guys are the one who interested and concern about my life & my story! But sometime friendly is not a good thing too :P ~

Thanks for the joining and for those who email me without comment on the post will not be able to have the chance to win the giveaway since I already wrote and stated on the previous post that you need to comment on bottom :'( Sorry for that don't blame me if not it might be unfair for those who left comment on the bottom of the blog post ya~

That's all!! Love , xoxo.