Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Fondue & Flower Blossom♥

26 February 2013

Helooo Darlings :3 Want to update this blog post since last week but something wrong with my memory card luckily I'm still able to transfer all the photos to my lap top! Thanks god :'( So yea, guess most of you saw my update on Instagram about the Haagan-Dazs ice cream that I tried few weeks ago. 

I have only tasted Haagan-Dazs' ice cream once on my Valentine's Day and the second time is when celebrating and treat Bobo on her birthday. Yea once in my life time I guess, because it consider quite expensive for me except some special day I only willing to spend my money on that. Other than that, of course when I no need pay for it! HAHAHAAHAH 
It's my first time try on Hagaan-Dazs' ice cream. At first I want to order Chocolate Fondue but during Valentine's Day the people say it limited :'( The people stand and waiting in front of me grab the last unit of Chocolate Fondue! [ How sad :'( ] My god !! I'm so sad and feel like to try out their ice cream macaroons but 5 pieces for RM69 if i'm not mistake! So expensive :S Just a small little thing so I changed my mind and Mr.Kitty ordered Flower Blossom :)
Flower Blossom A crunchy waffle basket cuddles a harmony of six Häagen-Dazs flavors – Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee and Chocolate ice cream, Raspberry Sorbet and Mango Sorbet. 
 Design is so simple but too bad we can't choose the flavors of the ice cream. It will be more nice if you can choose your own flavors, right?
Seriously it's a little bit too sweet and I need water! HAAHAHAH 
So many people there and we just able to sit within this small table and hard to capture photo -.- The table is too low and I need to bend down my whole body only can snap a photo with the ice cream. 
Simple and normal dating on the Valentin's Day. This is the 3rd time celebrate Valentine's Day with Mr.Kitty. Nothing much can do other than eat I guess. No roses because he told me he do this to me last time and everyone keep posting their sweet photo on social network so I planned to have a simple dinner :'( But special a little bit not dinner is simple ice cream time! Lol

Pity me but he surprise me on our 888th Daysafter the Valentine's Day! Stupid Kitty :P I forgive you la~ Will update this soon after I done edit all the photo :3 Thanks for everything smelly!

The day after that , I still haven die my heart! I told myself have to try their chocolate fondue this time. So I come out with an idea which is celebrating Bobo's Birthday on Haagan-Dazs too! Doris, Bobo & I suddenly appear on Sunway Pyramid. Last mins plan because at first we planned to go Mid Valley due to some transportation problem . 
You can see from our face. So exited when waiting the chocolate fondue to come. It take more time to wait but it was well worth to wait! No matter who you are I'm sure you will in love with this fondue especially chocolate and fruit lovers. I prefer to eat with the fruit seriously because it's nice when you have the first few time but after that it's TOO SWEET! AHAHAH
Seriously , 3 of us can't finished the ice cream because it's too cold to serve with our mouth .At the end we just keep on eating the fruit. The strawberry so so so so yummy!! But this was a good try and I'm still remember how happy are we before and after the chocolate fondue served.
 Häagen-Dazs Fondue with mini ice cream scoops, fresh fruits and patisserie in hot chocolate sauce. Every fondue comes with:
Four mini scoops of Belgian Chocolate
Four mini scoops of Strawberry
Four mini scoops of Cookies & Cream
Four mini scoops of Vanilla Eight cubes of sponge cake
Three pieces of hard cookies
Four pieces of Love Letter
A small light is placed under the ceramic pot to keep the chocolate stay melted.
 So pretty right? AHAHAH Can I say this chocolate fondue is pretty?!! OMG I was shocked with the size of that! Other than that, when the ice cream is dipped into the melted chocolate, the chocolate slowly turn harder and forms a nice coating of chocolate. Before the chocolate fully hardens you gotta dip it into the peanuts. Yum Yum YUMMY!!

Next time should bring one more person :P I think need 4 people to finish this whole ice cream! AHAHAHAH I'm hungry now darlings :( Craving for dessert again! OMG save me ~
That's all for today :) Date your friends now and together enjoy this delicious Ice cream. Must try it :)