CNY 2013: OOTD & Make Up♥

16 February 2013

Herloo Everyone!! Guess most of you still enjoying CNY and plan to visit your friends house one by one and grab your red pocket ang pao from them :P I'm just sitting in front of my computer enjoying my semester break now~ Every CNY also having the same thing but the most exited and precious moment is dress up nicely and take the red pocket from your relative :P Am I right?

If you're my long term readers you will know my CNY celebration style~ Which only celebrate from the first day of cny until the 3rd day! AHAHAHAH Nothing much but this year a little bit diff than usual cause I no need make up by myself :P One of my lovely aunt back from Singapore and did my make up! So what I need to do is just sitting there and she done everything for me :P Besides, the 3rd day of the cny I celebrate with Boboand having a great & fun time with AlexYu , the photographer :) *will blog it soon*

So back to the topic this post is about all the OOTD!! Since I shift the position of my bed now I'm able to take #OOTD  photo by myself :P So happy and of course more to come! AHHAAHHA

The day before CNY20130209
Outfit for the Reunion Dinner
Meow Kitty Collar Top | White lace skirt | Black Wedges | everything from Taiwan but I saw some of you interested with the top i think it's available on some online shop I guess :)

So I just simply grab and open all the plastic or paper bag which I brought from Taiwan! Seriously most of my OOTD almost same style is just diff color! Lol because I got no time to shopping due to my final exam!! I done everything within a day before the CNY! OMG! I'm really damn tired and everything seems like so rush to me! Dye my hair , nail , leg and facial all within 24 hours! Lucky my mom help me make appointment for the facial and nail if not you wont see any color in my nail -.- 

Recently in love with sweet style or I should called it as NO STYLE. I just like things to be simple and comfortable :) Of course need to be the color that I like! Teehee♥*~ I prefer easy match outfits so I just grab top and match with the white lace skirt! LOL simple enough?

First Day of the CNY♥ 20130210
Don't be surprise it's really simple! 
Pink Sweater from H&M | White collar top from Mirrocle @Ferenheit88 | Bottom from Brand Outlets 
Make up done by Lihua Professional Make Up ♥ 
Will blog more make up photo on the next post because I still got many selca photo and some behind the scene photo! HAHAHAAHAH *Give the page a like yea! she have 16 years experience on being a professional make up artist in Singapore and I guess is time to have a page on it so that she can get more customer on that! Even my cousin's make up also done by her during my cousin's wedding day! You can see through my make up~ 
Mad love with the make up until I'm not willing to remove it :'( More close-up and detail photo on the next post need time to choose the best selca photo of me :P

2nd Day of CNY♥ 20130211
HAHAHAA so you guess where am I on the second day of CNY? Back to my grandmother's house at Teluk Intan :) As you can see my background is so vintage !! Plus, I realize all new clothes cover all my hand -.- So hot there and everyone feel I'm crazy! LOL Keep telling myself the weather is so cold! AHHAAHAH

Top from CandIce Dressing | Light Denim Pants from Brands Outlet as well~ 
*I remember that Two for RM80 or Two for RM90 I forgot! HAHAAH So I grab two pieces from there :P

So nothing much can I do in teluk intan and last mins received watsapp from Bobo and AlexYu!! We are going to Ipoh on the 3rd day of CNY! No more boring in my CNY!! AHAHAHAH WOOOHOOO! Can meet my lovely honey already~

3rd Day of CNY♥ 20130212

So when Bobois here she will help me snap good #OOTD photo! No more standing in front of the mirror and my phone blocking my face! HAHAAHAHAHAH *killmeplease

Red sweater & shoe from Taiwan | Black Clutch Bag from | Nude Skirt-Pant from Double Beauty | White collar sleeveless top from Mirrocle @ Ferenheit88 |

My legs seems so long here! Waiting all the photo from the photographer and after that will share to you guys the simple shooting with no theme and no caption at all & of course the delicious place and food we visited! Teehee

4th Day of CNY♥ 20130213
No #OOTD photo on that day because I have to pack all things back to KL (busy) :S So Just manage to capture some photo of myself inside the car. Lol 

So as you can see finally no more long sleeve top! HAAHAHA 
Top from Mango | Pastel Pant from Double Beauty 

5th Day of CNY♥ 20130214
 So yea! The Valentine's day falls on the 4th day of CNY! Everything from the above bought few years ago and I just simply match with each other! It's not a dress but it's a lace black skirt (which I wear on the day before cny but diff color*) and a red top! The red top a little bit loose to me so I match with a light blue denim top and tie half of it up :)

Simple and nice :P HAHAHAHA LOVE IT LOVE IT?!

That's all for this post! Hope you enjoy my OOTD post and more to come k?!

If you realize that I just bought myself few pieces of clothes but you can simply match with each other and it seems to be more nice than just one piece dress! So this is the reason why I recently prefer easy match style to create diff look than just one piece! *bla bla bla talk crap*