Fairy Blossom ♥

19 April 2013

Hey yooooo Sweeties :) Is me again~ Finally I'm able to write this post and show you guys about the ingredient of Fairy Blossom. If you know that I actually is a fans of Fairy Beauty :) The only supplement I take every day , every morning so far. If you don't know you can read this (click the link below)

Fairy Beauty♥ Fairy Whitez & Fairy Blossom

So most of you already know that I'm so in love with their Fairy Whitez which help me a lot and the result already updated on the previous post and this time I'm gonna talk about more about Fairy Blossom since I always talk only the whitez one. TEEHEE :) I really did a lot research on every product before i consume and I actually visited their company which located at kepong. That's why I say it's seriously a good additional supplement for all of you , YOU & ME.

Recently really love to share with you guys some new beauty product I discover with myself and more & more beauty post coming soon. Some skin care routine and daily make up post or new product I used which benefits myself and I guess you might be interested about. I bought a lot cosmetic product and tried it one by one. Can't wait to show you!! Stay tuned :)

During the visit , they actually ask a consultant together with me ,explain about their product & ingredients to me. Very detail and I'm really glad that I'm one of their customer because I saved a lot. They think about consumer behavior and every month they actually offer different promotion to us. So far now they're still having the 20% voucher discount on your purchase. I received most of the email that you guys had key in the promotion code that most of you get on my previous post.

I'm happy that you all willing to give them a try. Together with me trying a new product but don't worry about it you now can get it at many diff places or pharmacy but online purchase still have their own benefits! So that you can save time and no need drive to their place to purchase. If you really interested to know about their product you can let them know and have a look / visit to their company and office. Don't worry they're so friendly :P
See how the size of a bottle of fairy blossom. It's so small even can fit in any bag I bring for outing. I think it's really so convinience & that's the reason why I always able to take one bottle every morning. You know sometime I'm so lazy maybe the first  month I will keep drink it but slowly I will be lack of motivation to do that. At the end it waste the product and I can't gain any benefits from that :O So , you need to tell yourself to drink it every morning or every 2 days so that you can maintain your skin under the bright and hot sun!
If you purchase any product from fairy beauty online @ www.fairy2u.my you can get those little appreciation card from them. It's so lovely and the character really so feminine !!
So lovely right? So far this is the first time i  get those little card from beauty product. Surprisely, they always try their best to hold and maintain their customer relationship.

So yea!! Stop crapping here~ Let's understand more about Fairy Blossom ingredient. Remember that before purchase any specific beauty product you really need to have a look on their ingredient. Some is really natural and don't add on any chemical stuff. Some buyer will never realize that how important to have a look on this. 

I don't know you noticed that the previous very popular product name product XXXX have some bad news appear on facebook. Those people who took the product in a long tern end up having many big pimples on their face and spoiled their face. I don't know it's really a real story or not but many people stop buying that product and if you know the girl's face really so serious. I'm really afraid that happened on anyone of my friends and I hope that before you buying any product PLEASE PLEASE have a look on their ingredient and also some certificate proven for their ingredient.
There are too many ingredient within this small little bottle (>20 ingredients) which you may have a look on their ingredients part print on the box. I'm not going to show all the ingredient on this post because even myself can't understand those professional ingredients :P LOL I'm serious I don't even understand it except those Vitamin A, D3, C , Calcium , Zinc which we learned on our science subject last time! HAHAAHHA

Therefore, in this post I'm gonna talk about 3 major/important ingredients that important for US! You gonna learn it and next time you can know more about those ingredient. Normally feminine beauty product will have the same type of ingredients like berry , vitamin & so on. It's so normal to have the berry taste in beauty product BUT the main 3 ingredient in this bottle of Fairy Blossom is slightly different.
So the 3 main ingredient inside this little bottle is Apple Stem Cells , Fenugreek and Lobata & Mirifica.
Apple stem cells a very important ingredient within this bottle of Blossom because among all the ingredient this is the most expensive one. Some other brand actually selling just with Apple Stem Cells as their product's ingredients :) So you can know that it's actually a hot ingredient in this industry!! AHAHAH What's so special about this? It have the regenerative properties which girls looking for and also the anti wrinkles benefits!

People always say an apple a day keep your body healthy and it not just body but it can improve your SKIN CONDITION too! It result in reduce wrinkles by 15% within 4 weeks time. OMG You can now have the same knowledge as I do & try to google it more about the apple stem cells :)
Fenugreek. Don't even know what's this until the consultant show me the photo and I did some research asking MR.GOOGLE only know it. Fenugreek is actually one type of herb. The whole part of Fenugreek can use for diff purpose and some of the part used for indian curries. You might see this herbs appear on your gardens sometime.
In short, it helps for breasts development and also hormone regulation. So I guess this is why Fairy Blossom added it inside as their major ingredient now! 
Last but not least the last active ingredient will be Lobata & Mirifica. This is mostly same function as Fenugreek which helps in breasts development but it add on a benefit that can firming & uplifting of breasts. Sound so greatz! I don't want to have a super big boobs but I hope that the process of my breasts development can complete lor T^T I think my development is not yet complete because I have a male body instead a feminine body T^T I'm thin but flat like chopstick or maybe wood -.- LOL
I'm not purposely take this for my breasts one because I think I already reach the limit and too late to make my breasts development to function again!!! Lol I interested with this because the benefits wrote that it can reduce my menstrual pain. and 

YES! but it won't reduced 100% but reduced 75% of the pain because girls always craving for cold stuff. Chatime , Snowflake , cold dessert & drinks but the last month I having all those cold stuff which might be dangerous for all of the female!! I know I should stop myself by drinking those cold stuff but when you outing with your friends all the place attracted you especially their ice cream and stuff like that. So I didn't reduce the amount of cold drinks I took and at the same time I took FAIRY BLOSSOM every morning for 3 weeks plus.

I swear it help me on reducing that 75%and I still feel pain during my period but I can talk , can go class and can even stand up and walk or run. Just that when your first day that 1-2 hour you still need to cover your stomach and feel a little pain on it. WHY GIRLS HAVE TO SUFFER ON THAT. It's a serious problem for me because last time I DON'T HAVE those problem until I everyday go out and class outside drinks and take many cold stuff. The lifestyle changed and that's why I'm suffer it right now.

I'm really happy that it can reduce my pain! Although I thought it will reduce 100% but so far 75% is enough for now because I just took for 3 weeks plus then period come to visit me! So I think if i continue take this and ofcourse MUST REDUCE the cold drinks and cold dessert intake , I can reduce my pain as well. I'm not greedy and hope it remove all my pain because without a healthy life style and good rest for your body you wont get any benefit from this product too.

So for those who suffer this a lot you might think to have a try on this. But I'm freakign dilemma on purchase this or the Fairy Whitez. Because I have limit money to purchase both of the same time!! LOL so I guess maybe I should take one bottle whitez then the next day take blossom. HAAHAHHAA Good idea right? :P
Before I make an ending for this post I would like you to take a look on the photo above. It actually provide to you and have a basic idea on Fairy Beauty (blossom) product compare to others brand! Make your own decision and let yourself understand more about the ingredients so that you can choose the best supplement for yourself.

That's all for today, Love xoxo.