Lilac Salon ♥ Kuchai Lama

11 April 2013

Herloo Sweeties :) I'm so happy right now (like finally) because I really have many bad bad days on last few weeks. I really hate that and even friends around me wonder why am I suddenly become so moody?! Too much things happen on me plus, I have to busy with my interviews and everyday having my usual class yet still need discuss & think about all internship , assignments & mid term!

Finally! Everything done and I'm going to settle down everything on by one with my own. Yea , I shouldn't rely too much on others because it's hurt when you cared too much, end up you're just useless for them and then they dump you alone..leave you behind.. Like so normal..So!!! Independent Chanwon!! I should learn how to drive safety from now. Just in case I have transport problem happen on my internship period.

So back to the topic, I'm so sad during the week until one of my friends know that I seriously need a haircut for my hair especially my bangs. It getting longer and longer until I feel so annoying and the previous hair salon really damn far from my house so I still looking for a nearer one. You know when girls moody they always looking something to make them happy. Surprisingly, a nice salon with a nice haircut really made my day :) 

It's one of my friend's friend salon. She recommended it for me and ask me for the help to do some modelling job for her online boutique. Then we planned that after done my haircut & Shinno (the hairstylist) will help me set my hair for the shooting session. So everything runs smoothly and I'm so nervous before entering the shop because I alone and I don't even know anyone there. (most of the time I will date my friend together with me if I need to cut my hair)

Of course hair is like EVERYTHINGfor me. Before I go I'm sure go check and realize that their haircut and hairdo is really damn japanese feel! OMG is the one I looking for after sooooooo long! Like finally ! I'm really so excited and interested about it. The next day, I wake up and straight heading to Kuchai Lama!!

The shop Lilac Salon♥ is actually located near snowflake, Kuchai Lama :) Just beside snowflake there and the interior design is really so nice. I don't know whether you like purple colour anot but once I step into their shop everything is just TOOOOO NICE for me.(Start fall in love with purple colour) All purple colour theme and hair stylist there... damn friendly. HAHAAHHAHA I really don't know what to talk when they do my hair but seriously they're so nice & friendly.

Everything pretty new for me. People, environment , service , their professional skill ..almost everything. Show you some of the photo I took last Sunday :)
 As you can see from the photo above everything looks so comfortable right? YES! I really think that their salon interior design make me feel so comfortable. Environment and their friendly services too! But make sure you make appointment or book your time with them before you go there!! HAHAHAHA If not you might need to wait or make an appointment another day :)
Other than the environment I think the blanket they provide us for covering our leg is really melt my heart! They make sure that you won't feel uncomfortable with the big huge mirror and your long leg with any skirts or short pants! So  nice right? So far I'm satisfied until now!! Especially the nice hair color they did for me :)
Besides that , every huge mirror there got an additional chair which your partner or your friends can sit there and face to face talk to you :P AHAHAHAH I got no one to accompany at that time so I just simply placed my black meow bag there! Lol
 This is before.. As you can see my fringe is really damn annoying =.= Plus my whole hair never cut after so long! Lol I always be so careful when come to choose hair stylist because it's just like an investment. If you get or go in wrong place and cut some ugly hair style with ugly hair colour....I WILL CRY! Seriously.. I care a lot for my hair until I don't dare to let anyone cut my hair especially my front hair / bangs/ fringe!

I cut myself last time -.- Until I really can't tahan I only will allow people to cut my hair. I dye my hair every 6-8 month  because I really so lazy and keep on having the same color which is copper brown , brown from the past until now! LOL I can't accept myself with blue hair or weird hairstyle because my parent really so strict with my hair color. If I dye blue color my parent sure feel I'm a bad girl while if I dye weird hair color go to my university...OMG.. People will O.O at me. So the only hair color I can go for is just normal brown series color. Lol

Such a boring life :S
So before I decided on it, the hairstylist Shinno come and discuss with me. I got no idea on it so I just ask him to settle my hair. HAHAAHAHAH Everything he think for me just asking me wanna try new color other than brown anot but I don't think I can accept it . So at the end he just ask me you prefer red or pink. I say pink but my hair was too healthy too dark if I dye pink will fade so fast. Then I go for red + some pink under bright sunlight.
 Decided everything! I'm so nervous and excited about it! Wash hair + cut + dye + treatment :)
 Likeaprincess! AHAHAHAHAH can spot my cacat hair a not? So messy hor? So thick and curly here and there! LOL
 AHAHAHAHHA What is this look a? I really so shy when I need to snap photo in front of them. So I just keep looking from the mirror until I see nobody pass by me then faster take my camera out & snap! LOL Alone really don't dare to take photo myself. Like very weird ! Am I right?
 So this is the portion of my hair which going to be red+pink colour soon!!! Somehow it's like highlight on my half bottom left hair. I hope it won't be weird. Heart beat fast!
 Got nothing to do... Since no people behind me.. Let's selca! Lol
 After like half an hour of waiting, finally it's treatment time :)
 This treatment is really amazing. You can't believe that your hair is become so shine and smooth after that. Even my hair smell so nice until the next day :)
 HAAHAHAH Look on that! nothing to do other than self capture.
Taaadaaaa!! This is the outcome but this photo can't show my lovely red bottom hair but I love how the hairstylist did my hair..Especially the curl :P  Look so dreamy !
I'm really so in love with my hair now! The red part actually not that obvious. It only appear when you curl your hair or turn your hair back :P I love this because I feel so special! HAHAHAHAHA You know I sometime really boring with my hair colour until this! No one actually spot it until I curl my hair to my class today. It works so amazing with the curl. 

Lilac Salon Location : -  
(near snowflake kuchai lama)
  • No. 12A, Ground Floor, 
  • Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, 
  • Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone : 03-7982 3828 (any question can call this phone no./ appointment /further detail)
Fb Page :

Maybe some of you already know this Lilac Salon because they actually featured by Vivi & they join the previous KLCC event together with Cheesie & Fourfeetnice(Audrey). 

 Other than that I really need to recommend this Keratin Treatment with Collagen with you sweeties :) Don't know whether they still having the promotion with this maybe you can check their fb page from now or call their phone number to ask :)
 The result and outcome really so obvious. I can't wait to try this out and this weekend I will be there again!! I will go there for treatment + hairdo + Chit Chat with my friends there! Can't wait for that~
See my happy face with  my new hair! Yeah~ Do you like it too? 
Enjoy Reading & Love, xoxo .