YAA SUI is not DEAD ♥ Futuristic Fashion Party

23 April 2013

HEY YOOO Everyone ♥ :3 AHHAAHAH I'm so excited and can't wait to update about what happen in the previous weekend! It was pretty fun and I was so enjoy!! The very very very first time to join this kind of event which meet different kind of people and of course I experienced different thing! *wink*
Most of you so shocked when saw my update in instagram and wonder what is 'YAA SUI'?! 

YAA SUI  is a word to describe someone who has his/her own unique fashion style and someone who is confidence when it comes to dressing up him or herself. In other words it means #SWAG! It's also a Malaysia's fashion community which formed by a group of people who still have hopes towards Malaysia's fashion scene

NICE?!!! OF COURSE! Millions thanks for the invitation from Chalk & Bobo :) I'm so nervous and the party is actually a FUTURISTIC fashion party @ 69 bistro cafe♥ Seriously it was so fun and I was pretty shocked that I'm quite interested in being a 'NOT ME' character! HAHAHAHAHA Everyone say I look so different on that party I think it's because my pretty outfit and also my make up.
So this is my outfit of the day!! AAAHHAHAHA I have no idea how to put on my make up and the ribbon on my head LOL. Idea from Dennis which work at Chalk:) I'm really feel so happy that their outfit actually look good on me because it's really my first time ever and if you realize my eyeshadow is just full of pink color. I want to put an attractive make up but not much time left so I just grab the make up brush and simply put some neon pink eyeshadow on my eyelid + a bling bling silver eyebrow! HAHAHAAHHA
 Back to the topic I just want to thank Chalk♥ for the sponsored for my outfit on that night. It's pretty awesome and can you believe that it actually a shop from onw of the designer at that YAA SUI party! & the owner of this vintage shop is actually a female. So talent . I can feel that each piece of their cloth is really so priceless. Imaging that how much effort they put on for designing an outfit.
I'm so happy ALL of our outfit (Wei Wei , Bobo & I)can get from Chalk and design by the owner Peas! This unique shop is more on vintage style, as you can see most of their outfit is actually look so unique. If without them I really can't find anything to match with the party theme. Seriously I scroll back all the photo I took I really look different after change my outfit! Am I right? Surprisingly,  it actually look great on me. I'm always so respect designer's work because each of that means a lot for them now I realize it actually can made my day too!

Because at first I'm worried about it but now I think it's really a great chance to try their outfit & share with you guys this vintage shop!! Love to the max but I forgot to take photo with the owner T^T Feel so regret now!!!!
Chalklocated @ 6th floor , Sg Wang Plaza. For those who love vintage a lot you may have a visit to their shop. From vintage type sunglasses - Top - Bottom - Dress - Shoe - Bag & etc!! In case you didn't recognize their shop , here's some of the photo I took :)
 Start to fall in love with vintage stuff. Slightly diff from the previous style I had and that's why I love Chalk 
This is my futuristic make up look!! Hopefully wont disappoint you but really diff from the usual me! I'm not  myself on that night. So fun to try out new style and get crazy with all of your friends in a party. 

So let's start Party Night!!!!! 
I don't know should I smile or being emo when selca because it's really weird if I smile with my very pink lips! LOL so I just pose like a blur alien! HAHAAHAHAHAHAH
 Everything was so fun to me!!! I seems so nervous at first because I only know Bobo & Wei Wei there!! But it was a good experience to meet people which I actually can't remember all their name now LOL The music to awesome and loud so I couldn't really hear it but I can recognize their pretty and handsome face lah of course! HAHAHAAHA

At first we just keep on selca and slowly more & more people come !! Say hii and party hard with them!!
Let's Photo do the talking!! Nothing much than have fun on that night :P
 OMG! SO yeng!!! Love this couple's outfit! Damn caught my eyes!!!
 Here's some of the photo took by Tony Wong ! Awesome party must have an awesome photographer! Photo took by him~~ really so nice eh until I feel so shy to post my photo here~ OMG
 So nice hor?!! I love the black & white photo with Jane took by him! I look so funny on that photo and of course pretty Jane beside me♥♥!

Sorry after this no more nice photo like Tony one but we got pretty selca party photo here!!! At the same time meet many pretty lady & new friends too :) ♥♥HAAHAHAHAH
 That's all for today♥♥!! So enjoy on that night & HAPPY ME WITH HAPPY FACE!

Please let me post my last SWAG photo!! Love , xoxo♥♥♥♥♥♥