20130418 ♥ Hairdo / Hairstyle of the week

18 April 2013

 Herlooo Herloooo Sweeties :) I know you miss me recently!! I miss you guys too and of course I'm really really busy this few days due to my interview and poor time management! I really don't know how to manage myself to be able to attend both of my class & interview at the same day / same time. Lol It's really annoying when you keep on changing your interview time and the HR people there also feel tired about it.

I'm sorry but as long as I can attend both I'm really happy with that. No complain at this moment! HAHAHAHA So you guys know that I'm really exhausted on that but I'm always have some extra time to take care of myself. I swear myself must take a good care for my hair because I keep on dye and change my hair color I really scared spoiled my healthy hair :'(
Oh my forehead so shy to appear here! So ugly So high my forehead T^T

So , Shinno recommended me with the Keratin Collagen Treatment which suitable for all of us! Please take note that after this treatment you need to leave your hair ,no need wash for one day. I know it's a bit smelly or you worry that your hair might be oily :P Here's the same too. I'm worry about that but end up I'm really satisfied with that!!

They are having promotion for the treatment until this end of the month!!! So call 03-7982 3828 and make your appointment before too late!! Normal Price for this treatment will be RM450 , but now you only need to pay RM168 for that treatment. I think you need this if you have a problem with Frizzy Hair! and you don't wish to straighten your hair or perm it so you may go for this treatment. If you take a good care of it then it can last almost 3-4 months :)

For me I don't have this problem but I need to give some collagen to my hair!! HAHAHA Not only we need to take collagen as our additional supplement but hair need too :) Girls really need to take and do so many thing in order to keep a healthy hair and beautiful inner/outer beauty. I would like to give myself another chance to try new tech for my hair!! So I say YES!!!!!     *die die also say yes
My face look really tired in this photo. I think of making some changes for my hair so it can brighten up my day! Lol Make myself look prettier and of course more confident towards myself. Unbelievable the happiest moment is when everything done + satisfied with the hairdo by Lilac Salon :P Can't wait to see right?? But before I show you the photo I'm so proud to say that their special 'VIP ROOM' is the best place to selca for me :P AHAHAHAH

Because no one passed by or walk behind you so that you can take your camera and snap whatever you like! AHAHHAAHAHH So some of the photo I took inside the little lilac space. It's really comfortable with the lightening and also the decoration make me feel so warm. Like my room. I wish my room can have a space like this so that I can everyday snap pretty photo and upload to show all of us. The HUGE mirror really works well on me. HAHAHAHAHA if you get what I mean :P 

It make my leg look so long because the angle of the mirror is slightly diff from those small mirror I think. 
Here's the detail of my own daily outfit #modo #ootd :-

Top from Sam'90 , 6th floor of Sungei Wang Plaza HK Station
Bottom from Outfit Online Boutique 
Vintage Wedges from Taiwan

Back to the topic , here's some photo I took on that day. I'm really so happy with my hairdo of the week! Especially the natural type of wave curl + braid ~
♥ Before & After 
So this is the result of my hair after the treatment + curl by Shinno :) Once again, Thankiuuu so much for the hairdo! I'm so in love with it :P Let me show you how lovely is my hair on that day. 
SO NICE RIGHT? I tried to braid it with my own but FAIL -.- I can't really see my backside of my hair that's why I need someone help me to make it happen!! Shinno did this for me I really can't believe that a male can actually do this better than me :O I can do this on other's hair but not mine. But still I braid til so messy but how come this look freaking lovely !!!!

If you really think to have a great hairdo for prom night , dinner or special day you might contact them. I'm not sure how much it cost because everyone's hair length diff and of course you may contact them to ask the detail. Don't ask me I'm not the boss!! HAHAHAHA

After the hairdo I syion myself. I feel so pretty with my own. Not praising myself la but the hair is really so nice and lovely. Am I right? I love the fringe because it look naturally curl and the curl look so natural. I don't willing to spoil it when I'm going to sleep T^T 

Actually the fringe should be something like inner curl bangs but when you put over on a side it actually can create a look like mine :D So you guys can try to curl with curl iron too!! Teehee :)
Figure viewed from behind is much more nicer than my face ! AHHAAHHAAHHA Seriously , I view from my back it's really prettier than my face. So just spot my backside can already but make sure I won't turn back !!! WAHLAO I hope lilac salon located near my house so that every week or maybe every few day can go there set my hair~!!!! So greedy meee :P 
 So after so long FINALLY able to take photo with my exxxxx senior! MANDY :) Never thought I can be with her like this today. She is one of the people who influence who am I today when I'm still a secondary students in my school. She is now the owner of the Outfit Online Boutique!

Get into this Lilac Salon also recommended by her! Such a sweetie in my heart :) Here's some of the behind scene photo !!
 End this post with a BIGGGG PEACE! Good Night
P/s: My personal hairstylist Shinno is looking for a model together with him for the coming haircut competition. For those who interested to be cut or turn into short hair girl may contact him (https://www.facebook.com/Shinno.W?fref=ts) & don't worry you will get a RM1000 voucher on the treatment and also RM500-RM1000 Cash from him!! Contact him if you're interested :)