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23 April 2013

Hello Babies :) Just dropped myself here with a short update about a party service which I just get in touch with them recently.I get a small little parcel from them :) Thanks for the love birds series of party deco kit. At first I was thinking that it might be a hand size of deco kit but when I receive it, kind of surprise because it's just so mini & cute ! Was shocked at first but I think it's totally cute and worth for me to talk about this.

The party deco kit wouldn't be the size I want but the mini size make me can't resist the cuteness of it. Especially the two little lovely birds! HAHAHAHA They gave me 1 mini bunting which is really mini and I'm thinking where to put it on , 10x chocolate labels which I think it's really cute , 10x round gift tags and also 10x scallop food tags
 Actually it's fun to have those deco kit . We need it on party especially on photobooth session or selca time with your buddies. I love the mustaches type of spec type of deco kit because previously the blogger's xmas party one of the blogger actually DIY it and bring for us. So lovely and is a best thing to selca!

I'm glad that I get to know about Party Hatbecause this is the first online party service I had never heard about it. Maybe I should say I never meet someone or know someone in this kind of area. If you do kind of email me because I'm looking for it soon on my coming 21st Birthday Party:)  I had asked Party Hat but most of the party service is more suitable for kid. Or I should deco it myself :P 

They are currently run these services: 
Mobile party hosting
Party planning ~ birthdays, full moon parties, weddings and social gatherings. 
Design party supplies ~ banners, chocolate wrappers, cupcake tags, gift tags, food labels, water bottle labels, napkin tags, straw tags, etc. according to your theme.

Some additional services/theme they offer:-
Princess Pamper, Cupcake decorating, theme party , dessert buffet table , personalized printables

All party service is pretty much good but among all of those I prefer the Cupcake Decorating party the most. But I guess it's really suitable for kids because it was so fun to let them explore something new and have fun when decorating all delicious cupcake. Other than that the Dessert Buffet Table deco service not bad too! Imaging my 21st birthday party have a big table which full of little mini cupcakes , cards, ballons , and some photo kit for me to take photo. It must be AWESOME!!!

Interested to know more about their service? feel free to check them out
The Party Hat team 
Whatsapp/Sms: +60173805560