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12 April 2013

This will be a super duper long post which full of word but it might be benefit for most of you. I guess so! Lol

Once in awhile, I will get some sweeties/readers inbox asking me those privacy question about how is my blogging life or how to earn money from blogging & etc. Actually it's not a privacy question and I'm not afraid to share what I know about but first of all I need to tell you that it's not an easy task to do as a blogger. I guess I'm not popular and I not really think that I earn a lot from blogging but at least it can help me survive for so long :P

Most of you were so curious about how can blogger earn money? Or should I say this world really got FREE things happen on you/me? 

NO..it's not that easy!

It's really weird when people think that every blogger earn money was an easy task. We just get sponsored easily . We get noticed just because we are pretty but unfortunately it won't help you on it.Maybe it will but not for me. I will tell you more on this. Just keep reading :)

I'm not going to write whole long msg reply to most of the reader so I choose to tell everyone here. Because it's really a long grandmom story if I'm going to reply them one by one.

So yea! Story started...

I started blogging when I was a form 3/form4 student (15-16 years old). I have no idea what is blogger and what I know it's just a BLOG! I own a blog which is mainly mandarin blog post in wretch. HAAHAH Basically it's a taiwan blog I guess and because of the wretch I get in touch and get to know who is Jane & Daphne. I'm not that kind of people who pretending wanna be a popular girl or what but most important is I know what am I doing .

I never admit in front anyone say I know who or purposely stick to them pretending I'm a popular blogger because I know it's the only way to gain haters rather than readers. What I need or what I want is the person like you guys. Which true to me and love the way I am. & I really hate when people take me to compare with others and ask me that ' eh chanwon... I saw you took pic with xxx ..So both of you very good one ar? You sure or not

Things like that happen but at the same time because of being a blogger I get in touch with many different kind of people like you, who concern about me and love me. I'm really appreciate all your love from every diff place. Thanks a lot !! I'm really so happy for that :)

It was so amazing which bring me a wonderful life and add some colourful memories for myself. I was a kind of people like to talk a lot sometime I feel this is a bad things. I love those girl who talk less or talk softly but i can't stop myself for being talkative. I talk with all people around me. When I purchase this - I talk about the product until so detail , When I found a good blog shop with nice clothes - I share it with my friends , When I happy I laugh my ass off , When I'm sad then I hope someone to talk with me. I'm just so normal like you. 

I need someone to talk with me because I don't have a sister I only have a younger brother which really tired when talking to me. I'm really talkative can talk non-stop 5 hour. My mom teach me that we need to be nice to people who nice to us , share what we know , share our opinion. Teacher in primary / secondary school always complain me that I'm talkative.

So you can imaging every year I get scolded by my parent ask me to stop talking during the class. I know it wasn't a good thing but now I turn it and it changed my life although I don't know how to control myself when talking rubbish with you all :( But you guys understand me la! I really like to talk while I'm in my form1-form 3 life my result is really so damn bad one because I always talk talk talk talk non stop. 

I very respect my mom but I always talk so loud with her which she think that it's really a bad thing but when come in real life now I'm really proud to have it because when I'm presenting or having a presentation in front I can catch people's attraction and dress confidently in front of them. I talk nicely , I share what I thought & trying some new thing which changed my life a lot.

Then, I meet some of my friends and learn to draw eyeliner stuff like that. Slowly in love with sharing beauty tips with my friends around me. So they always complain once they know about what product I used they will spend a lot on that I really geng in persuade people buy beauty thing one! LOL but the product really nice ma! I won't share if it's bad! 

I keep on blogging on the wretch blog and people start asking me to write in english but that time my english really suck -.- Like whole blog post you can see many paragraph with only 3-4 english words or mix with mandarin ! Lol Then I get complain that my english is so weak until myself also don't dare to talk in front of people. I can understand what people write but I can't talk it nicely maybe my tongue really cacat in some way but I never give up of that.

My tuition teacher is the only teacher who inspired and motivate me. She told me that I have a good personality and attitude even my mom say I make up look like ghost and talk like a boy act like a man..blablabla.. Everyone keep on saying me telling me how bad am I / how ugly / how flat am I but the tuition teacher motivate me. Tell me that I can do it I can make everyone change their mind. She teach me don't feel shy even I talk broken english.

Until now my english still very broken until I really feel sorry to you sometime :( Some mistake and spelling wrong in my blog but hopefully you guys can get what I mean then can already lorh! I'm not a journalist or professional writer of course I got my own weakness but the main purpose for communication or word is PEOPLE CAN UNDERSTAND ! That's all    

This is how I start talking and writing all broken english with my life. Then people get touch with blogspot after 1-2 years I guess. So I also moved from wretch to blogspot.

The life after moving from wretch to blogspot is the best decision I did after so long.

I get my motivation on blogging . Although there are no one interested about my life or cacat stuff I had on my life. but what I can do is just...


That's all about my life. Lol I really can't think any special tips on how to be a blogger.Some people saw my sponsored post might ask CHANWON! HOW YOU GET SPONSORED HUH?

I have few friends which is kind of brave. I dare myself I not as brave as them. I really think that even a sponsored can cost a lot for the person who provide the sponsored to us. You know that I have my own online business and I noticed that it's no FREE things happen on if you NEVER WORK HARD on what you want.

Maybe it appear on 1% among all of the blogger but what about me...I won't be who am I now if i never work hard for myself in the past. 

I'm serious! So people keep asking me 

How can I earn money through blogging..
How can I get sponsored
How can I attend event
How can I this and that..

This is all my question when I'm young. I asked around and guess what. No one telling me. I'm not born in a rich family. I only have less than four hundred pocket money per month. What can I do as my part time to earn extra money ?! Who should I ask? Will they tell me their secret? Will they hate me after I asked? How if I wanna be a blogger? 

What it come in my mind is..I love to talk , I love to share , I love to meet diff kind of people , I love you as my readers. I hope to gain reader but not popularity because if you're really popular, at the same time will gain HATERS! Even your bf also can come out in forum and people don't know you discuss about your personality about your attitude. People don't know you start complain about how ugly you are and etc.

I really care what people think about me. I care for my friends. But all  my friends don't even say it's good to be a blogger cause can't earn anything they thought. Even my mom just say I wasting my time and effort on and never think about my studies. Too much things come in my mom and half of the way I really think of giving up.

I'm not the lucky one but at least I know what I going. I know what I looking for. I know who am I . I get hate from some haters. Say that how come a blogger will always wearing the same pieces of dress in diff day. People say that I have no body. Flats like wood. No boyfriend .No this no that. 

But I love myself :) For being who I am today! MAYBE some of you still  hate me but really thanks because they keep on looking and reading my post at the same time concern about my life. but they hate me :S Why would you hate me ? Why don't love me?  *puppies eyes* 

Too much of weird people around me. I have not much energy to change what they think about me. So I just love who am I because no one love me that time. This is what my current boyfriends teach me :) He is the reason why i start to love my flat like wood body and single eyelid with all my messy hair. He love my personality my attitude but somehow people will wonder and talk about him once I update the relationship.

He's not handsome but he care me a lot. He is the only one talk to me and act like a girl when things happened on my previous friendships. Friends means a lot for me. Even until now I still rank Friendship at NO.1 position! I don't know why... Betrayer from friends which they don't even care about me but I'm still so care about them. Cried for 1 weeks and stress up / depress on that period.

The only way to make me happy is blogging. I remember how happy that my reader keep in touch with me , reply comment on my post , ask about this and that , concern about me & etc. All my motivation is YOU SWEETIE :)

Then I gain reader from my talkative and sharing attitude which people might think it's useless and such a wasting time! Lol from only 20 people daily traffic until now few thousands daily traffic. All should I say is THANKS! Thanks a lot! Thanks for all the love... which cheer me from the past to now! hopefully until the future!

I can't live without my blog. The only place to talk with! Then people will start to know about me. They email me personal inbox msg me about some sponsored and enquiries. I really can't believe that being a blogger can get additional income by going all of this and attending diff kind of event and meet with diff kind of people. This all changed my entire life.

Somehow people will tend to ask and research about me and come to talk to me tell me that no FREE advertorial for people. Yea I know but some blog shop or things really nice for me and I don't mind to share with you guys. Not every advertorial I should receive payment , not every sharing I got payment only share.

You might be laughing right now. and start to say 'aiyaaa now find you advertorial also need pay at least one hundred or up to few hundred for a blog post' I say only free but I get scolded by my friends or spoiled the market price for promoting it for free. One blog shop actually ask me whether I accept sponsorship and then I say yes of course it wont involved in any payment but the next day I get msg from a blogger tell me that the blog shop actually go and find other blogger to advertorial or sponsored & if they ask for payment she will say ' Chanwon also no receive any payment, I think you should have the same offer with her'

So I know..I know what people talk about it. I thought it was nice for being that but it's actually a bad things happen on me. Yea! This world no free thing happen one! You think that being a blogger very nice? 

We no need time to write the blog post. We no take effort on it. We can just simply snap few photo and write few paragraph of it and post it to the blog and get payment . So easy like that?!

If you think like this way I'm gonna sit down and see how much you can earn with that attitude. If you noticed readers actually can know what's we wrote, whether it's true from heart or fake one. With the photo we can tell what we see , what we look but not a business tools like you say to get easy job and easy payment! NO!

NO SUCH A THING HAPPENED ON ME! Although I really hope to get high payment job with just simple task require. Lol 

Sometime I really hate that people want to get promote with their stuff and think my effort on it is just a rubbish and don't even want to give a little compensation to me. I feel so tired on those last time but now I learned from that.

Not everything need to related with money. Not everything with money is happy. I received diff kind of opportunity for being a blogger. All the beauty box , beauty product , lens , clothings, bags . They didn't giving me a single sen to did that but they appreciate my blog post they really know who is chanwon and know my personality. They know how to appreciate my works , my blog , my everything.

So from all those great opportunity , I get more and more chance to work with different kind of people. Being their partner which they show me their appreciation is the best part for being a blogger. 

Even sometime some $$ advertorial , those people is really hard to partner with. They complain / changed your blogging style ask for more than just your opinion, asking you to promote more and very hard sell like that.

I'm great no such things happen on me after so long because I really dislike to look on their money and do the work with their $%#$$#@ complain attitude. I really hate to see people mood or face colour to do my task. It's the worst thing I can't tahan by helping those who looking down on me but just because of $$ I need to work with them. 

Maybe I really can't be a good employee when come into the real life because my mom always tell me to have GOOD and Hight EQ when dealing with big boss or higher position people. Maybe I will have this kind of attitude also because my childhood memories. People just non-stop looking down on me , on my parents & on my family.

I wanna my mom to be proud of me. I can earn extra money for myself ,I can get into university although I'm having loan with ptptn, I can have a good result even I not really love to study. I never ever look down on people because I'm not clever. I'm really stupid and just the girl keep on work hard & work hard to get noticed from my relatives , my friends, my family.

Being clever or stupid is not a problem. I'm stupid in the past with only few As on my pmr & upsr. My relative compare me with all my cousins but I got myself an 4A5B in SPM. Then move forward by that I have score 3.5 above cgpa on my academic . It's not a easy life when you trying to prove someone they're wrong but at the end you will be glad and would like to thanks them for looking you like a rubbish.

The feeling when people think that I'm talkative , playful & being a blogger they thought I have a bad bad result and playful life. I asking them whether wanna be in a same group in some assignment project with my friends but they discussing Me infront of ME! How terrible it's when they just looking at my outer beauty and guess what kind person I am.

I'm seriously just like normal person. I will work hard for what I'm going to achieve for my life. I love to make up, love to talk , love to chat doesn't means I wont do any assignment but in fact my result is nice than you. Don't ever think or discuss me if you don't know me! I really hate that. Even I earn my own money and purchase things I like also can get noticed from some people and they keep on saying I'm a bad girl still using parent's money!

Really pissed me off when I know that. 

But I really love you sweeties so much!! Can't explain.. I never pay you for loving me I never ask you to love me but you all always beside me to cheer me up! No matter what even a simple question or Hi msg I will always reply all of you. 

I replied all of you message doesn't mean that to pretend friendly to you guys but I know the feeling when you need to know or get some information and you try your best to ask people BUT NO ONE willing to answer you or help you along. The worst thing ever when I need to know sometime I still need to see their face or mood to ask. After I asked they never reply me....

Very very sad to say that when I need to know something ..They're no one willing to tell me what to do or help me..Even just a simple task or  maybe the question I ask really tooooo simple? AHHAHAHAHA Whatever , for me , I will replied if I know . I will see every msg and keep in my mind.

All of your msg melt my heart! Sometime I really think on how to show my appreciation to you.. I give some giveaway but I really don't have so much giveaway to ALL OF you..I just can pick 1-2 person for that :'( I'm really sorry but I hope that you know that I really appreciate everything you gave for me even just a simple msg . I have more chance to get promotion for you guys..Hope that you can save more on those product :) 

So back to the main thing for being a blogger how can we earn money?

Nothing else can do rather than KEEP BLOGGING. You just need to being positive to influence people around you. Keep blogging until someone / some company / some seller / some online shop notice YOU! Love you with your way, your style of writing your blog post. From that you're actually working with them as a partner with a little compensation and enjoying the moment you meet them and trying new products. Some even become my real life friends ! HAAHAHH it's pretty cool and I really love to meet new people in my life.

Before you did any blog post you took 2-3 hour to think about the draft.
Snap photo for their product take 1-2 hour with some nice decoration.
Editing photo for your blog watermarks , adding footer , or some word in every 20-30 photo take almost 2-3 hours.
Thinking and arrange for your blog post the position and according the photo take 30mins - 1 hour.
Writing a blog post took me 2 hours .
Complete everything took me almost a day time to product a blog post with many photos & words.
30 mins to check my spelling and add bold/italic/ love symbol to my entire blog post

With all my heart & soul. 

Really, it's not a easy job for being a blogger. You need to deal with different kind of readers. Some of them even will ask for more and their comment sometime I really don't know what to reply. But i still reply with a :) smile face or I should think of leave it there instead of replying them. Lol

Like they ask why am I so thin they will say ' Chanwon , you so thin because you take any pills or medicine for it?' LOL or some of your real life friends notice you got good thing and they come and ask ' Chanwon babeeeeee~~~ Can you bring me to the salon? if you bring then can I have discount?' 

Or they ask me how to earn money I tell them in a honest way( like the way i tell you in this blog post) that I really didn't earn as much as they thought on blogging . I tell them honestly but they say I'm so selfish that not willing to share.

Some friends even go inbox those online shop which I share, some even never know that I help them promote in fb because I think their service is really good so I willing to share with you guys but some people thought they're offering sponsorship. So what they do.. Simply inbox ask those shop for sponsorship ! Even I feel that I had trouble them.  Even I share that out it doesn't mean they looking or looking for blogger. So please , don't let people think that blogger always so thick face ask for sponsorship and do nothing.

You don't know how much effort we put on. We respect people but don't spoiled what people think about blogger. We are not thick face and we never think to have a free things happen on us. Everything we work for is with our own effort until people get noticed about us . This only will catch people stick to your blog with your attitude and personality. If you keep on thinking wanna to be popular without any effort.

I'm sorry to tell you that you only have 0.999999% to get what you want unless you're really lucky enough like those red people in facebook have more than 50k-100k people like once their video get featured or noticed from all of us.

As conclusion, to be able to earn money or get your sponsored the only thing you can do is motivate yourself and KEEP BLOGGING until people noticed who you are :)! 

I'm never be the lucky one but I work hard and being positive all the time to my readers & sweeties. I hope that future I can gain some luck because I really need it recently!!!

But I'm lucky in some way that you know who am I and being my reader from the part until NOW!

Thanks thanks ..Million thanks to all of you.. For being one of my reader :)

Don't know how to make ending on this post because it's really so long but remember that being positive, work hard + true to people around you , plus many many thing I mentioned just now ...You can be a blogger too :) Everyone of you can earn extra money but no free lunch things happen on that :)

Thanks for your time and I think it's really long enough until I'm lazy to check my spelling and please forgive me with my typo error! LOLLLL

Hope this help you and answered everything you want to know :) 

Last but not least, I'm thanks and glad to meet all of you & thanks for every single opportunity :) Thanks for all the invitation to event , emails , inbox msg and your loveLove, xoxo.