Hair Makeover again @ Number76, Bangsar

06 August 2016

Hello my little sweeties! How are you?? I miss all of you & my blog! Finally I'm here again with some little update about my hair. So as you guys know that I just did a makeover on my hair few days ago. My hair color is faded now so I guess it's time to show you guys my favourite shades NOW!!

I'm tired of light hair colour few months back because my hair was really dry and the process of bleaching might as well damage my hair. So I decided to stick back with a darker brown until this time, I decided to repeat playing with some new hair colour again. lol it's an addiction and I feel like lighter shades really can stand out well + I really dislike people call me as 'xiao mei mei' or told that I look like a secondary school students with black colour hair. It's why I always say NO to black or dark brown colour lol.

Imagine myself wearing a spec with a short bob + black hair. Totally looks like a 16 years old student wtf! People might think that I'm crazy but I prefer mature than just cute lol. Kill me pls! Then, I realise that I look better with hair colour that is more ash / grey. So after all whatever colour I want to change I will make sure they mix it with some ash or grey tone. Like ash brown, ash purple , ash pink and whatever I just love everything with grey shades. lol

The reason why I love Number76 so much was they really good in mixing & playing with hair colour. Not just my hair colour, I hope I can stay nearer so I could ask them to fix my hair or hairdo for me every time before I'm attending an event. This is my wish-list no.1 or maybe I should move to Bangsar so that I can go to wash my hair and fix it every week. lol This is why hair is important to women!! Important to all of us!! 

Ps: Good hair days make me feel like I can take over the world and I can just look at myself & SMILE all the time! lol

I always visit Number76 in Tokyo when I'm there and when I'm back in Malaysia, I will stick to Number76 Bangsar branch! If you ask me to recommend some hair stylist for you I will definitely recommended Suky & Calvin!I love both of them! 

Calvin really good in styling short hair especially those short hair with waves and playing with beautiful hair colour. He is really polite and friendly (Also, quite handsome xD).

For Suky, she's a nice girl and might be a little shy for the first time but so far I always request her to cut my hair and my fringe. If you followed me for a long time you probably know that I'm quite strict when it come to my fringe. I only confident with people who cut my fringe nicely to have a complete makeover on my hair and I only trust them. Otherwise, if they chopped my fringe like maybe one cm shorter than what I expected, I will cry! lol!! Maybe not cry but will say Bye Bye to the hairstylist. lol

I tried Suky once to cut my fringe and from that time onward, she was the only one I really can put my trust on. But make sure you well communicate with your hairstylist first before making any decision. The first few time I request on my hair length and other than that Suky was the one who design and think for me. Then now, I just sit down and ask her to decide any color / hairdo for my hair.

So this time, I cut it really short and the hair color was ash sakura ( grey + pink/purple shades) I love how it looks on me now. Fyi, I bleached my hair with olaplex in order to get this kind of outcome. Olaplex is really good!! Extra protection from the bleaching process. Thanks Suky for this surprise colour!!!

Oh yea!!! except for pretty hair colour designed by Suky, she also really good in styling my short hair. I tell you I wish this can be permanent on my hair because it's WAY TOO PRETTY! The day when I request Suky to add some waves / big curl for my hair and ended up everyone telling me that I look pretty like that. 

My gosh T.T I hope I can bring Suky as my personal hairstylist when I'm oversea so I can have perfect hair everyday! How can!! If you are short hair girl like this length definitely try Suky and ask her to style this for you! Look super korean I tell you :'( Pretty until can die!

And this is when I really surprise with her professional skill. I really can't curl it myself because it's just too challenging lol. The only thing I can do is just inner curl the bottom part of my hair lol

 Look at this!
 I don't want to wash my hair !!

Honestly, I guess I couldn't go back to long hair now. I really love how I look with shorter hair. It makes me look more energetic , cheerful , pretty and no more 'flat long paper hair' lol Maybe put some hair extension when I need to shoot for wedding photo lol 

So this is another throwback photo that I did my haircut right before my Italy trip (before my flight to Italy lol) So far this is the longest hair length I can keep within this two years lol.

 Sorry for my poor and silly face because I'm really rushing so I just simply put on some eyeliner and eyeshadow before my flight lol

 Bye bye long hair!! Is time to go back for a short hair length now

 My favourite cookie!! Can I request more next time? :p jkjk*
This is really yummy!

 After haircut! Might as well ask Suky to curl and style for me so I could stick with the same hairstyle all day long! lol

 Did Number76 signature ultrasonic treatment too!!

 WOWOOWO! Short and manageable hair!

 Trim my fringe too!

Say yes! Thanks Number76 and Suky for everything. Thanks for always being nice and take care of my hair. Because of the team behind Number76, I always get compliment by my friends of my pretty hair & of course because of them I look more Japanese! Say yes to Japanese style hair salon! Thanks for all the pretty hair colour and now the last question will throwback to the team, what colour should I go for next month? HAHAHAHAHAHAH

I always throw this question to Suky! lol If you make an appointment with them next time please help me to greet them and I know hairstylist always skip their meal so please remind them to eat something or you can take away some light food for your hairstylist next time :) That's all about my hair update and hope you love my new hair as well. 

Can't wait to visit Number76 again next month and I'm going to visit Number76 Cafe in Tokyo again next month! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!! That's all for today. Love, xx.

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  1. You are looking stunning in this hair makeover. You are beautiful and looking really nice.