Pet Diary #8 : Story about how I saved Bebe's life

28 August 2016

Hey Sweeties! I saved Bebe's life this morning. lol So this is another random post about how I saved Bebe's life!

So this morning, I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I heard a very familiar sound, "ou....ou....". At that moment I have yet to recognize what can it be. As the sound continues running through my head, I realize what was happening!!!!

I quickly pull myself out from my sleep and back to reality. Once I open my eyes, I saw Bebe was slowly walking to the corner of my bed and going to vomit on it. wtf!!! In a split second, I used up every bit of energy stored in my body wanting to leap forward and grab Bebe. BOOM! That just happened! BEBE VOMIT ON MY BED SHEET!!!

Then, I realized I was too late to react. wtf x2!! It's a nightmare to me and Bebe because my mom is going to kill both of us if she saw the stain on the bed sheet!!!!!! But thanks god, she was in the toilet at that time and did not saw what happen. (ps: I'M SO LUCKY!!)

So this is how Bebe looks like...............

Bebe look at me with his innocence face and hoping I am able to save his life. At that moment, various ideas were flashing through my brain and I have come up with a plan to clear up this mess. Yes, please...I'm the smartest!!

Suddenly, my mom opened the toilet door. I was so afraid and my body starts to shiver but still I grab up my courage and sit at an angle that covers the stain from my mom line of sight. 

She looked at me and asked, "what happen?" 
I replied with a very stable state although my heart was beating very fast, "no..nothing happen, you go ahead and shower.
"You want to come in and brush your teeth?", she asked. 
I said ", you go ahead and shower." With a beautiful smile on my face. 

She stared at me for a few second and then she closed the door. 

Every stretch of my muscles felt a sudden relax after I saw my mom went back to her shower. Next I just do nothing and patiently waiting for the sound of the water flow. After a few seconds, "nyek.. nyek.. Pyshhhhh....." my mom turned on the shower. 

To me that few seconds of waiting felt like a few years. 

Now, it's the mission impossible!! *turn on the mission impossible music pls* I quickly rush to my closet, grab my hair dryer, plug it in the power socket, and ran back to the bed. 

However, I found out that the cabling is not long enough to stretch out and reach the bed. I then ran to the corner of the bed, single handedly pull the bed sheet towards the hair dryer. Turned on the hair dryer setting it at the highest temperature while lowest speed to avoid the slightest chance for my mom to find out what is going on. 

As time goes by, the stain on the bed sheet started to shrink slowly from the size of approximately 7cm radius circle to 6.8cm, and then 4.6cm, 2.4cm, 1.2cm....... Again, that few seconds of waiting felt like a few years for me! lol 

Also, at the same time focusing on the sound of the water flow hoping that it will not stop before the stain got completely dried up. After the stain got dried up, I quickly put the hair dryer back into my closet. At that exact moment the sound of the water flow stopped and my mom open the door!!! 

"Faster go brush your teeth!!" She said to me. 

Pheeeeeewwwww.... Luckily she did not realize what had just happen while she was showering!! I am so happy that I saved Bebe life this morning. The only thing I have to do now is wait for my mama to go out and wash the whole bed sheet when she's not at home! lol

So this conclude what's happening on this morning!

Thanks god I saved Bebe's life and he's si happy now! End of my story! Ps: I hope my mom will never read this post.



  1. why does this blog post sound like you saved your own life rather than Bebe's? xD

    1. HAHAHAHAHAH you are really smart! I saved both our life lol xD