Nippori @ Empire Damansara

30 August 2016

Hello Sweeties Just edited all photo I took this early afternoon @ Nippori, Empire Damansara. It was a great afternoon spent with 3 of my friends. I'm quite surprised with the whole interior and ambience of this Nippori cafe. To be honest, I missed Japan a lot especially the food. Although I'm going back to Japan on this coming September but I couldn't say no to Japanese sushi , food and ramen. This cafe was a lot different from other Japanese themed cafe!

| The Interior 

Why it's so different from others? I guess it's because the whole concept is to let customer experience the feeling of eating home cooking in a Japanese house. So it's completely feel like I'm in Japan and it's all about a Japanese home cooking cafe. 

I feel so glad that I'm able to make it for today and try all the food the owner prepared for us. It's such an amazing experience and it's exactly how I feel when I'm in Japan. That's what I'm looking for and the owner of this place is actually the same owner of Haraju-cube. I love everything in wood themed and the color just make me feel so comfy and relaxing.

It's actually a outdoor and indoor area and the photo above was the little kitchen of Nippori. The place where our food came from! HAHAHAH Apart from this little kitchen, there are a corner for the counter and guess why I saw? OMG!! So kawaii~

The official launch of Nippori @Empire Damansara is tomorrow and we were the few lucky person to try this out before everyone. Of course I love how the food bring me back to Japan and feel really cozy inside this little space. It's why I'm sharing this on my blog!!! 

 lol my ugly hand :)

The menu 

The Food 
All ingredients are freshly hand picked everyday and most important, it's no artificial flavouring added or used in the preparation of their food. Nippori cafe offers various of teishoku and it's around RM35 for a meal set that comprise a main dish, miso soup, vegetables , fruits and of course my favourite RICE! Everything was well prepared and I can see all the effort they put on their menu and food.

Juicy Chicken Katsu with Miso Sauce | RM35 

Thick-cut chicken breast and marinated overnight for an extra juicy sensation. Love this sauce and it taste really good omg! You must try this once and I can confirm you will love this!

 Crispy Chicken Karaage | RM35

This is one of the most common Japanese home-cooked dish you can find in Japan. I always see my Japanese friend prepare for their kids bento! It's one of the Nipper's signature Karate and love the chicken because it's super juicy (not too dried)! Very tender in the inside and yet crispy on the outside. yum yum yum~

 miso soup included in each meal set

Saba with Yasai Oroshi | RM38

God! This is one of my friend's favourite set! The mackerel fish topped with sea-salt & grilled to perfection. Another must try dish!!

The Bingsu 
Have another stomach for bingsu? Whether you like it or not, in such weather in Malaysia, we couldn't resist to have some bingsu!! Am I right?? After our proper meal they even let us try out two of their lovely bingsu. One is my favourite strawberry & another one will be the matcha bingsu!

 Need this all the time! I'm craving for this again!
 Some candid shot took by Allen 

 Lol too much candid this time HAHAHAAHAH

Another special part of their bingsu is YOU CAN EVEN TAKE AWAY it! The packaging is really cute and love the cold sensation on my tongue & I'm having a sweet tooth today!

 I really love this photo above of May & I
It's a wrap and special thanks to Allen & May (Also, Jason lah :p) for everything today. Another fruitful day with my friends and what better than having a great day with lots of yummy food? I guess it's time to end this and hopefully I will be back to Nippori once I back from my Japan trip next month. Happy ending for today's post! HAHAHAHA I love food as much as I love Japan! lol

That's all for today.