Sakura x Chanwon | Photo Shooting

07 August 2016

Throwback to one of the coolest thing I did in the early of April this year was meeting one of my friend in Japan. Yes, I guess most of you noticed that I love travel to Japan during its Spring & Fall / Autumn season. I love the 'not too hot or not too cold' weather and the only thing I wish to have the most was a quick portrait shooting with my lots of sakura tree.

Yes, throwback to all the photo I took in 2015 was only selfie and photo with tripod stand of myself and the sakura tree. So this year one of my friend brought his super chio DSLR camera to Japan and we didn't plan to have any photo shooting at first but ended up we did one! Like finally lol~

Right before his trip we have a quick meet up nearby my house and I'm sharing some Japan travel tips and itinerary with him. Then few weeks later we have a quick meet up in Osaka. Also, I never expect Sakura in Osaka was way prettier than what I saw last year. I guess because it's still early , not so crowded with people since it's raining but still, I love all the photo he took for me! Thanks a lot Cheelek :3

Finally received all the photo he took for me! I'm a happy girl now because the photo turn out really pretty! I mean the sakura ok~ not me! As you can see it's raining and my hair look really suck at the photo but T.T the photo still look really really nice! OMG this is why sometime photo taken with a professional DSLR camera is way better than my camera lol.

Really so random because we never plan for this shoot but since it's raining and I'm holding the umbrella, I was like 'OMG Cheelek can you help me to shoot my outfit and the sakura tree?' Then after all, a 30 mins quick photo shooting happened! HAHAHAHA

I guess I should stop talking now & it's time to let the photo do the talking!

 Stupid rain T.T Look at my hair T.T

Look really short in this photo but I don't care!! 

Can't believe we fully utilise our precious 30 minutes because right after that = HEAVY RAIN!!! Too bad I didn't bring my kimono this time!! Thanks Chee Lek for everything and photo credits to Chee Lek Photography | 

See you again, Sakura! Thanks for reading this post and hope you like the photo too <3 Have a nice day!


  1. Everything seem perfect with the sakura, pretty outfits and your cutest smile ever! ❤