My ITALY travel journey featured in NEWTIDE Magazine

06 August 2016

Good afternoon sweeties! I'm really excited now and guess what...I'm holding the Newtide Magazine (August 2016 edition) right now. I'm sooooooooo excited because it featured my ITALY TRIP!!! Yes, for those who can't read Chinese then please wait for my Italy travel post on my blog *coming soon* Thanks Newtide for the opportunity! It's another great experience again. Can you imagine how excited am I when I receive the email.

The proposition and arrangement of my travel journey / guide = super good!! I love how they put everything together and the team surprised me with a total of 6 pages to record and publish my draft. Omg look at this!! I still can't believe I'm holding the magazine right now. If you wish to read more feel free to grab a copy of August Newtide ok :p

Photo and text credits to myself and with the help of editor team , the overall outcome impressed me A LOT. Honestly, I'm quite dilemma on choosing the right photo to publish and end up it took me about 6 hours to decide on which photo to go for. Thanks for all the hard work and finally I'm able to see it now T.T 

 August Newtide = Page 134 ~ 139 

Also, I just received the soft copy of the feature today and I'm going to share it with all of you now!! If you love it then get an extra hard copy to keep it :p jkjk!! I can't wait to share the photo I took in Italy with all of you now. Coming up on my blog....soooooooon~~

Short summary of my Italy trip and some travel essential information for you too! I guess that's all for today. Thanks Newtide team for this opportunity and hope to travel to more country and share my journey with all of you again. Love, xx.


  1. Hi , can you share with me on your itinerary for this trip and how much for the entire trip was spent?

    And it was a nice blog you written, how u managed to have them do write up for you?



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