CATS Cafe @JB | Cats At Their Sanctuary

22 August 2016

Hey my little sweethearts  Any cat lover here? If you are then you must be really happy right now because I found another cat heaven @JB. Yes, it's JB!! I'm really surprise on this because we never plan this at all. My friend and I were waiting for our friend to pick us up at the JB bus station then we decided to go for a nearer cafe instead of waiting at the bus station (because the bus station was kinda scary idk why)

So we just google it and we found this!

Yes, a cafe that just 5 mins away from Larkin, JB. We just found this and my friend immediately say 'YES' to me. She was so excited and I'm really happy to found a place that can sit down nicely instead of standing at the bus station. Then, we just walk to the taxi station and decided to wait our friend there.

No joke!! It's so clean and beautiful inside. We need to sanitize our hands first before enter this cats cafe. The interior impressed me A LOT. It's totally a whole playground for all their cats. So big , clean and smells good. Don't have those weird smelly scent and I feel so comfortable here.



This is a cafe that serves strictly no pork no lard no alcohol& it's why a lot of malay friends were there with us. They are so friendly and you can completely free to interact with the cats but you cant 't bring any outside pets/cats to this cafe.


First time interact with so many cats and there are lots of photographer there too. You can buy the cat food for RM1 & enjoy feeding all the cats.

Hello Cutie!

Hmmm what are you doing here?

Innocent look

Don't disturb, I'm sleeping!

Having fun here and we didn't order any food because we still need to wait for our friend to come and join us.  But we ordered two drinks and it cost us around RM37 or RM39 for two person. Not very expensive but it's nice to interact and playing with all the cats there. Can really de-stress and I feel really happy to experience this when I'm in JB. Also, the environment was really clean, comfortable and easy to  move around or playing with all the cats.

For those who love to experience this you should check this out when you're in JB! That's all for my sharing. Enjoy reading!

CATS Cafe @JB | Cats At Their Sanctuary
Address: 31A Jalan Abdul Samad Lorong 2C, 80100, Johor Bahru.
Phone: +60 7-207 0399



  1. Hi thanks for your sharing :) How many hours for that rm37,39? :)

    1. As long as you order something from there then you can enjoy the time with those cats in the cafe!

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