Cute Recycle Bin that I bought for only 300 yen!

06 August 2016

So yea wanted to update a short post about this colourful recycle plastic paper bin that I bought from Japan few months ago. Guess how much does it cost? Let me tell you how much is this...

300 yen

Yes! It cost me around RM10 for each and you know what I never realise it was a recycle bin until I bought it and saw the label. So funny xia!!

The thing is I have no idea why I bought this home but it's too cute! I bought it at a shopping complex nearby Shinjuku. Was hanging out with my friend Ming and we accidentally saw this placed on the side with lots of plate , little toys and some other Japanese goodies. They put some paper on it and I was like why this so cute one? I want to get a white one so I could put at the corner of my room.

So maybe I can put my parcel or some random things but I can't really decide which to buy so ended up I bought all it. lol

#ChanwonTips- When in doubt buy them all!

Never expect it to be so nice and cheap until I check the receipt just now. You can use it to throw your rubbish or as a recycle bin. You can wash away the dirt easily too and it's why I love it. OMG I'm impressed with this little design as well where you can combine few & stick it together!

So I just open it up and placed it nicer at the corner of my room. I guess I want to put in some pre-loved ready to sell clothes, new clothes (need to wash it) and also some random soft toy I have.

It's empty now but will become really full after few days! Finally a proper way to separate all my clothes so I no need keep putting it back to my wardrobe again and take it out when I decided to let go for pre-loved. From now on whatever items that I wish to sell it out as pre-loved I will straight away put it in the green one , white one = new clothes but need to wash first , the brown one just random items! lol

Or else you can use it to collect the empty can or water bottle for recycle purpose. Other than that I just think it's quite nice to put at the corner of my house lol. Of course, it's cheap and nice too! HAHAHAHAHAH I guess this is really random but please lah, where got recycle bin so cute one!! Just buy only i don't care and I just have to put it at a corner of my room. lol

300 yen! I guess maybe it's just 3 bucks for them but RM10 for us :'( Now our currency depreciated, 300 yen cost us like RM12 now :'( WHY!! WHY MALAYSIA???? Can you appreciate it so I can shop until drop again when I'm in Japan next time? 


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