Malindo Air Presents The Full-Service Flight on A Budget!

25 July 2016

The airline is now going to be one of the main transportations for traveling. With the various kinds of airlines, from budget to full service, everybody is possible to fly based on the budget. The one who has more money can take the full-service flights everywhere. Furthermore, the one who has less still can fly by taking the low-cost carrier.

Yay!! Everyone love low-cost carrier!!

But then, how if we willing to feel the sensation of flying on luxury and full services while still has restricted budget to travel? Is it impossible?

Say the big thanks to Malindo Air. The presence of this airline makes the wish is possible to be fulfilled. Especially for those wishing to travel around the Pacific Asia region.

Malindo Air is the joint venture airline between National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI) of Malaysia and Lion Air of Indonesia. The name itself is the acronym between two countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. This airline offers the hybrid concept that still new in the aviation industry.

What does it mean?

The hybrid concept is the combination of premium full-service flight that offered in low-cost carrier airfare. This concept makes sure all the passengers can feel the same convenience as flying with full-service airlines with the price as cheap as budget airlines. By paying the low-cost carrier airfare, we can enjoy the flight with more spacious aircraft, in-flight entertainment, even more, complimentary baggage capacity.

Pay less to get more?!

As the full-service premium flight standard, Malindo Air will welcome the passengers with the great experience during the flight.

Malindo Air will ensure your entertainment during the flight with the in-flight entertainment facility comes from the 11 inch LED monitor on each seat. Inside the touch screen monitor, there are the blockbuster movies, top chart songs, and fun games. The LED monitor also supported with the USB connector so the passengers can bring their own favorite movies and songs to be played during the flight.

For the highest comfort, all the passenger's seats are well designed significantly to provide the most convenient position even for the long haul. The ergonomic design is shown as the flexible and tender head side. It also has extra legroom (seat pitches are 32 inches in Economy Class and 42 inches in Business Class).

Malindo Air pampers the passengers further by serving the great meal during the flight. The menu is not only served to fill the hunger, but also to satisfy the appetite. The menus are offered as Malaysia typical food. Special for the flight routes of Bali, Bandung, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kinabalu, Malindo Air allows the passenger to pre-book the meal 2 days prior to the flight.

For selected flights, Malindo Air provides premium facility as in-flight Wi-Fi and Malindo Mobile (specific mobile phones provided by Malindo to be used during the flight). This state of the art facility makes the passengers stay connected though they still flying thousands of meters above the sky.

You can now fly across Asia and Australia

Malindo Air has started the operation since 2013, with the main hub at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and supported by the secondary hub at Sultan Abdul Aziz Share Airport in Subang. From these hubs, Malindo Air connects Malaysia to more than 40 destinations across the region of Asia and Australia continents.

Until today, Malindo Air serves the full-service flight to over 40 destinations scattered on the most popular countries in the Pacific Asia region. The countries comprise Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. If you notice the list, you may find out that the destinations served by Malindo Air are compromising amazing trip since each of them has great tourism spots, embraces nature, history, culture and adventure. You better be ready! 

I'm ready now!! How about you??xx

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