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15 July 2016

Good Morning Sweeties! Woke up quite early today and guess what is the first thing I do in the early morning? Except folding my bed sheet, wearing my spec or having my breakfast...The first thing that comes into my mind is BRUSH MY TEETH. Yes! This is my everyday to-do thing and ever since I put on braces, it's really important for me to find the right brush.

I'm glad that I found the right brush since years ago and today I'm here to talk about Systema 0.02mm toothbrush and how you can find the right toothbrush for yourself. I'm so happy and honour to be invited as one of the blogger to attend the event before I fly off to Japan. It's my pleasure to be invited for the brand I love and understand more about Systema 0.02mm toothbrush.

Love at first brush!

This Love at First Brush event was held @Mid Valley and it's so fun because there are lots of activities for us and the public to enjoy. But the main purpose was to educate people on choosing the right brush for yourself!

The event was super duper fun because everyone dress up themselves in a full white outfit like a dentist and besides all the booth, there are a mini test for you to play and answer with.

Just answer 7 question to know which Systema 0.02mm suit you the most. So easy!

Brought Smelly on that day too, so I have someone to take photos and of course, both of us were Systema user for years and honestly I can't live without this toothbrush. I bring it out with me everyday and it sounds crazy, but I really fall in love at the first brush. The truth was nothing can replace its priority in my heart now! I need Systema toothbrush every time I brush my teeth.

Feel free to click on and find your right toothbrush now!

 There are a total of 7 types of toothbrush. 

 Just answer the mini test and grab the right brush home!

 Guess which Systema I'm using right now??

 I'm using both Systema Sensitive & Systema 3D toothbrush.

 So here's the total of 7 types of Systema Toothbrush!

 It's really important to choose the right toothbrush so that the size and shape of the brush can fit your mouth , allowing you to clean all areas easily.

 Hello, healthy and happy teeth!

 Spot my signature!

Other than the activities I mentioned earlier, there was a FREE dental check with intra-oral camera right beside the booth. You can enjoy a free dental check when you are here.

 So back to the topic! Why Systema??

| 5 reasons WHY Systema 0.02mm

There is a reason why Systema 0.02mm is selling 1 piece every 1 second!

Reason #1: Systema provides a high cleaning ability.It is 9x more effective at cleaning along the gum lines than ordinary toothbrush!


Reason #2: It is 40% more effective at cleaning the gaps between teeth, compared to ordinary toothbrush.


Reason #3: It is 3x gentler on gums - compared to ordinary toothbrush.Systema soft bristles reduce the brushing pressure by 66%!


Reason #4: Systema toothbrush has high durability. It is specially design to last longer than ordinary nylon round tip bristles.


Reason #5: It is has a higher property of moisture absortion than conventional toothbrush.Systema bristles are better in drying making it superior in sanitation.


 And now, match your teeth with the Right Systema 0.02mm!

 There are a total of 7 types of Systema 0.02mm Toothbrush,
Do you know what's the difference?

Smelly was using the full head for years but he changed to 3D Systema now and I'm still using both Sensitive & 3D. 

Brought my 3D Systema with me when I'm in Japan or travelling to other country. I never use the hotel's toothbrush lol!! It's a must for me to bring my Systema 0.02mm with me every time.

This 3D Clean Systema is AWESOME!! Its 3D multi cleaning bristles clean every difficult to reach part of your teeth and I'm using this right now but sometime for outing purpose I will bring my Sensitive Systema along rather than this.

 Love how Systema 0.02mm toothbrush completely changed my life.

If you are still in dilemma of getting the right and correct toothbrush for yourself, why not to give Systema 0.02mm toothbrush a try? I'm pretty sure you will transform yourself into a Systema User right after your first brush! Just like me. Still remember the first Systema Toothbrush that introduced by my mom and after I put on my braces, my dentist also recommended Systema 0.02mm for me!

Thank you Systema 0.02mm toothbrush! Without you I won't get a chance to experience how healthy is my teeth now. Love it!! 

For more information,
check on to find your Right toothbrush.

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