New Shaping Facial Lift Range | Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap & Enhancing Eye Lift Serum

05 July 2016

Hello Sweeties! Is me again & YES!!! finally I'm able to update this on my blog and share with all of you. For all of the asian women, beauty if all about having a sharper , slimmer , V-shape face and a bigger eyes. Am I right? Who doesn't love V-shape face?? I guess this is our expectation and it's why Clarins came out with 2 NEW Shaping Facial Lift Range product that help us to achieve our goal of ideal features.

I'm using both of this right now. It's the new Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap & Enhancing Eye Lift Serum. Mad mad mad love with the V-Facial Intensive Wrap because it's really effective and useful for me but first, you need to know the correct application method to apply it! So it's why I'm here today, to review about both of the product and tell you the right way to apply it on our face.

It's no longer a dream for us to achieve a V-shape & sharper face and personally I can see the immediately result when I'm using the V-Facial Intensive wrap. Especially when my face look really puffy in the morning and I apply before I'm going out for a shooting or an event!! I'm still using this right now and I really love how it reduce my face puffiness instantly! Yeah, right after you rinse it off with water you can really feel the different. 

V-Facial Intensive Wrap *Immediate reshaping effect*
This is the best wrap ever. It's like a SOS solution with 3 instant actions:-
(1) Reduce puffiness instantly and intensely
(2) Relieves the face
(3) Brightens the complexion

V-Facial Intensive Wrap -  This texture is really interesting. It's like a lightweight mousse and really effective solution to absorb excess water. The application method is super duper easy. You can be used whenever the face is puffy in the morning or due to stress, heat and hormonal changes.

(a) Application Method:-

Firstly, just apply the wrap in a thick layer on the lower part of your face and neck on a clean and dry skin. Then, leave it for 10 minutesDuring the last few minutes, carry out the steps by using the exclusive application method based on the power of your hands.

Next, during the last few minutes remember to place the left elbow in the palm of the right hand and place the chin in the palm of the hand. Then, gently move the head to the left and completely relax the weight go the head in the hand for a few second. Repeat four times then carry out the same steps on the right side of the face. Lastly, rinse it away with cold water! Remember to use this whenever you need it! 

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Enhancing Eye Lift Serum
The second new product from Clarins shaping facial lift range is the enhancing eye lift serum and this is the product that you should use it daily for a better and long term results.

This product help to open up our eyes. Not only our eyes become bigger, but also brighter and bolder it. It stimulates fat breakdown to help reducing our eye puffiness and make our eyes look even bigger! I can feel the lifting effect on my upper eyelid!!! It's so amazing!

Love its texture! It's an active golden texture with an instant lift effect + a unique fresh feel. It's lightweight and feel really fresh on my eyes!

(a) Application Method:- 
The application method was super duper easy too. It only takes me about 2 mins! What you need to do is just squeeze a small amount of the serum. Apply it with a pressing motions using 3 fingertips, on the bottom then top eyelids, from the middle to the sides, then last but not least, finish it with the index finger on the lashes.

To make it more easier for you~ You can just look at the photo below! HAHAHAHA

(b) Maximise its eye-enhancing effect with the exclusive Clarins Position

What if I want to maximise its effect??? With this exclusive Clarins position, we can maximise it within 10 seconds! With your head down, resting it on the base of palms, completely cover the eyes and eye contour. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.

This position is mainly promotes an effective draining action, morning and evening. After all, you will found that this method is really useful on applying this serum.

I'm so glad that Clarins actually came out with both of these new product that can help to overcome my puffiness problem. It's no longer a miracle for me to achieve a sharper V-shape face because all I need was this intensive wrap and for a better and long term result you can use it with the shaping facial lift total V contouring serum & for the eye will be the enhancing eye lift serum too. That's all about my review and sharing! For those who like to try out this magic wrap, feel free to Click & Register here :

Check this video out to know more about the application method <3

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post with Clarins. I tested and tried the product myself and all opinions are based on my personal experience and review.

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