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06 July 2016

Hey my little Sweeties! It's time for a new post dedicated to people who love bags. Yes, I have a serious obsession on bag & I guess it makes my #OOTD look more complete to the next level. For those who read my blog and instagram, you probably know that I'm always prefer something that is colourful and something that is really good in term of the functionality and quality.  Yes, that's me!

Remember the first time I shared about S'aime backpack on my blog & the bucket bag that I always brought along during most of my trip? I did a current bag obsession post for them (you can read it here) and today I'm back with another post sharing about their new collection items that I brought to my Japan media trip few weeks back. 

So here's something that was really new for me. Since it was a study /media trip and most of the time I'm wearing quite formal, it was quite challenging for me to pick the right bag that match with my formal attire. The first thing I saw S'aime new collection I was like 'OMG... I MUST GET THIS!' Then, a week after...I get it and really love how it helps me to carry my heavy camera, power bank, wallet , passport and etc. 

This is why I'm still in love with their bag...even until now!! So, are you ready for this? Let me show you what I pick and how I match or style with S'aime's bag.

| #1 BLAIR twill 2 ways doctor bag [BLAIR 斜紋兩用醫生包(M)]
Yes, this is my first choice and I can't believe it came out with such design (doctor bag style) that can fit in most of my daily essential items too. Plus, an extra thumbs up for the colour and it looks really good with formal or office wear too. 

There are 6 colour available (Pink , hot pink , pastel blue , dark blue , black and nude). End up I decided to go for something special & eye-catching. I picked the pastel blue one because most of my outfit was white themed and I need something to brighten my whole outfit look.

So here's some of the outfit that I matched it with this lovely bag during my media trip in Japan:-

(a) Option 1: with full white outfit 

(b) Option 2: with Dress or smart-casual wear

(c) Option 3: with formal attire / office wear 

Actually this is not the first BLAIR on the whole collection of S'aime bag but this is another completely new series of the second-generation of BLAIR collection. The first series is their Macaron  Shell bag that I will be sharing it with you later. The different between both was the styles , designs and functionality of the bag. Other than that the quality remain the same and the second-generation can fit in more items and easy to open and grab too.

First generation BLAIR collection (Shell Bag)

Second generation BLAIR collection (Doctor Bag Style)

Since this's the second-generation BLAIR, they improved the whole functionality of the bag where you can fit in more items, a more classic and mature look to match with this bag ,  also a gold-plated brand chain on the handle and enhance the appearance too. 

The previous shell bag style look more sweet and suit younger age while this, the new one suitable for all age woman!

Also, two ways to carry it! You can carry it without the strap or with the long strap.

 With long strap.

 Without long strap / hand carry.

Now let's see the functionality and it explains why I love this doctor bag style more!! Once you open up the zip you will be completely impressed by this doctor bag style. It makes my life easier because you can completely put everything in and take everything out easily.

There are 3 compartment inside, 1 zipped compartment , two pocket compartment to put your name card or phone. I got myself a medium size one because I always prefer bigger size since I always carry my camera , pocket wifi , power bank , phone , lens , wallet , sunglasses & so on.

closed up photo of this BLAIR doctor bag

I really love how it can fits everything in and easily access with all the items I put into the bag. I guess it's because of the doctor bag style since the opening zipped was super big and width. Recommends this for all of you!! If you are looking for a super chio bag for your daily working life + good functionality then you shouldn't miss this! My current favourite during my whole trip!

BLAIR Doctor Bag's link :- click here


#2 BLAIR Shell Bag [BLAIR 馬卡龍三角鉚釘貝殼包(MINI)]
As I mentioned earlier, this is the first generation of BLAIR bag and we called it as macaron shell bag. It's more sweet and cute compare to the second generation BLAIR collection. For me both of it was completely different in term of style and functionality. 

This is suitable for younger age group and it's more suit for Japanese-Korean Style outfit. If you bring this mini size to travel then it can  be really troublesome as the size was quite small and it only suit for everyday outing or more casual like how I match it with this outfit.

 For girls who love small and cute bag then this can be one of your favourite too. I'm loving this color! It's the lavender purple and look really sweet on me! Totally brings out the whole look to the next level x)

 Two ways too! You can use it with this long strap or without it.

 product closed up detail:-

 An extra card compartment outside of the bag

 As usual BLAIR collection must have 2 pocket compartment + one zipped compartment.

 Bottom part is well protected by the stud.

This can't fit in my super huge camera and long wallet. It can only fit in my phone , a super small or coin wallet , cards , keys, small power bank and other small items that not bigger than your normal phone size. So if you are looking for something more sweet and small then you should go for this , plus there are lots of pretty colour available on this design too. You may check out the link below.

BLAIR Shell Bag's link :- click here


#3 FLORA wallet sling bag [FLORA四角五金夾側背小包]
So the first few day of my trip I need to carry a larger bag with me while the rest of the day (when it come to shopping time) I no longer need to bring along my heavy camera , power bank and other big items. At that point in time, I need a small wallet sling bag that can slot in my cards, moneys and  phone! Yea just 3 of this. That's why I only brought the BLAIR doctor bag and this wallet sling bag with me when I'm travelling. 

Not only shopping time, you can put this inside your office bag and when you need to go out for lunch, you can just take this out and go for a short break with you. Other than that, for normal supper time , gathering / yam-cha time with your friends, you can bring this out as well. It's very easy to match with your outfit and the best part is there are lots of pretty colour for you to choose too.

This wallet sling bag not only a wallet for you but an extra front compartment for you to put / fit in your iPhone6 Plus. Yea, I'm not joking!! There are a total of 9 card compartments, a note compartment, two multipurpose large compartment on the front and lastly coins compartment too.

Two ways as well. With Strap or without it!
Can act as a clutch too!

two multipurpose large compartment on the front where you can put in your receipt or iPhone6 plus.

  9 card compartments, a note compartment,  lastly coins compartment too.

 Look at this!! So many compartment to fit in your cards , notes , coins and even your phone! Oh god!!
Rose gold colour flora wallet sling bag and its compartment.

Really suitable for people who looking for a small wallet bag that can put in your iPhone 6 plus & also with lots of card slots + coins + notes compartment too. This is way too pretty for me and I picked my favourite pink this time. If you are a person who only take your wallet and phone with you all the time then this is the wallet sling bag for you!

FLORA wallet sling bag's link :- click here


Physical shop at Sunway Pyramid
I always get their items online but if you prefer to touch and feel the quality with your hand then good news for all of you because finally it's available in KL!!! A physical shop is now available in Sunway Pyramid. I'm so glad that they invited me to be their manager of the day during their official launch few months back.

I'm really happy for their opening @ Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. For those who interested, feel free to visit their physical store or check out the S'aime Sunway Pyramid's facebook page for the availability of their bag and latest updated too. That's all about today's update. Hope you love this kind of sharing post and see you on my next post. Love, xx.

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