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04 July 2016

Hey Hey Sweethearts! Finally it's up on my blog. It takes me for quite a long time to complete this post but it's late better than never right? lol For those who wish to travel to Perth this post might be useful for you because it covered the total $$ I spend during my trip , the itinerary , place I visited , must go spot, best place for food lover & etc... Basically, I filter everything and sum it up on this post. Are you ready??? Let's get started!

Ticket Price
I went to Perth for twice and I had a blast on both trip except the recent one I fall sick during the 4th day of my trip. So the rest of the day I just sleep on my bed, looking at my hotel room and start blaming my goddamn body. lol Also, I tried 4 type of medicine that I bought from their pharmacy but still, it's useless for me. 

It took me about 2 weeks to fully recover from this sick and it's why I slim so much (even until now I normally weight around 43kg but until now still not yet over 40kg) wtf! Break the record of my life. I never weight less than 42kg before. From that onward, I start my gain weight plan but it's harder than anything. I tried to eat as much as I can but still.... I'm 40.2kg now and hopefully I can gain back my normal weight as soon as possible. #fingercrossed

So back to the topic, we booked our ticket 4-5 months before our Perth trip in May this year. It cost us only RM850 per person added in luggage weight too. A total of 4 person and we combined our check-in luggage so we just bought 30kg check-in luggage at first and save more $$ with this trick. 

| Accommodation 
There are lot of choices for the accommodation. I tried two different stay before. Both located in the city of Perth around Hay Street & Murray Street. You can easily access to public transport and shopping at the town only take you about few mins to arrive there. It's so convenient and I recommend both for you (Especially the second accommodation that I stayed with my friends & recommend for family or 4 ppl trip.)

The first one was the (1) Travelodge located @Hay Street. Very comfy room and stay. You can spot the beautiful St.Mary Cathedral right beside your room from the window. Also, there are a bus stop near to it too. Just right beside their main entrance. Very convenient and quiet at night. The toilet very clean and first thing I look for a comfortable stay was their toilet lol!!

This hotel not really big but very modern themed and clean. They have internet access too but limit to 100MB per use and if you want more you have to pay it yourself. I love their breakfast because it's so yummy and this is the best thing to kickstart your day. 

 Breakfast included

The interior was so modern and the room was black, grey and white theme. 

The second one was the (2) Comfort Inn Wentworth Plaza @Murray Street. Recommend for more than 2 person stay because the room we stay can actually fit 4 person like us. There are two separate room and a share kitchen and toilet. The room was nice, clean and lovely but the toilet not those modern kind of toilet. Is like the normal toilet like that but consider for the location and price per night this should be one of the reasonable and would recommend for all of you.

It located at Murray Street, which means the shopping street just right below this homestay. It's quite okay but because the second trip I went there for a week (7 days 6 nights) i realise it's so happening on Friday night and super noise at night. Even we close the window I still can hear the sound of people talking and the sound that came from the car when they clean the road. Other than that it was great for me. Just 1 night I totally can't fall asleep because of the noise. lol

Comfort Inn Wentworth Plaza @Murray Street

Things to know / take note before you go
There are few thing you need to know before going to Perth. Perth was one of my favourite place to enjoy because everything was so relax during the whole trip. Best to bring your parent or your family here if they prefer 'not rushing' kind of trip. (1) It's best to come here for 5D4N because once you stay longer you might feel quite boring.

(2) Food selling in Perth City was quite pricy because normally people will stay outside of the city, only tourist like us stay in the city and it's why sometime like Sat / Sunday before 11am you only see few people walking around the city and look like you own the whole city! lol

(3) If your flight arrive at morning 8-9am during weekend. Don't expect any shop or restaurant open around the city because during weekends everyone prefer to stay at home, all shop only start at earliest 12pm. Some 11.30am except the 24 hours Mc Donald. lol Why I know? Because all of us arrived in the airport at 8am when we reach the place we stay we can't see anyone walking around. The whole city only few and us were walking on the road. I asked their citizen and they told us normally weekend is mean to be like this. lol Everyone sleep so late on weekend lol. 

(4) Most of their shop closed at 5pm except FRIDAY! So Friday is the best day for me. Otherwise each time we go back to our stay & I wish to shopping around the Murray St then suddenly realise all shop CLOSED!!!! I was like wtf?!!! Nothing to do after 5pm except lying on your bed thinking what to do next. lol Because most of the itinerary like 10am out and back at 4pm or after dinner then when you want to shop, you realise all shop closed xD 

(5) Most of the place we planned in our itinerary required at least 1 hour  (except those activities or place located in the city) just for transportation to reach the place. Because most of it takes place outside of the city but you have no problem with the public transport at all. It's quite convenient and if you not sure how to go just open your mouth and ask because they are so friendly. 

(6) Free bus available in Perth at most of the place. Those free bus have its own color such as red , blue and green. Known it as green cat , red cat bus or blue cat bus. Each of the free bus got own route and time. 

Blue cat bus

Perth Underground Transportation

(7) GOOGLE MAP is now your BEST FRIEND! Repeat it x2402384032423. Please download and use it wisely because you can't live without it when you are the one who need to guide ur travel partner or to check the exact location / how to go / where are you located at. So again, please download it and learn how to use before going to any place. lol

(8) Beer is cheap here! HAHAHAH At the same time if you have been here you will realise its mineral water is expensive than any juice or drinks. One mineral water cost me around RM10-11 (AUD3.50) for a normal 500ml size of mineral water

(9) You can drink tap water if you don't mind. 

(10) Transportation for place more than 5 zones consider quite pricy. If you are smart enough (like us) for 4 person we choose Family Rider / Day Rider because it's much cheaper if compare to the price at diff zones. You can ask for help when you're there to buy your pass or ticket. We don't even know it until a guy actually come to us and explain the best way to get cheaper ticket for our transportation. THIS SAVE YOUR WALLET AGAIN!! Click here to know more about the types of tickers

 DayRider for unlimited all day travel and FamilyRider is another special types of tickets.

(11) Perth is one of the best place for people who want to retire because it will be quite boring for younger people like us. lol Go there just enjoy walking slowly, see the wildlife, the sky , the view and even the time also pass slowly than other country xD Everything lol

(12) Apply sunblock on your face & body as long as you are going for some outdoor activities because Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world. It's why two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer.

How much should you bring / I spent?
Actually not much money you can spend there except you want to buy branded or shop like crazy lol. If you are just pay for your everyday food , transportation and ticket for entry, some souvenir then AUD 500 (RM1500) will be more than enough for you. Like me, I used RM1300 during my 7D6N trip! I can eat some nice food and the normal one too. If you are going alone then might need more extra to backup but going there with a partner or a group of friends then you can share nice food and eat it together. Remember to keep AUD 60-70 for you to take a cab from your hotel to airport.

You can ask the at the hotel's info counter to book a cab for you to fetch you to the airport. Remember to tell them 1-2 days earlier!! If you need any map or place recommendation you can talk to the team from your hotel anytime. They will give you the best advice ever.

So after all the useful tips for your reference it's time to jump into the main part of this post...It's my Perth Itinerary / Must-Go Place / Food recommendation that I would love to share with all of you. You can mark it down on a point form and start to plan your Perth itinerary with your friends or family. Are you ready? Let's get started! Most of the place I went was around / in Perth City. Except for some wildlife park require entrance fees and ticket, others is free!! It was a super nice trip although I'm sick on the last few days lol.

Sim card or Pocket Wifi?
For those who wish to stay connected all the day 24/7 you can simply get a sim card and it cost just $2 (RM6) only. You can top up money for internet data too. If not mistake it was $2-$3 per day for 500mb. So you can use google map and check thing from google all the time. This is why I didn't look for a pocket wifi when I'm going to Perth. I got mine from Optus @Murray Street. 

#1  Blue Boat House @Swan River

I'm not joking this is super near and you can reach here by taking the free cat bus that I mentioned earlier. Don't expect too much it's a blue house that located just right beside the road to swam river. When the bus stop me at the point and I was like OMG....This is the blue boat house? I guess because it's just one & only, so it became a hot spot for photo purpose and I saw lots of couple shoot their pre-wedding photo here too. 

So glad that no one here so we can take photo as much as possible. But remember to apply sunscreen because you will regret after this. 

Such a good and romantic place! You can come early in the morning 10am or before 6pm to take a perfect instagram-worthy photo lol

Besides, let me show you something interesting!! This is the photo I screenshot from google map on my phone. Look at the swan really look like a shape of swan!!!

#2  King's Park (night and day view of perth city) 
This is a perfect location to see the whole city of Perth. Perfect view at night or morning/evening time also. It's free and you can see lots of people just sit around here or picnic with their partner , cycling & etc. There are lots of attraction around King's Park too. Will talk about it on #3. Morning / Evening view from King's Park will be completely different from at night. It's really beautiful and it's free :D 

It overlooks the city as well as Perth Water and Melville Water on the Swan River.

 At night!

Address: Perth WA 6005, Australia

#3  State War Memorial @King's Park
This is another free spot for you to spend your time with your friends. For those who would love to visit King's Park will definitely pass by this State War Memorial located around the King's Park & Botanic Garden. You can go to the nearby cafe and have a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the view of Perth City from here or walk around at the State War Memorial because there are something special about it. Let me show you!!

So here's something really special. Just beside the state war memorial there are two super long wall and seat like this (photo below). You and your friend or your bf/gf can just sit on both side & one of you can start talking with each other with a super low volume. Then, you will be surprise because both of you can hear each other's voice even it's super far.

 HAHAHA You should try this out when you are here.

#4  London Court
London Court is a beautiful, small arcade off Hay Street Mall. There are lots of cafe , small boutique , souvenir shop and also some of the shop selling antique items. Really surprise to see this in Perth and I'm so in love with its building style. It's just located in the Perth City, best time to visit in the morning so you could spend some time to explore the city area here before visiting to another place.

London Court is very attractive and atmospheric in an architectural sense, you certainly feel like you are walking in an old London location as you walk through the door. 

Address: Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

#5  Explore around (Hay St. | King St. | Murray St.)
If you have nothing to do in the morning you can head over to Hay street or King street to look for some breakfast or enjoy a cup of hot coffee. lol You can spot some branded shop around the city such as Tiffany & Co , Chanel , Gucci & so on. Other than that if you want to plan for a shopping time with your friends then you can go to Murray Street. A whole street full of shop for clothing , accessories , target and shopping mall too.

 Hay Street

Murray Street (I shop and bought a lot here)

#6  Crown Casino
Warn you first!!! This is my first time enter casino and warn you x2 don't addicted because most of my friend told me totally no luck here T.T But you can just play for fun because when you register for crown casino member you get $5 FREE! hahahaha don't be kiasu but it's fun to play around with this $5!! Don't top up too much a :p

Address: Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100, Australia

#7  St. Mary's Cathedral
It's a beautifully done architectural building. At night time it looks more majestic with all the lights shining but too bad it was closed when I want to enter the church so if you plan to visit here remember to check the opening hour before you leaving Perth. 

 Hello from Perth!

Address: 17 Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia

#8  Caversham Wildlife Park @Whiteman Park
This is a MUST activities when you come to Australia for a wildlife experience. I recommend this Caversham Wildlife Park for you because you can really get to experience a zero distant with most of the wildlife here (such as koala and kangaroo). All koala & kangaroo not inside the cage but just right beside / or in front of you. Because I took too many photo so this will be on the next post ya! Will link it here once it's done.

Entrance fees for adult $27 per person (around RM81).

Hello Koala!!

I have no idea why! lillllll sniff sniff

How to go (Via google Map App)

AddressB/99 Lord St, Whiteman WA 6068, Australia

#9  Penguin Island @Rockingham 
Another MUST-DO activity when you are in Perth. It's the Penguin Island at Rockingham. If you plan to visit here remember to wake up and prepare as early as possible because there are only morning slot for you to choose if you want to look for sea lion, penguin and dolphin. We were late on the day so we missed the chance except only can go to look for Penguin by the 5 mins ferry :'( So sad I want to see dolphin!!!

 Inside the ferry! It took almost 5-6 mins for us to reach Penguin island.

 OMG SO CUTE AND NEAR!!! Hello Penguin!!
 If you have extra time you can walk around the conservation park.
 I just get a cup of hot chocolate instead of walking around lol too lazy :p

Address: Rockingham, Western Australia 6169, Australia

#10  Fremantle Market
I missed the chance to try out Fremantle Market's fish & chips T.T My friends told me it's so delicious. Blame on my body because I'm just the only one lying on my bed while all my friends and her mom went out to pay a visit to Fremantle Market and tried its super fresh fish & chips. nom nom  nom~~

 Photo credits to google image

Address: South Terrace & Henderson St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

#11  Bell Tower
Another landmark in Perth. Recommended to visit here at night because it's way more pretty than during the day time. Also, just located around Perth City. I went here to take a photo first then go to look for the famous and signature HONEY CAKE.

Address: Barrack Square Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000, Australia

#12  Rottnest Island & Quokka** extra**
I saw a lot of Quokka image in Perth main airport and google. It's everywhere!!! So who's the little quokka??

This cute little quokka that will only be seen in Rottnest Island, Perth. If you don't like city life and wish to look for something special and more relaxing then why not plan your itinerary and spend at least 2 days in here?? There are lots of fun activities here!! I saw some of my blogger friends came here too! But you need extra luck in order to meet this cute little Quokka that know how to look at your camera or selfie with you! AHAHAHAH

Too bad I didn't manage to come here because we have limited time and we booked all our stay in Perth City :'( Oh yea for this you need to have extra budget too because most of the activities here required $$ and it's quite expensive to travel here from Perth City. For more info, you may click on


MUST-EAT IN PERTH (Honey Cake & Apple Strudel)
There are two MUST-TRY item and MUST-EAT food when you come to Perth!!! It's the super yummy (my favourite) HONEY CAKE & also Apple Strudel.

 Honey Cake 
Address: Barrack St & St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Let me tell you that this honey cake is super yummy. It's taste exactly like you eating a whole honey in your mouth. Your tongue and mouth will scent like honey but it's not too sweet at all. Just nice for me and my friend's mom love it too. AHHHHH I REALLY MISS THIS HONEY CAKE A LOTTTT!! This is the best cake ever!!

But it's quite pricy actually. For a small box it already cost $20 , around RM60. If you love it (like me) it definitely worth for its price. Really mad love with this!

Next, walk all the way from our homestay to here because of the apple strudel. I saw some of you actually told me to try this out on my instagram and most of the people here bought more than half dozen back to their country. They told me Singaporean love this so much!!! Most of them bought more than 3 boxes but I just got myself one lol. 

 We went to the Northbridge's Corica Pastries for its Apple Strudel.


Address: 106 Aberdeen St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia


Food Recommendation 
Other than honey cake and apple strudel, here's some of the food I tried during both of my Perth Trip. Some was recommended by my friends while some was introduced by you guys on my instagram. Thanks for sharing your travel experience with me. Food in Perth City is quite expensive I guess. It cost around AUD 15.00-27.00 per person (RM50-80). If you go with your friends then you can share with each other because most of the food serve in quite a big portion.

Ps: Remember double check (Ask Mr.Google) the opening hour and day for the food ya. So that you can plan really well with your itinerary schedule.

(1) Ciao Italia
This was one of my favourite place ever. We went there early in the afternoon so that we no need to queue up at all. I love how they serve the food and the portion = SUPER BIG. We ordered their famous carbonara and another 3 dishes. Ended up we can't finish it omg. 4 of us sharing also can't finish it. 



Address: 273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

(2) Gami Chicken & Beer
Eat too many fish & chips? Why not some Korean food? If you are a fans of Korean Drama you   should know chicken & beer = BFF!! I randomly bumped into this shop nearby our stay and it's so happening there. Everyone was talking and having their korean bbq chicken with beer. OMG  My favourite is their garlic chicken and the potato.

I ordered the cheese corn but it's a little bit too sweet for me. First bite was still alright but after 3-4 bite I feel it's a little bit over sweet. If you love potato and spicy then you should try our their best selling potato heaven as well. THIS IS THE BEST so far!

 Cheese Corn

 Potato Heaven



Address: 3B Shafto Ln, Perth WA 6000, Australia

(3) MOANA 
Cafe hopping?? This is also one of my favourite and although I'm not a fans of coffee but their hot chocolate taste really smooth and good. Besides that, I recommended its Quesadilla!! Taste heavenly good until I can't describe. Best way to kickstart your day!! Also, their wrap was super good too.

It's a laid-back balcony cafe in a revamped heritage building, serving bagels, wraps and salads.


 This taste really good!

Address: 618 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia


(4) PANCAKES @ Carillon
This was recommended by my friend who lived in Perth.  It's inside the Carillon food court and take note of the opening hours too.

 Long-running top-floor restaurant with booth seating, whipping up varied sweet and savoury dishes.


At first I thought Choc Devil (the dessert on the photo below) was nicer but the above one is the best. Choc Devil is a little too much for me but the raspberry cream cheese is just nice. It taste so good and not too creamy and doesn't taste 'too cheesy' too. 

 Choc Devil

All Day breakfast

Opening hour from 11am-3pm

 Address: Carillon City Mall, 66-67 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

 (5) Ribs & Burgers
Love their burger and ribs! Super good and I'm sure you will love it too. It's a smart chain for burgers made with carefully sourced produce, plus wings and slow-cooked ribs. Just a few mins foot walk from our stay!

 Opening hour 11am-9.30pm

Address: 24/140 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Best Gelato in town! Open from 11am-10pm.

Address: 741 Newcastle St, Leederville WA 6007, Australia

Having a sweet tooth?? or chocolate lover? then you should try this out! Love the high quality chocolate made by Australian chocolatiers. From their decadent 100% cocoa Dominican chocolate block to their handmade truffles and varied selection of pralines, the fundamental attribute across the board is quality. 

If you're just looking for a quick dessert (maybe after a date or better yet for a date itself), then this is the best place for you. Koko Black is the chocolate gem in Perth City.

Address: 140 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

So it come to the end of the post!!! Hope this is useful for you! So sorry it takes me some time to update & publish it because I need extra time to arrange and note down everything by looking back my feed and my notebook. That's all for today. Love, xx.

Map provided by Wanderlog, a travel planner


  1. head to Max Brenner if u back to Australia again, try a chocolate drink called Italian Thick, It's like drinking melted chocolate, may sound a bit gelak but it's super warm and comfort to have it during winter time.

    1. OMG? REALLY? I love chocolate a lot but never try something like that. No problem! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. OMG? REALLY? I love chocolate a lot but never try something like that. No problem! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Hi there, just want to ask your $2 simcard just allow to google search and maps? Does it enough for upload photos or others thing? Thankyou

    1. Hi HuiLing,

      is enough to upload photo and insta ya. Just can't FaceTime and for loading photo it's quite fast to use up all the data in the plan.

  4. Hi! May I know which destinations you went using the Family Rider/Day Rider? Was wondering if the free CAT buses will be sufficient to travel around Perth? Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

    1. Most destinations have family rider or day rider ya. Cat buses is within the city/ town only.

  5. 请问你是用什么相机还是手机或是go pro拍照的呢?看到有些照片是圆形似的,好美。谢谢。

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  6. 好的。谢谢你的回复。看到Lumix GF9好想要买可是好像还没得买呢。多两天要飞珀斯了。4k功能好吸引

  7. Hello, may I know how much is the 2nd place you stayed? Thank you!

    1. each night around rm1100-20per person. You can google agoda for that ya

    2. Thanks for replying, Chan Won!

  8. Hi, all the places can reach by bus or underground? No need by car renting?

  9. Hi Chanwon!Lovely article you really captured the taste of Perth! Maybe next time try a bit of relaxing at some of the accommodation and spas out there, I highly recommend Chimes. And by the way love your ootds!

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