Shoploooh Grand Opening @Batu Pahat

21 July 2016

Hello Sweeties! Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to share about an event that I went few days ago. Although it's quite far from where I stay but it's totally worth it. Why because it's one of my favourite online shop ever. For those who followed me for quite a long time you probably saw their name on most of my instagram and facebook tag. 

Yes, it's been 3 years since the first time I shared and tagged them on my social media platform. Time flies and I'm quite selective on things & most of the time I only share things that I really love or really wish to share with all of you. This is why I always choose to grow with the brand or company. This is why I'm quite particular and always looking for a long term relationship with people. This is why until now even I'm really busy but I still don't give up my blogging life.

I love how I can heart-to-heart talking with all of you on my blog. I love to hear more of your story and at the same time sharing my life stories with people I love. My blog is just like my baby and can't believe I have been blogging for almost 8 years now. I love how blogging changed my life and how I met with new people in this big big world , sharing and showing you guys everything I know and of course, travel when I'm still young. This is why I'm no longer staying at my comfort zone and start to travel now. 

It's quite hard for me to do both at the same time but still I'm manage to do so unless my lap top spoil lol. Or else, I will treat all of you and my blog like my baby! So, life changed when I'm start to step out from my comfort zone. I start meeting with new people everyday and try not to be too talkative at the same time. Not sure how we start our friendship but  the thing that melted my heart was a hand written card from them.

I remember that was my first time I feel really touched and almost tear on their hand written card few years back. You know, they love me for who am I and that time when I'm still a 'little chanwon' , they appreciate for everything that I did for them. This is why they are so different for me. Honestly, some of my collaborated clients have become my friends now. I know each of their name , story behind their shop....and not sure what happen but they suddenly become my real life friends.  HAHAHAHA This is really surprise but I'm really happy that they trusted on me. 

I know they put on a lot of effort on this Grand Opening and need to take extra time to match with our time and date. Thanks a lot ming, I'm glad that I'm able to help you at the same time. From a normal online selling shop to a actual and physical shop, it takes a lots of time and effort. The process  might be really tiring ,but trust me, when you really put your effort and heart in,  people can feel and see it. A successful story was their shop and of course, another example :) Myself!

Remember when I graduated from my Bachelor Degree in Finance, I asked myself where is my passion?!! It takes me awhile to decide whether I want to work in a bank or doing things that I love. I'm dilemma at first but after all, I decided to go ahead and be what I want to be. I'm happy with everything I have and 做自己喜欢的,即使辛苦 我一点也不觉得累。I found my passion and purpose of my life now! 

Sometimes life is so painful and messed up. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. Lots of times people just let themselves get lost, dropping into a wide open, huge abyss. But that's why we have to keep trying. We have to push through all that hurts us, work past all our memories that are haunting us. Sometimes the things that hurt us are the things that make us strongest. A life without experience, in my opinion, is no life at all. And that's why I tell everyone that, even when it hurts, never stop yourself from living.

When I was young, I just want to be someone, to mean something to anyone. But now, I want to be someone, to mean something to MYSELF. To find the best way to live my life in colours and do things I like without hurting anyone. It's hard to do so but believe me, it's fine! As long as you love yourself, love about your life , you will then love and start to appreciate everything happens in your life (no matter it's good or bad). This is your life, live the way you like!for yourself and not for others.

P/S- So sorry I'm out of the topic again wtf** Because this morning I received an email from one of you telling me that you felt lost and hate about everything in your life.


So back to the topic, lol** the grand opening was super duper fun because I'm surrounded with people who love to dress up nicely and have the similar clothing style too. I guess this is a little bit too long so it's time to let the photo do the talking! Enjoy reading xx

All photo booth props

Hello dessert table!!

So nervous!!

Candid shoot of me!
Photo credits to Ryim Photography Studio

Hello to everyone!!

Was too busy on that event so I'm not sure when I took this but I just pass my camera to someone else and ask them to take photo for me! HAHAHAH 

Thanks for everyone who came for this summer party and spent time with us. It means a lot for Shoploooh and myself too. I'm quite nervous because it's been awhile since I have this kind of meet & greet with you guys. Anyway, more to come ok??!! Once again, thanks for everything!!!!

Wearing top , bottom & outer all from

So the next day I just hang out with aaahming at Batu Pahat. She brought us to this little place and I'm really enjoy because I get to meet a lot of new friends and of course, FOOD!!! Yes, I eat a lot of mamak food which has roti teluk DOUBLE CHEESE version and some random delicious & yummy seafood nearby her house. I can't believe I have so much fun in Malaysia and feel like I'm oversea already! lol

For those who followed me for quite a long time you should know the reason why I supported Shoploooh since 3 years ago until now. I hope to share this with all of you!! Stay tuned for their new collection and might have collaboration with them soon!!

Eat a lot that's why I look so chubby again! lol

Had a blast on this road trip and I shall plan for my next date again to visit their actual shop because it's so much fun to shop both online and their actual store too. Thanks for the invitation and hopefully they will launch more pretty collection on their website again. But before that, let me grab it for you guys first so that I can sneak peek for all of you on my instagram and facebook!!! 

That's all for today. Love, xx.

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