Happy 24th Birthday, Smelly !!

04 July 2016

Happy 24th Birthday to my Smelly!! Yay finally I'm able to celebrate with him because last year he wasn't in Malaysia and I can't believe it's our 6th time celebrating with each other. When I were young (like age 18) I love fancy fancy kind of celebration and he was a person who totally different from me. Until our age you will prefer maybe a small celebration or dinner with your family , your close friends or maybe someone you loved. 

His life completely changed because of me, so am I. So this year (as usual) we don't have fancy or big celebration but just few hours spending our time with each other. I'm so sad at first because I dressed up nicely (once in a lifetime) and girly but all afternoon tea / high tea place were fully booked. Can't reserve anything at all. I'm a little disappointed because thing wasn't happen as smoothly as I thought.

I don't wanna wear like this and shopping around T.T It looks super funny and I'm just sit on the floor and googling like top 10 place in xxx for celebration or birthday. But still i couldn't find any place or restaurant I like. Actually Smelly don't even care where to celebrate as long as I'm with him but you know I'm going to surprise him man!!!! WHY PLAN A FAIL!!!

His way of thinking was super duper simple and easy to satisfied with anything. At first I thought is okay lo..we just randomly go to cafe and eat whatever we like but you know when a girl spent the whole morning makeup , choose what to wear, hairdo myself...I really don't want just randomly go to a cacat place.

So I dropped a msg to the delivery and asked if she could make it at 5pm. Also, at the same time watsapp+ing my powerful friend who love to eat. Asking for some suggestion from them too. I got a list of suggestion and ended up I decided to pick the super near one. Then now it's PLAN B!!!

Surprise 'cake' for Smelly and dinner! That's all and guess what... He ask me why so stress. Just birthday only~ Why not just cook ourself and I was like wtf?! Cook? Later you vomit the next day xD 

So I customised and ordered this from Withlovebyw and I'm so impressed with it. At first I thought why not blue x pink but it's a little too girly for Smelly (Smelly like pastel color as well lol it's no longer a secret)

Although this is not pastel enough but you know pink x blue are my favourite color 

I think twice and changed my decision to grey x pink. Grey also his color!!! I just can't believe it turns out really nice! I no bluff you, he love everything I love except we have different taste on food / fashion and clothing. lol So when he saw this he was quite shocked. I'm not sure he is my bf or my gf now! HAHAHAHA Totally turn him to my gf now lol

Not just nice only, it tastes good too. I love the chocolate topping on the strawberry. It's so yummy and tasty. Just look at the pink roses and baby's breath already made my day better. lol Other than this i also bought 3 set of formal attire for him <3 So he no need repeating wearing the same top every week xD

He always photo shy but I'm not sure why he become so hyper when I'm recording this video. He only shows his childish side of him in front of me and this is why I laugh out loud in this video. AHAHAHAHAH Thanks for making me laugh today and I guess the best present I have was having you in my life.

Since this strawberry tower was super duper yummy I must take a selfie with it and share it with all of you! OMG but so hard to find a best angle since I'm not wearing any heel + Smelly was way taller than me wtf* 

 This photo way too serious and not sure why I ask him to buy this spec xD SO FUNNY

I think this spec will be much suitable on his face (throwback 3 years++ ago)

 So I asked him to take off his spec!

 Smile until can't see his eyes! lol

 Then I told him I want to take a nice and super chio photo with the strawberry but he start photoboom my photo -.-

Is okay, I told him I can retake it but....as you can see .________.
Since when he become so hyper HAHAHAHAAH
Okay to be honest, I like it (once in a lifetime) xD

Wasting too much time google and watsapp+ing so I decided to eat half of the strawberry tower before we go out to dinner. My plan B failed and changed to plan C... At first I thought why not bring this out with us as well but he say too pai-seh (shy) since I need to carry this and celebrate with him and just both of us it's a bit too high profile -.- I was like wtf?!! Birthday celebration can't one meh!! 

Then, he told me he wanted to eat this RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW! So end up both of us finished 60% of the strawberry because the combination of the chocolate and strawberry is way too yummy for us. He not really a strawberry lover but still he eat most of it!!! Maybe because I'm too emo when I realise both of my plan A & B failed. lol

So glad that I asked the right person. She recommended this place to me. We were here@33 Blue Room, Petaling Jaya. I decided not to go KL since it's really tiring for us to drive all the way to KL lol. Later traffic jam here & there.

Love the interior and ambiance of this place & full with jazz music in this place. Wish to order some wine but I totally don't know how to drink at all. So end up I decided to pose with my sky juice lol!

 Happy 24th Birthday Smelly ..
Opps I can't see your eyes leh!!

 Retake! HAHAHAA

 Love this dress too!! It's from Bestylish8

Recommend this!!! This is now our favourite and as I mentioned Smelly rarely give compliment one but this is REALLY GOOD. The meat so soft and even I'm on braces I still can bite it & the bread is soooooo crunchy. We also ordered some dessert and other dishes but I got no time to take photo because it's too yummy and we enjoyed a lot (so I forgot I need to take photo xD)

But nowadays both of us just enjoy our very personal time with each other. When it come to the special day I will give all my time to him and concentrated on our food XD Have to take a rest from feeding my phone or camera once in awhile. HAHAHAHAHA That's all for our simple celebration. 

Since I can't meet Smelly everyday and I travel quite frequent recently, it's important for me to utilise my time with him. We enjoy to the max and even this is just a simple dinner but because of him...I feel like it's more like my birthday! Happy Birthday my little smelly :D Hope you like my simple PLAN C and enjoy the rest of your strawberry. No movie date after this because he's going to work on the next day lol.

That's all for today!! Just a little daily and life update on my blog. See you on my next post! Love, xx.


  1. Hello, thanks for the blog :)
    I am planning for birthday celebration for 2 of my girls, and I wish to order the strawberry tower cake for them as it is so special! Somehow the link you provided is not working, do you mind to give me the name of supplier so that I can google it out? It would be very much appreciated if you can give me the contact number of the supplier :)

    Thanks yea! Have a nice day :)


    1. Hi Dear,

      Thanks for your comment the instagram name of the shop is @withlove.byw ya!! :)

  2. Awesome post and you both are really looking sweet together, I wish I could also be able to celebrate my birthday like this , Stay Blessed and check out the given links below if you are looking for chocolates, flowers or cakes for your birthdays !!