Panasonic Beauty Trip to Japan | Chanwon

07 July 2016

Hello Lovely Sweeties~ This is another long awaited post about my Panasonic Beauty Trip in Japan. Finally I'm here to blog about it and share with all of you. It was a great trip for me because it's Japan and of course with my favourite brand ever. To be honest, I don't think I deserve it but it really happened to me. This is my first media trip to Japan and it was really fun because I met a lot of new friends during this trip.

I can't describe how happy am I when I received the email about this media trip. Plus, extra happiness when I know I'm going to get in touch and understand more about Panasonic Beauty. I still can't believe this but anyway, I'm going to share this Panasonic Beauty Trip with all of you now. Are you ready for this??? Let's get started!

| 1 day before the trip
Since it was not my first time visiting Japan, I was really calm when it was time to pack my own luggage. We went to 4 places during the whole trip- Tokyo,  Hikone, Osaka & Kyoto. Also, booked my own pocket wifi from Travel Recommends and collected it at KLIA.Oh yea since this was a media trip and quite formal as well (for the visit Panasonic factory), we need to dress up ourselves in formal attire.

Formal attire?!! I think this scared me a lot! HAHAHAHA It took me some time to plan my outfit and some matching bag / heel so that I look really 'formal' and serious in this media study trip. First impression must be good and since it was a media trip I guess we have to be really punctual on time too. Japanese people really serious on time *think too much*. Also, it's beginning of summer in Japan. No more thick sweater and jacket!!!

I brought extra battery because need to film some video to show you guys. I'm not sure whether I can complete the vlog by tonight or not. If I'm done I will put it at the end of this post and upload to my YouTube ya! Stay tuned! 

DAY 1 
Nothing much but night flight to Japan. I'm was so nervous and excited at the same time. Thinking where to meet and how to say HELLO with all the other bloggers and influencers. HAHAHAHA But it's not scary at all because most of them are my friend lol. So after taking my dinner with Smelly at KLIA, I received a call from our tour guide and decided to run (run really fast) to the meeting point so that I can check in my luggage as well.

At that 'very important' moment, I met with all the girls. Elecher will be my partner in crime for a week because she's my roommate during the whole trip. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Okay!! So as usual since I need to blog about the trip we must have a perfect group photo before our flight to Japan! lol

From left to right: Chloe , Bell , Nana , 'I'm here :p' , Elecher & Dior

So we are now a big and happy family and again I have never travelled with so many girls before. This is going to be really really fun and happy! WOWOWOWOWOOWOWO Shout out loud again to all my girls lol Then, some random ice breaking time , talking with each other, snapchat+ing and there we go.....Bye bye Malaysia!

DAY 2 
Day 2 was quite funny because I can't sleep well during my flight but still feeling super energetic. I'm no longer that young anymore. lol So once we reached Japan, we immediately run to our luggage and get some new clothes to change. Oh well, of course I needed to put on some makeup since we didn't go back to our hotel.

Upon arrival we meet & greet with our local guide and not just 6 of us. There are another 30 dealers in the bus too. It was really surprise because I don't know we are going to travel in such a big group. lol Anyway, the first stop is to visit Asakusa / Nakamise (浅草寺/仲见世商店街), a shopping street that has been providing temple visitors with a variety of traditional, local snacks and tourist souvenirs for centuries.

Super crowded and that’s why we just met two of them (Chloe & Dior) and where's the other two? AHAHAHAH Nana & Bell were super sweet. They noticed that I can't find the mochi booth so they bought it to us and let us to try it in the bus. Thanks yo~~

 The famous shopping street!

Buy all!! Can I?

After lunch, it's time to visit the Panasonic Center and also this is when all of us get really shocked with the super high tech product that showcased to us during the whole visit.

 Panasonic Center in Tokyo

 This is my favourite corner so far and it caught my eyes all the time! HAHAHAHAHA

 Nothing happier than having a whole collection of Camera lens lol

 Let me show you around :D

 The boundless bath

 The Panasonic Beauty Premium. We call it as PANASONIC BLACK! 
This is really luxury and my first time get in touch with its product.

 This is my favourite corner again. The super relaxing bed with a wonder skylight on the top of it!

 Dreamy Bedroom

Gosh I have to tell you this. There were no cameras allowed upon this point. Can you imagine a cozy room with a mirror that can help you plan your outfit, a vanity table with a mirror that helps you plan your makeup, scan your mood / feeling, on a super big TV with a remote that can be controlled by using only your body gesture! Smart city that can make our life easier and safer & so on.

It really opened up my mind. Such a memorable experience for my own eyes! After all that, we headed back to dinner and explore Shinjuku at our own leisure.

 Our dinner! OMG IT'S SO YUMMY!
Thanks Panasonic Beauty for such a wonderful dinner!

Reached hotel at night and all of us felt really tired. Decided to take a hot bath and sleep right away, after I posted a photo on my Instagram lol. Too tired!!

DAY 3 
Kickstart our day with a breakfast provided from our hotel. But the weather outside wasn't good at all. Heavy rain outside but we don't care! AHAHAHAH

Smart casual outfit for today because we have to transfer to Ikebukuro, Tokyo , the place where I always stay when I'm in Japan (read more here) for visit to  Panasonic Cluxta .

Panasonic Cluxta

I hope that they open one in Malaysia. This place is such a heaven for girls. Here, you can personally try, test and use the products by Panasonic Beauty. What you need to do is just pay a little $$ and you can try everything here.
Only 300 yen for first hour time!

Since 6 of us were invited to visit this place, they even organized a workshop for us to try out the products. Firstly, I have to remove all the makeup but it is okay because I didn't makeup that morning so it saved up some of my time and allow me to enjoy the rest of the time by looking at the products and take / film some photos for all of you.


Steamer & Mist 

This is super powerful but haven’t launched in Malaysia. I have the steamer only and this is the latest version with a mist function on it. Okay, it is very attractive and i's on one of my wishes list now lol

This is available in Malaysia!!!
Facial Machine that creates bubble form and you can attached the brush to help you deep clean your face too.

Again, the Panasonic Beauty Premium!!!! 

This tiny brush attached is to clean a small area of your face like nose and also helps to remove the dirt / blackhead that hide under your skin too.

Workshop selfie lol

Next product that help us to penetrate the skincare product into our skin. It vibrate and have a very nice sensation when it touches my skin. Okay....second wishes list lol

HAHAHAHA another selfie because I was done my makeup within 15 mins. lol 

 So hungry after the workshop

# Itadakimasu~

 Super fresh sashimi!

After our lunch, we have some private free and easy time in Shibuya ( 渋谷) but I decided to go to Harajuku and Shinjuku for a little shopping time. AHAHAHAH Harajuku and Shinjuku were my favourite place for shopping in Tokyo. Feels so good when I realised that I can be a little tour guide for my friends and introduce them some good Japanese Beauty products that I really love.

 WEGO!!! This is where I bought most of my Choker!!

Also, when you realise there are 50% off on all the chokers!

 The best thing ever!

Chocolate Chips : Calbee in Harajuku

After done our shopping @ Shinjuku, Harajuku & 竹下通り Takeshita Street, we decided to go back our hotel for dinner.

Also, my favourite supper every night! AHAHAHAHAHAH
 The ultimate super girl who can ate 3 rice balls at once!

DAY 4 
Day 4 was fully utilised. All of us have to travel from Tokyo to Hikone and check in for our stay for one night. This is nervous wrecking because we were going there to enjoy the HOT SPRING / ONSEN in Hikone. Of course, thinking of onsen means we have to be naked. Yes! HAHAHAHAHAH blush blush but don't worry everything was fine for me because this is not my first time but for them, it's their first time!

WOOOOHOOOO so after check out from our Hotel in Tokyo , we have to go to a train station and board a bullet train from Shinkansen to Hikone (彦根市).

 Hello Shinkansen!! Is me again :D

 Candid shot lol

Since I have a few hours of free time during the way from Tokyo to Hikone, all of us start to play with our phone, update our insta , fb and snapchat while I'm doing nothing but taking photo with all of them so I have enough photo to post on my blog *lifeasablogger lol

 Met her once during event but can't believe I slept with her during our whole trip together.
 Elecher was so friendly, pretty and nice too and she's really young!
Treat her like a sister and we talk a lot during day time but at night we just trip together sleep like a pig lol

First time met with Chloe! Also met with Dior!
Both of them look like twinnie and Love the way they dress up themselves
So fashionable and all super chio!

 Bell and Nana. I know them since 9 years ago. Still so pretty T.T
Meet them in most of the event but I was always so shy to talk to them.
After this trip I know both of them can as crazy as me too! HAHAHAHAHAH
Love Bell's voice and hope she come out with a new cover everyday lol

 Finally after 3 hours, we settled down ourselves with a proper meal in Hikone! Oh yea!!


 lol look at me?!!

 Not sure which to eat first!

 Next, we drop by Panasonic Hikone Factory to greet with all the Panasonic Team.
Met them the next day and look what are they doing?
Welcome us with super bright and happy smiles.
 This is why I love Japan the most!

Then, transfer back to our onsen homestay again! A very traditional tatami room for each of us. At this point, we have to dress up ourselves with the traditional yukata and take hundreds of selfies together! HAHAHAHAHA

 I look really tired that's why it's time for ONSEN!

After all, meeting with the girls and we are going to enjoy our private onsen time in the early afternoon! Mad love with this photo OMG!
Photo taken by Chloe's camera with my super useful tripod stand! HAHAHAHA

 Making our tatami bed

 Dinner is served

I MISS everything now T.T 

Life is cruel T.T Need to go back early so I can borrow the hotel's iron to iron my clothes. The most funny thing was before I call them I need to google, “how to ask for an Iron” in Japanese. Ended up, I can't help but to speak in English and they couldn't understand lol. So ended up I call for the second time and they finally know what I need. Have to speak like 'I....RO...N..' Then within 5 mins someone knock my door and brought the iron for us! 

Efficiency level x32147034803841348320483 also a bright smile for us too. HAHAHAH I love Japan x100000000000 again! This Nagahama Royal Hotel was amazing especially the hot spring facilities. Thumbs up and once again thanks Panasonic Beauty for everything~

DAY 5 
Going to be really busy on Day 5 because we have to check out our hotel and transfer to Osaka stay today and at the same time visit Panasonic Hikone Factory in Hikone (before going to Osaka) for a beauty product study time.

 Bye bye lovely tatami bed!

 Our hotel breakfast! Best way to kick-start my day.

 Went outside of the hotel and take some OOTD photo for my instagram hahahaha

Visited Panasonic Hikone Factory and I'm now able to understand more about Panasonic Beauty Product and the story behind this successful brand. It's my pleasure to be here!!!

 History of Panasonic Beauty Product!

 The vintage hair dryer OMG! 

 Massage Chair during year 1969

 So impressed and amazed with everything here.

 @Cosme!!!! If you read Japanese Magazine you should know a lot about this!
They refer the BEST COSMETICS AWARDS and every year they will pick the best Japanese products and rank on it.

 Panasonic Beauty wins! Look at the pastel color !!! 

 Hair curler, straightener & hair dryer!!

 Panasonic Beauty Range


Well, I need this in Malaysia
The foot and leg massage machine T.T
So nice!!

 This massage chair is way too amazing!

 Everyone enjoying our massage time with Panasonic Massage Chair.

After another 2 hours journey, finally we reached Osaka! The super happening area in Japan too. I love Osaka and I bought most of my haul in Osaka too!

 Dinner @ Osaka and after that we have to check in our hotel at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka.

Have to rest really well today because after Day5, it's no longer a study trip anymore! WOOOHOOO We have to enjoy it to the max after all!!!

DAY 6,7 & 8 
Day 6 , 7 and 8 is so happening. Non-stop shopping , walking , exploring Osaka and Kyoto both at the same time. It was tiring but when I know I'm back in Osaka, the first place in mind to visit was Dotonbori (道顿崛) and Shinsaibashi Shopping Street (心斋桥购物区)!!!! Yes also, went to Kyoto & Arashiyama (岚山风景区) for a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and the famous bamboo forest too.


 The famous bamboo forest

 Famous Mocha Ice Cream

 Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi = My favourite shopping place ever in OSAKA!


There are lot of shopping areas here in Osaka. It's so easy to find and access around here. By train: Osaka-Namba Station then exit to dotonbori / Shinsaibashi. You can shop till drop at shinsaibashi (remember to shop at GU too) then after that come to Dotonbori for forever21 and there are tons of shops around the bridge you can easily find it there.

Remember to take a photo during day/ night time because this is a must. Next, grab a box of Takoyaki and visit Don Quijote (24/7 hours open) the super huge penguin logo to get some snacks , Japanese famous beauty product & souvenir. This is how I spent my whole day in OSAKA and sharing this with all of you too!

So this is the whole post about my Panasonic Beauty Trip. It's such a pleasure to meet the team and know the story and history behind the brand. Also, to be such a lucky one to travel with people I like and working on it at the same time. Thanks for being so nice to me during the whole trip especially to all my friends I met on this trip. Enjoy to the max and last but not least, thanks for the amazing media trip that really brighten me up and my mind too.

It's really good to step out from my comfort zone and enjoy every single thing in my life. Once again, Thanks Panasonic Beauty and the team behind of this. I love you , Japan. Thanks for everything <3 Love from me. xx.