Junya Birthday & Sakura Fullmoon Celebration

21 June 2016

Hello Sweeties! This blog post is specially dedicated for Cheesie's petit. Yea it was a celebration for both Junya 2nd Birthday and Sakura Fullmoon. Omg I have no idea how this powerful mom, Cheesie able to prepare everything during the celebration. I'm going to spam this post with lots of photos I took during the celebration. I love it so much because it's my favourite Gudetama on the cake and the pink little one was too good! OMG

Everyone looks so happy and I'm happy for Cheesie because both of her petit were super healthy and lovely. I still can't believe she's now a mother of two and love the way how she educate Junya too. This party was super fun because it's pink , sakura , my favourite gudetama and cakes! HAHAHAHA Of course, Smelly was there to join us too but he was to shy to be in the photo again lol. So you won't see his face on this post xD

I'm so excited for this celebration but I'm totally shocked when I saw the dessert table. I was like 'OMG CHEESIE!! THIS GUDETAMA?!!' The pink one = Sakura & Yellow Gudetama = Junya!!!


 Look how cute it is!!

Cuteness overload and I don't want to eat it because it's too cute! HAHAHAHA Wish to hug Sakura on my hand but I'm not sure the correct way to hug a one month old baby. So it's better to just look at her eye, touch her hand and ask Cheesie to hug it for a photo session with me. AHAHAHAHA Jiejie will hug you when you grow older okay Sakura? :p

Not just dessert table, the backdrop was super pretty too. There are lot of love from this family. I love to talk with Cheesie because she's always so inspiring and she's the best mama for both Junya & Sakura. If you know Junya in real life, you probably know the reason why.

Junya is so caring, kind and lovely. Also, a smart boy that know how to take selfie with my phone!

Feel so happy by looking at this picture. I love Cheesie so much as I'm one of her reader since years ago and I can't believe we are friend now. Guess this is the reason why Junya was so lovely. She's such a nice person with good and humble personality. I love talking with positive people and hear about her motherhood story.

The first time I met her was during a fashion runway show and next was a pre-loved bazaar. Then I'm a full time student x part time blogger during the day when I'm still study in MMU. After I graduated, it take me for awhile to consider as a full time blogger. Then I slowly active and appear at some event and I saw the pregnant Cheesie that work really hard and still blogging (even until now she's still active on her blog) I know nowadays not much blogger continue to update on their blog. Everyone prefer a super chio photo and a short caption on instagram.

But for me, I still prefer to update and talk with all of you on my blog. Although it takes more time and effort to come out with a blog post but still I love it because my blog gave me everything I had now. It gave me my confident, a little fame, a sharing place for me to share my story and also ...to meet and receive all the love from all of you.

After met Cheesie for a few time during the event, we start to talk with each other. But still I'm so shy each time I see her #littlefans!

Coincidentally, I met Cheesie again because of the CANMAKE show. I was one of the on stage model and I don't even know Cheesie was one of the model too. When I know about this I was like WTF!! ARE YOU SERIOUS and coincidentally again we were wearing the similar outfit during the show. It was a dream for me because I love Japan a lot x89379387493 and it's why we get so close to each other now.

Cheesie was super duper kind. WHY I SAY SO? During the CANMAKE show I didn't eat breakfast and guess what T.T She brought a bread and Japan snack for me. Specially for me T.T So caring and lovely T.T I still remember her expression when she took out the bread from a dark blue backpack bag.
Secretly took this photo! HAHAHAH One year ago xx

Now, she's a mother of two cuties. Look at Sakura's mouth shape...Look exactly like Cheesie and I love baby A LOT. It's why every time when I saw Junya I wish to play with him lol. She showed me how a family can be so full of happiness and love. I wish the future of me can be a good and patient mother like her. I love the way she teach and educate Junya. Smelly can feel the same like how I feel too.

So this Junjun was busy playing and eating during his birthday. But I forgot to buy him a present lol. What I remember was only Sakura fullmoon present. OMG!! I'm old wtf!

PS: 已经到了那个岁数开始想要结婚组织自己家庭了 xD 是不是!看到这种画面真的好温馨 要一直幸福下去 <3

Junya can't wait to eat the gudetama xD

'Ah??Chanwon jiejie? You love gudetama too?'

With Cheesie! Thanks for the invitation and I know being a mom of two kids it's really hard but I believe you can do it. Thanks for being an awesome friend for me. Appreciate both of our friendship and to me you are more than just a friend. Enjoy your day in Singapore and please come out with your second ebook again! HAHAHAHA

For those who interested on her ebook you can get it at https://www.etsy.com/listing/291955641/how-to-be-a-successful-blogger-cheat-one?ref=shop_home_active_1 and don't say I never tell you ya..You will love her more when you finish reading this ebook! Just like how I admire her so much even until now. lol 讲到我很变态 If you looking for something to read then this can be a good alternative too &  can't wait for her second ebook :p 

Friend like me can owe a real signature from Cheesie! HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm the first one who get her signature woooohooo!! Hope this can help her but it's best if you could get an ebook version because ebook has more funny story of her & photo. For those who bought the book can redeem free ebook from Cheesie too. Find out more from her blog @http://cheeserland.com/how-to-be-a-successful-blogger-cheat-one/

That's all for today. Happy Birthday JunJun & One month old Sakura!! See you guys soon!! Once again, thanks for reading my blog...yea..each of you! Really thanks and appreciate! See you on my next post. Love, xx.


  1. 可以知道你日常生活或去旅行都是有什么相机拍的嘛 ? 每张都好好看呢 ��

    1. 用的是fuji XA2 & Olympus OMD EM10 with F1.8 lens <3