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20 June 2016

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Hey my little sweethearts! Not sure is this my first time sharing such topic with you but i guess most of the girl experience this...ALWAYS! I don't understand why girls have to suffer our 'monthly pain' and this is the day where I spend most of my time at home. Feel so discomfort and unhappy so what I have to do is at home or lying on my bed like a dead fish! 

I had one really really bad and shame memories in 2015. I'm not sure whether I told you or not but it happened on the day I'm in my finalist star search competition!! So sudden .... while I'm walking down from the stage, my friends told me that one side of my white dress appear 'RED'. It's my ..... first day of period. 

My expression was exactly like this! WHAT?!!! Then I still need to act so normal and smile at my friends, standing at the side of the stage waiting the emcee to stop her speech so that I could run away and go to the toilet! Embarrassing to the max and I can't even smile and after that. Luckily it's almost the end of the final competition. Oh god! That reminds me how important to choose and get a good sanitary pads & prepare it all for the day to come. fml 

I don't wanna experience the same thing again in the future and it's why I'm her to share with most of you my lifesaver! It's the night safe sanitary pads + pantyliner!

Let me introducing you my all time favourite pantyliner I use before & after my period + a night sanitary pads that I always use during the first few day of my period (especially at night).

Laurier Sanitary Products (Night Safe & Pantyliners)

This night safe is my favourite one! My mom bought for me few years back and until now I still can't live without it especially on my first 2-3 days of heavy flow period. Most of the day time I'm using the normal version but at night I'm using night safe so it won't make my period bleed on my bed sheet or pant. Thanks god for this! 

The wide hip guard and triple back guard did a good job on preventing the back leakage! In addition, its center cushion really fits perfectly to our body with instant absorbs fluid for maximum dryness and comfort.

Laurier Night Safe with its diamond-shaped top sheet is definitely our girl best friend for a very heavy flow or night use. The innovative Diamond Surface with Skin Stress Free Technology, the latest invention developed with Japanese R&D. It has 2x faster absorption to seal it within the centre core and keeps me feeling 5x drier, leaving nothing on my skin for complete dry, comfort and stress free all night long.

There are two length for this night safe sanitary pads. One is 35cm and this one is 30cm. You can choose between a longer one or shorter one. I personally prefer the longer one and it's my essential items during my period week.

Laurier Night Safe 30 cm

 It's easy to wash too!

 No joke! This is 35cm + Wide Hip Guard & Triple Back Guard and if you prefer short one can go for 30cm :D

As I mentioned to you Laurier’s Diamond Surface with Skin Stress Free Technology which developed by Japanese R&D able to absorb fluid instantly for maximum dryness & comfort that leaving nothing on your skin for great skin health & hygiene. As well with its Wide Hip Guard & Triple Back Guard can effectively prevent back leakage! So now you can sleep without worry too much and stress free on the go. Feel more secure with it & also its center cushion fits perfectly to your body. Thumbs up!!!

Except for the leakage problem, sometime we might worry that our sanitary pad might smell bad :'( It's all because of the bacteria and you must change your sanitary pad once every 2 hours depend on the amount of your period. Normally when it reach almost the end of my period I will stop using the normal sanitary pad and change to pantyliner!

Pantyliners are often use for daily vaginal discharge and also light menstrual flow. Sometime I know my period almost come I will use this for preparation purpose and also when I'm travelling, pantyliner is one of the MUST BRING item on my list.

There are lots of different types but here's something that I use most of the time:-
1. Laurier Active Fit Deodorant Ag+ (silver packaging)
2. Safety Long & Wide Non-perfume & Sakura scent (purple packaging)
3. Laurier Active Fit Non-perfume, Fresh Floral and Fruity (blue, orange & pink packaging)

   Type of Pantyliners

 Deodorant Ag+ (Silver Packaging)

 This is the latest new pantyliner from Laurier. It's antibacterial!!!! In addition, it absorb odor and at the same time did a good job on eliminating the odor that cause by bacteria.



Besides, for the Safety Long & Wide Non-perfume & Sakura (Purple packaging) one is slightly longer than other pantyliner. It's 16.5cm long with maximum coverage and extra dryness and Protection!!

 Safety Long & Wide Non-perfume

Safety Long & Wide Sakura perfume


Last but not least, the colourful one with blue / pink / orange packaging is the one I'm using while I'm traveling! Stay dry all day long and super breathable too!

 Love this because it's ULTRA THIN.

and super comfy to wear with + Quick Dry too!

There are 3 colour / type:-
 BLUE = Non-perfume

 PINK = Fresh floral perfume

ORANGE = Fresh fruit perfume

Hope this can give you some information about type of sanitary pads. Remember to change it once every 2 hours and rest well during the first few day on our period. Bye bye night leakage with no worry in the future :) That's all for today. Love, xx.

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