La Fleur Eden's nipple pinkish cream 粉嫩乳暈霜

03 June 2016

*Advertorial Break Post*
Hey Sweeties! *blush blush* I'm going to take a deep breath for this interesting blog post. So, two weeks ago I received this little product from La Fleur Eden's nipple pinkish cream 粉嫩乳暈霜. It was a surprise for me to accept this review post because not much people actually talk about this but I know...I know.. There are some sweeties out there need this in their life. I mean we need to know this as well although it seems a bit too shy to start with this topic but it's not just about a nipple pinkish cream but a product that can also be used to lighten bikini area, sun spots, age spots and lips too.

Sometime when we talk about this kind of topic, my friends was like... OMG I'M SHY I have those problem but I'm so shy to say it out , some was like OMG WHAT? WHY we must talk about this it's so private okay~ , or some is just like (me) Why not to talk with it or sharing some useful information with all of you and last but not least, You just be like ' I don't care at all '

Which type of person are you?

We, asian tend to have darker colour areola (the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple) a.k.a our nipple. Also, facing all kind of problem like darker colour bikini area, dark spots around our cheek and skin, age spots and darker lips too. I have a problem with darker lips , dark spots and also the area around bikini area.

It's one of the top problem for all of us. Especially each time when we have our girl talks with a group of our girl friends they always mentioned about these problem. This is why I decided to try this out and share it with all of you! 

La Fleur Eden's Lighten Cream / Nipple pinkish cream 

La Fleur Eden's Nipple Pinkish Cream / Lighten Cream

I'm really into this cream when it stated it's 100% Natural Ingredients & 30-day guaranteed results! I was like why not give this a try and maybe it works?

La Fleur Eden's nipple cream has been in the market for around 10 years but it is sold solely in Taiwan and people can only get it from specialised and professional beauty store. The product itself is very popular and a holy grail for a lot of women in Taiwan.

The popular Taiwanese Show featured this product too.

The uniqueness of our cream is that it works to dissolve melanin and prevent future darkening unlike most nipple creams being sold in beauty stores because other creams mostly use pink dyes & it's really bad for the delicate nipple area as they contain harmful chemicals which really dangerous in the long run.

But this is an all-natural nipple lightening cream which is made of plant-derived ingredients and really trustable when you google it the Mandarin forum review from all the taiwanese people and mostly widely used by after give birth mom when they realise their nipple area become really dull and dark colour.

Not just nipple, as I mentioned earlier it also can be used to lighten bikini area, sun spots, age spots and lips as well.

 The packaging 

So pinkish and lovely!

What's the ingredients?

This cream is actually formulated in Germany. Made of 100% natural plant derived ingredients and contains Vitamin A, C and E. It is free of all chemicals such as mercury ,chemicals, dyes, bleaching agents and additives. It is absolutely safe for pregnant women. 

Who need this?

Definitely all girls need it! lol because I'm sure you are having one of the problem stated below:-

  • People who have suffer from dark or black areola (nipple) problems
  • Darker tone around bikini line area 
  • Darker armpit area
  • Sun spots / age spots 
  • Hyperpigmentations
  • Acne Scars

It's the solution to everyone regardless men or women who want to effectively lighten hyperpigmentations  I use this as a solution to lighten dark spots on my face and also the outer corner of my lips & armpit. Besides, it also effectively keep the production of melanin at bay and guard your skin from darkening. And now, you can say Bye Bye to all your problems!

Area & How to Apply 

It can be use on your problem areas such as:-
Nipple, bikini line, armpit, sun spots, age spots, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks & acne scars area.

Application Method was super easy. What you need to do is just as usual, after showering just towel dried the specific area and use your dry hands to apply the cream gently with the desired amount of problem. Just a small amount should be enough for you (don't be too greedy).

Extra Tips:-

  1. For those who apply on your nipple area please use it twice a day (morning and night before your bedtime) 
  2. For those who apply on other area, you just have to apply the cream only before the bedtime (once a day)
  3. Do not Massage 
  4. Remember, clean and dry hand!!

| Causes of Darkening

This also should be one of your FAQs too.
Why my armpit so dark? Why nipple so dark color ? Why my lips become so dark too!!!

It's probably because of during the menstruation or pregnancy, the progesterone in our body increases sharply and causes melanin and hence, the darkening of our nipple, bikini line and inner thigh & etc. For your lips area (like me) it probably due to the long term use of cosmetic product that cause pigmentation and soon it also happens to appear some dark spot all around your skin. This is why it's important to know the causes and product to solve your problems!

My Thoughts & Opinions

So this is my first time using nipple lighten cream on my problem area like outer corner of my lips , armpit and dark spots on my face. Firstly I have to say that the texture itself is quite thick and rich. It's not light cream texture so it took some time to absorb into our skin but I think it's a lighten cream and the instruction stated DO NOT MASSAGE the area that you put on. So, I just take a proper amount and gently apply on my skin.

Just slightly blend it and apply on my specific are since I don't really like that kind of thick texture cream. It's not oily at all but it's a light vanilla colour cream. Doesn't feel any discomfort when apply it on my lip and skin. It's really gentle on my skin and didn't have any 'weird thingy' pop out on my skin too.

I guess this is really claimed to be 100% safe and natural ingredients and I feel happy about it. I used it for 10 days maybe it need more time to lighten my dark spots since it's really quite A LOT but I can see a slightly lighter colour at the outer corner of my lips but armpit still don't have any significant changes. Hopefully after 30 days of using it I can be a happy girl and say bye bye to darker colour area.

After it lighten the specific area you can still use this product but maybe just once every 2-3 days and slowly become once every 4-5 days. Depends on your need and how much you wish to lighten it. If it's still dark then would be recommends for you to apply once a day (morning and night for nipple area).

I saw some of the review telling that after 2 weeks of using it, you will start to see your nipples and areola starting to turn into pinkish colour.By continue using the cream, you will keep the melanin production at bay and can prevent future darkening of the areas by applying frequently.

Maybe I can start to apply it on my nipple area to make it look like my pinkish cheek xD HAHAHAAHAH and so far I'm satisfied with this product!! No reason for me to say No since I really looking for a solution for my problem and it's why I'm sharing this to all of you.

If you are interested to try out this product feel free to check out and contact the detail below for more:-

Facebook: Click here
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  1. That is a really interesting product - and it being 100% natural is a big plus.

    1. Yes! we need more natural ingredients beauty product!