Asus Vivobook Flip TP301 Review

25 May 2016

Hello Lovelies! Finally I'm done with this review post for my new Asus Vivobook Flip TP301 and I know all of you have been waiting for this since I posted this on my snapchat 3 weeks ago. I'm so happy that finally I planned a shooting session for this laptop and enjoy reading this after-use review and personal thoughts.

When I talk about ASUS product it's always quite reasonable and worth the value of your money. And this is why when I wish to get a laptop that can FLIP,  slimmer,  long lasting battery lap top I will first think of ASUS (since I have myself a laptop pro I decided to get a slimmer one to do my work and all those remaining multimedia project , video editing works still will stick with my macbook pro + Macbook don't have the 360 flip feature) Of course, maybe something that under budget like RM3000 below and also stylish design with a good performance & features lap top?! Can you do that ASUS???


Surprise!! I end up getting this gold colour ASUS Vivobook Flip TP301

| Design 

To be honest the first time I look at the product catalog and the actual product I was like WOW! This is ASUS laptop? Is this a new line? It's pretty impressed me because of it look really classy and elegant especially this gold colour one. It's so sleek and stylist-looking and it's 1.7 kg handy weight +19.9 mmUltra thin!

(1) Love the brushed-hairline Aluminium finish for high durability and elegant look.

It's much thinner and stylist looking on this model and I feel more attractive in some ways with its gold aluminium body.

Say Hi to Baby Gold!

(2) Dimensions (W x D x H): 323 x 227 x 19.9 mm

 (3) Comfortable keyboard and touchpad.

(4) keyboard with full-size keys

 (5) New USB 3.0 ports

On both of it side, you'll find a total of :-
1 x COMBO audio jack 
2 x USB 3.0 port(s) 
1 x USB 2.0 port(s)
1 x USB-C Gen 1 (up to 5 Gbps)
1 x HDMI 
1 x SD card reader
1X AC adapter plug
1 x Volume up/down 

There are 4 rubber stoppers below the laptop that help to prevent the laptop from falling in slippery surfaces and this gorgeous metal finish makes it lovely to touchIn short, it's simply stunning in my eyes.

Other than the design stated above, one thing that I love to highlight was the turn on button of this laptop is located at the left side of this lap top. It's more convenient to turn it on since normally our hand will always placed on the middle and side of the lap top. It means that you no need to move all your hand to the top part of your keyboard just to turn it on or off. Love this little design on the start button.


This ASUS Vivobook Flip TP301 included:-

  1.  Intel Core i5 processor.
  2. 13.3in HD (1366x768) multi-touch
  3.  NVIDIA® GeForce® 920M graphic processor for excellent multimedia performance.
  4. 4 GB Memory
  6. Battery: 3-cell 55Wh (up to 10 hours)
  7. Window 10 home
  8. Touch pad high-precision touch sensors & smart gesture
  9. Accurate touched screen
  10. FLIP SCREEN!!!

You will be surprise with its crystal-clear visuals but not really a pitch-perfect sound as stated at their website. Its Full HD display gives you wide viewing angles so your images never look washed out or lacking in contrast, even when viewing them from off-center. Since it has the width viewing angles, this vivobook flip TP301 is really perfect for sharing screen contents with a group of people. 

Graphics performance is much faster but not really what I expected to be up to three times faster (as stated*) Maybe I have too high expectation but overall performance is decent and for me I'm not a hardcore user so I think it's still great and satisfied for me. 

With the  NVIDIA® GeForce® 920M graphics you can now fully enjoy your photos and movies, surf the web, or play games at the highest visual settings. The graphics processor is energy-efficient as well, prolonging battery life to give you even more time for fun. The battery life of this laptop is one of the reason why I'm loving it and bring it along with me to work now!!

On the other hand, the smart gesture supports up to 4-finger gestures in Windows 10, so you can easily switch applications, open something simply by tapping or swiping on the touchpad. It feel more convenient and easily get use with it too.

Battery Life 

I'm actually quite surprise with its battery life. At first I'm still really curious on whether is this real or not but after getting this use for more than half month I'm really happy with the long lasting battery life and it only take a short time to fully charge on this laptop. And after all it can last me for about 10 hours! How can this really happen and this is the first reason and main concern for me!

I don't like to carry charger around and searching for the plug to charge my laptop. Therefore, I will always emphasise on each of the laptop's battery life. I'm so happy for its excessive battery life and it's all I need for a whole fun-filled day. Remember, long battery life could be one of the hot ticket and criteria for buying a laptop too.

The power saver mode was one of the YES YES YES point for me. I think this works like most of the ASUS smart phone that make your battery life even more long lasting. I normally just click on the power saver mode just in case I forgot to put my charger on my car or when I need to deal with lot of blog post and jobs.


For the connectivity part it's not bad at all. This laptop came with a 802.11ac connectivity & fast USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5Gbit/s) lets you transfer a 2GB movie to a USB drive in under 2 seconds! That was a big WOW!!! To enjoy its maximum convenience and compatibility, TP301 also features one standard USB 2.0 & two USB 3.0 ports, along with an additional HDMI port for connecting various peripherals and devices.

Ps: 802.11ac Wi-Fi gives you a better online experience – with stronger, more stable signals and transfer speeds that are three times that of previous Wi-Fi generations.

| Features that I Love #1: Flip Screen

This 360 degree flip is amazing. I'm really impressed with this feature that I need to highlight it over and over again. This flip screen has an auto intelligence turn off to tablet mode (keyboard will be turn off once you flip it over for a complete tablet mode)

It means that it is suitable for work , play and maybe presenting something to a group of your friends or colleagues?

Imagine yourself working in a laptop mode and when your colleagues came to you, what you need to do is just FLIP IT into tent mode to share or discuss stuff with your colleagues.  This is really flexible and don't worry because this new features even came with a clear view from any angle that's why it's so perfect for sharing screen contents with a group of people.

 This will pop up when you flip your laptop to tablet mode. 

 Can be flip to 360 degree like the photo above or even 180 degree lay flat on the table.

Features that I Love #2: Accurate Touched Screen

With the tablet mode and flip screen features, this TP301 also came with a more responsive and accurate touchscreen. ASUS doubled up the touch sensitivity, so even the slightest movement of your fingertips is detected, and it only needs the lightest of touches to work perfectly. In fact, it’s so good that it reacts accurately even to a child’s small fingertips!

How awesome is that but i just use the touched screen whenever I'm presenting something for my friends on the tablet mode. Other than that I never use the touched screen feature. lol

 Responsive and accurate touchscreen.

Features that I Love #3: Eye Care Mode

A special Eye Care mode is now available on this laptop. It's quite new for me because I just saw know it will be on our smart phone but now even our laptop has it! Wooohooo I love this more because it can reduce the levels of blue light. This mean it can helps to keep your eyes more comfortable when you’re using the screen for long periods or when you are reading a super duper long articles on this lap top.

Turn on the eye care mode now!

Conclusion: My thoughts & Opinions 

Overall I think for the price of this laptop (RM2799 i5 intel core) This is pretty much superb for a flip screen lap top with a stylist looking design like this... except I didn't feel much surprise with the features except its battery life & flip screen. Also, didn't feel convenient with the tablet mode so I will only use it when need to present something.

As usual, it's worth for the money and should be one of a good value laptop that you can invest to. But still most importantly, though, you can get this great package at this price is quite reasonable because I remember my dad bought a hp laptop with flip screen feature actually cost around RM4,000+ (few years back) and now tech improved a lot and it's why we can get this features with such a nice price.

For its overall portability, power, battery life, entertainment and usability I'm totally satisfied just that I'm not really a touched screen person and this features not really useful for me unless I'm on the tablet mode and need to scroll to the next page for my presentation slide and so on. Also, most of the ASUS lap top came with 2 years warranty and 500GB ASUS WebStorage (FREE 2 Years) too.

This should be a great choice for home or office use / students or working person like me/ for those who love to play a little game and enjoy some game entertainment this should be great for you too but not suitable for hardcore gamer lol. It's so perfect to take-anywhere & because of all the features, it allows you to work and relax anytime & anywhere.

Last but not least, I love the long battery life and again its attractive sleek design that make it stand out from the crowd.

That's all about this ASUS Vivobook Flip TP301. Hope you find this useful for you and looking forward to see you on my next post. That's all for today. Love, xx

Disclaimer: I didn't get pay or receive any money for this review. This product was given to me by ASUS. All opinions are my own and it's based on my thoughts and experience. I'm blessed enough to get sponsored by them because they know I'm searching for a working lap top and thanks for the opportunity given. Hopefully this could be useful and helpful to all of you who still looking for a reasonable and good performance laptop!


  1. I think the main advantage of ASUS is that their price is more affordable compare to DELL, HP and Apple. Anyway just wondering after you flip it, when you are holding it you will be pressing those keyboard buttons right? I haven't try on any flipbook so just curious! haha

    Get RM500 from Government here!

    1. After flip it it will be transform to a tablet mode. When it's tablet mode then I won't pressing keyboard buttons again :D You should try and honestly, I really think it's so reasonable for the price!!

  2. Recently I've been searching for a light carry laptop and eye-ing on Macbook Air and then I found your article. This ASUS laptop seems good! Maybe will think about it~ Btw, the food looks good too. Where's the cafe ya? :D

  3. Thank you for the great review!

  4. I just bought one, it is suppose to have a back lit keyboard, but doesn't seem to, does it and if so how do you activate it?