What? 39.8kg?

09 May 2016

Dear Body,

Sorry for not taking care of you. After 6 months of continuous travel, you finally fall a sick. 

Sorry that I always neglected you and never feed you enough water. You know how much I hate to drink water but you always try your best to keep me healthy until few days ago , you feel tired and ill.

Will try my best to give you a rest and drink more water now :'(


Hello Sweeties *cough cough cough* So sorry but I guess most of you already knew it. Yea, I have been sick for few days now. I spent my last 3 days in my hotel's bed and I'm finally back in Malaysia. To be honest, my flight experience back to Malaysia wasn't good at all. My friends and I (three of us) feel super suffer during the whole 6 hours flight. 

I never sick when I'm travelling but this time me and my friends turned super duper sick because of his brother. OMG T.T At first, his brother sicks then my friends and last but not least, my turn. Plus, I was the terrible one! wtf! Dizzy = killing me!

So the best solution was...

My friends almost recover but why I haven recover :'( So I went to my mom's room to measure my weight and guess what... you must be kidding me right now?!!!


Not even a 40kg? I never weight less than 42kg. Even I'm sick the lowest will only be 41kg? I damn shocked when I saw this and my hand was shaking too. Please don't below 41kg. It's too ugly to be so skinny and I can't feel anything right now. Even porridge also taste like medicine for me wtf!!!

Allow me to take a rest. I will be back soon and eat all I want. Feel so dizzy again. Guess that's all for today please no more 39.8kg $#!$%$Q@##@# I dont like it!!!!!!!!! Take a good care of yourself don't be like me ok T.T

Ps: sometimes you need those bad days to help you appreciate the good ones.


  1. I wish that i can slim as like you... T.T

  2. spare some times and start doing some light exercise like running to improve your immune system, so u won't get sick so easily.

    1. Yea i heard that exercise might help too!! Need a yoga pad now!