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12 May 2016

Hey Hey Lovely~ I'm just back from Dove event this morning and guess what?!! Here is an efficient wrap-ups specially made for you. lol You know I'm always the efficient one, am I right? You are invited and feel free to join my journey together with Dove now! Teehee*

Woke up quite early this morning and dress up myself with a white themed outfit to match the theme of the event. It's quite a surprise for me because I don't even know there will be a hair pampering and massage session for all of us. When I know it I was like "awwwww~"

So what's happening during this morning was a good sign for all of us! Yeap, as I mentioned in the title of this post... Dove upgraded the whole hair range and called as Dove Nutritive Solutions now. #BINGO  And all of that helps to deliver instant damage repair and progressive nourishment on our hair. Sound so good!

I'm glad that Dove has upgraded their entire hair range product to Dove Nutritive Solutions. This upgrade give the best hair care solutions for all of us and this is why I'm here to try this latest range of Dove hair product @ Monsoon-id, Tropicana City Mall. Such a pleasure and good experience for me.

Look at the entire range of Dove behind me. OMG!!! Each variant is designed to nourish and deliver a unique benefit to a number of different hair types.

There are a total of 6 different variant to meet each of our need for instance, the Dove intense Repair , Hair Fall Rescue , Nourishing Oil Care , Straight & Silky , Dandruff Care and lastly the Dove Volume & Nourishment range.

Love the gold text printed below the logo and within all of the range this is my favorite one.

Having fun during the event and this is another photo-worthy corner again. A live update on my instagram by using this photo! HAHAHAAH Thanks to my blogger friend who took this photo for me.

| Demo session 
After that, there was a demo session on how a perfect hair look can be done with the help of Dove product. Amazed with their professional skill & how they created and change few hair look & hairdo within 10-15 minutes. 

 Creative Director of Monsoon-id showcasing simple hairstyles on how women can play with their hair

 Okay! Ready...START!

| Play.Dove.Repeat. Campaign 
With this new evolution of Dove technology. Dove is now encouraging women to repeatedly play with our hair as Dove is here to handle the damages from using either a straightening iron , curler , hair dryer , coloring , or perming. Zero worries now! But wait there are something really fun right now!!

In conjunction with this Play. Dove. Repeat. Campaign, Dove is launching the Dove Salon for us to experience and play with the Dove Nutritive Solutions range. Sounds interesting right!!!! We will now be able to play on various trending hairstyles at and what you need to do is just click on the website and choose your favorite hairstyle with a purchase of RM45 worth of Dove products at the Salon.

WHAT?!!! Is that real??

Let me try this out for you.

 Okay first let me enter the website on my phone and see what's next! Oh!! A selfie of yourself looking at your camera and tips for you is to show your forehead and the whole face so that it's more easy to match the hairstyle with your face shape.

 Life without bangs is really killing me so it's best to cover my forehead for this demo on my blog xD Just took a selfie and click on your desire hairstyle that you wish to be done on your hair. You have the opportunity to be selected to color, perm or straighten your hair. Randomly selected users will be able to get it!

After all, you can select your date and time based on your preference. Just click BOOK and now you can enjoy the private makeover & experience the benefits of the new Dove Nutritive Range through the hair wash and treatment!

*Dove Salon will be available for consumers from 29 April 2016- 29 May 2016. ONE MONTH!!! Just grab your Dove bottles now as the range is available nationwide at RM15.75 for 375ml/330ml.

| 5 minutes Experiment
After picked my favorite hairstyle + still waiting for our turn, Dove prepared a special 5 minutes experience for us! 

 Just a quick and easy experiment with roses on the table , two hair dryer , and two beakers (one with Dove & one without Dove).

 What they did is just put the white rose separately inside and stir for a few second and just put it in front of the hair dryer.

Turn on the hair dryer and let it be like this for 5 minutes. 

 Then you will notice a big differences between both of the roses.

(Photo on the left) Without Dove
(Photo on the right) With Dove

The one without Dove was super duper dry than the one without Dove. The left one was super duper dried out and just imagine if this is your hair now.

| Head & Shoulder Massage + Tried & Tested
This is the best part of this event! HAHAHAAHHA Yea I love the head & shoulder massage as well as the try & test session.

 Massage time!

 Feel so excited to try their new range through the hair wash and treatment too.

 Say Hi to my hairstylist of the day! Hi, Tommy!! Nice meeting you :3

Everyone loves the upgraded Dove Nutritive Solutions Range! #selfiestime 

So, how about you??

Feel free to join the Play.Dove.Repeat. campaign! The Dove Salon is available in Monsoon-id, Tropicana City Mall from 29April- 29 May 2016. The best thing ever because with a purchase of RM45 worth of Dove products at the Salon , you can get a FREE MAKEOVER on your selected choice on the website. What are you waiting for?? Go and experience it yourself...

**Dove Salon is available in Klang Valley only and T&C  applies

NOW!!! BE FAST!! *wink*

That's all for my sharing. Remember to spread this new to everyone around you ok! Date your sister, aunty or mom to go with you! AHHAHAAH They will be so happy for the makeover :p Love, xx.

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