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23 May 2016

Hello🌸Lovely Sweeties~ I guess everyone noticed that I'm a big fans of pastel , pantone and pink colour. Basically anything with Pastel / Pantone is the thing that I can be easily falling in love with. And this can relate to the reason why I can be super duper crazy when I'm in Japan. Japan has everything that can steal my heart away. 


Because no matter it's a cosmetic product , candy , phone case (or i can say almost everything) have nice and princess-looking pink packaging!! Even the hair product that I'm using right now has the best and cutest packaging ever!! How can their packaging look so pretty and pinkish. It's just my cup of tea lol.

This is why I get really really excited when I saw Number76 posted this on their instagram. I was like OMG?! PINK? ROSE?? Either there will be a pink themed event that related to rose and I'm sure it's related to hair as well or maybe there are going to have a pink party??!! HAHAHAHAHAH 50/50 percent and as long as I'm free I will be there for my favourite Japanese hair salon!! Right?? AHAHAHA

So I'm here at Number76, Starhill again. My 3rd time here and the first time was two years ago during its launching event. Again, time flies T.T I can't imagine the next 2 years or maybe 10 years I still blogging on my blog and talking crap with all of you. I tied all my hair up because it's too messy :'( Waiting Number76 to save me later!

Each of the branch at Number76 look slightly diff in term of the interior and ambiance and this is the main entrance at Number76 Starhill.

No joke! Everything decked in pink that morning for the official launch of Milbon's Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment. Now I know why it's everything pink included the cupcakes , macarons , so light refreshment and of course MY FAVOURITE PINK POCKY!!! Even their Pocky also from Japan one!

Okay I spent the rest of my time just eating my all time favourite pink pocky. HAHAHAHA I think I ate 40% of it. OMG I love the strawberry Pocky A LOT! I think 9 years ago during my secondary school life my friends surprise me with a dozen of Pocky as my birthday present. This is the best thing happened during my study life. Then last year I received half dozen of marmite as my birthday present from my friends from Korea. lol

This is how food , snacks and marmite can be related to my life. Teeeheee*

The two main characters of the day!

 Brand new Milbon Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment

Love the decoration!!! 

Long time never attend event and here's my 'long-lost' friends xD

Welcome Speech by the awesome team

 A fun group photo before getting our hair done

Each of us got our number card when we register at the counter and it's my pleasure to get invited exclusively for this try and test session. Omg I'm really happy as long as it's pink or pamper session kind of event. Okay now it's time to try their new Jemile Fran Hair Shampoo and treatment.

| Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment [Silky & Shiny / Juicy & Glossy]

To kickstart with it let me introducing the newly launch Jemile Fran Hair Product. Since my hair was super duper fine I will choose and go for the Silky & Shiny one. Oh yea, for your information there are two lines in this brand.

  1. Silky & Shiny: For fine hair → Contains Elastic Collagen → Shiny, voluminous effect ✨
  2. Juicy & Glossy: For normal to course hair → Contains Silk Softener → Glossy, smooth effect ✨

You should start transform your hair texture with a daily shampoo and treatment home care routine with Milbon's Jemile Fran now! Also, I'm using both of the shampoo and treatment from Silky & Shiny line now.

I think I will bring this shampoo to Number76 for shampooing my hair each time I visit because I really love the scent of the shampoo. It smells so good and love the flora scent also because of the packaging :p

  • Jemile Fran Shampoo: Fine hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates and stores moisture, expands hair core to condition cuticles.
  • Jemile Fran Treatment: CMADK absorbs into damaged hair for healthier condition, continuous manageability, tangle-free.

Based on my personal tried & tested experience , after they wet and apply the shampoo to my hair I can feel the bubble of the shampoo is really concentrate and super rich too. (Ps: You have to wet all your hair before using this product to make it works the best on your hair) I can smell the scent of flora and at the same time massaging the shampoo at the end part of my hair. After rinse well with warm water they asked me to touch my hair and I was like WOW and start to sniff my hair lol

Next, Number76 team apply the treatment on my hair and mainly at the ends because I bleach my hair too much the ends part was really damage and dry. Following with a gently massage for a better penetration. 

Spotted myself on this photo!!

After all the hair wash and treatment, my hair looks so airy and light!! I'm so happy and this is really my first time to use hair product for fine hair. Normally I will change my hair shampoo and treatment once every 3-5 months and I will always go for the smooth or damage type of hair product but this work quite well for my hair.

Done with my hair!!

 Thanks to the team!!!

 Another group photo before the end of this launching event.

 Of course, OOTD photo in front of the entrance HAAHAHHAA with my good looking hair lol

Limited Edition Gift Pack 

Did I mention that the brand new Milbon Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment comes in a limited edition box set? They even gave me a box set to try it at home! OH...MY...GOD!! It even included a complimentary travel-sized set too! Just the right time for me. I can bring it to travel!!! If it's finish I can refill with the full size one too. Oh yea~

 So this is the super pinkish gift box set!

 Included the travel sized shampoo & treatment

 Shampoo and treatment for fine hair girl like me :3

 The super classy and lovely packaging with a heart printed on it. So nice can die!

 The packaging inside still so pinkish! OMG

 Made in Japan product!

 Look at the shampoo!!!

Both of the shampoo and treatment!!

How much & Where to Get?

It costs RM80 for shampoo and RM92 for treatment. If you get the gift set will be RM172 and included a complimentary travel-sized set too. So I guess it's more worth to get a gift set with the extra free travel sized of the shampoo and treatment. You can get this from Number76 (all branches in Malaysia).

Hope this helps and that's all for my sharing and event update post. Thanks for the reading and see you on my next post. Love, xx.

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