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22 May 2016

Hello Sweeties! Just back from a meeting this morning and I'm going to update about an event that I attend a few days back. This event was so fun because I get to dress up myself with blue colour since the theme was BLUE and also get to meet some of my long lost friends. Woooohoo Of course, this event was held @Me clinic, Time Square. This clinic was the place where I did my double eyelid stitching procedure and I can't believe it was 2 years ago. Time flies!!

All about my Double Eyelid Procedure: click here

 My all time favourite Dr.David the one who laugh at me when I'm crying during the procedure. AHAHAHAH That's crazy but he was one of the nicest doctor I met in my life. The one who stand beside Dr.David was the most friendly beautician ever. She is Vivian, the one who take care of my face each time I'm back from travel. I'm really in love with how good they treat their patient from the past until now. Nothing change other than our age (older now xD)!! lol

PS: So happy during the event but still can't get use of my braces screw. It make me look really weird when smiling :'(

Next, Annie & Carina!!! Was totally a surprise to meet them here and we actually video call vickybobo to surprise her as well. HAHAHAHA Everyone dress up nicely to match the themed of the day.

AHHAAH So here's my syiok sendiri OOTD photo credits to Smelly. Since they told me to dress up all in blue I'm really blend with the balloon now. Whole blue outfit from Emoda, heart shape white top, Vincci wedges and Tutuanna sock.

The event turned really interesting and fun when they told us one of our friend will be demo the whole process of CoolSculpting Treatment. Dr.David start with a formal speech and following up with a proper talks about this new service that is now available in their clinic.

This is the super chio treatment room

| What is CoolSculpting?

So the question is...WHAT IS CoolSculpting??

CoolSculpting is actually a Fat Freezing Treatment that use to remove the stubborn fat that hide inside your body. Whether it's on your double chin area, tummy, inner thighs & etc...CoolSculpting can be really useful to remove all of it. 

Why is this so famous/ special now?

It's so famous and social because this because this CoolSculpting procedure is a non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. Plus, there are No Downtime, No Surgery, and No Needles needed during the whole procedure. This fat freezing treatment also approved by FDA too. 

Demo Session: CoolSculpting

Model of the day : Cole!!! HAHAHA Long time never met him too and he was the only model for this demo session. It's actually not scary at all because most of the patient can even read book , play their phone during the procedure. It's quite interesting because you know fat removing process is really scary but this is no surgery , no downtime & no needle but it claim to remove all stubborn fat!

MAGIC lah!!!

For this demo session Cole will be demo+ing the CoolSculpting procedure under his double chin area.

To kickstart with it, Dr.David took and measure the double chin area of Cole and start outline the area   under his double chin.

 Outline the double chin area
 Let's get started with the procedure put putting the machine on the outlined area under his double chin

How it work?

The CoolSculpting procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, your body will naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.

Specific body part / area

CoolSculpting can be done on few specific body part and area. Here's a short basic idea for you to understand how long it take for each body part / area.

  1. CoolMini Procedure- is help to eliminate your double chin. [45 Minutes per part] 
  2. CoolSmooth Pro Procedure- mostly for outer thigh area & non-pinchable fat area. [75 Minutes per part] 
  3. CoolFit Procedure- mostly for arms and inner thighs. [1 hour per part] 
  4. CoolCore Procedure- to sculpt abs waist and sides of body. [1 hour per part] 
  5. CoolCurve+ Procedure- Small area’s on body- waist, bra budge. [1 hour per part]

The dessert table was too yummy. Ate many macaroons during the event and of course hold it & take lots of selfie! lol

ps: Please get use to my awkward smile lol

Of course, thanks to Me Clinic team for this 'blue' event and here's a proper photo *finally* with them. They are the most friendly team and thanks for being so nice to all of us. Love, xx.

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