My Braces Story #3: Second and Final Stage (Put on 4 screws)

28 April 2016

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Hi Sweeties! It's quite late now but I just can't wait to share my Part #3 Braces Story with all of you. It's been awhile (more than half year) since my previous post about My Braces #2 story. So, here's is the after 10 months braces story post to remind myself and let you know how this could really change my life :'( Yea, things getting scary but still....I decided to move on as I'm really glad I decided to go for braces.

So during this 10 months of my braces I had gone through many procedure and process of changing & tighten my braces, thicker wire each time, my teeth slowly move inward , my gummy become more obvious than previous , I have to put on rubber and until last week, 'the scariest moment of my life'! WHY?? I put on FOUR mini screws at my upper gummy. No joke this is...quite scary but let me share you my whole journey now.

September 2015 - First Stage 
To start with it let me talk about my progress again. So I put on my braces on June 2015 last year. I have to visit my dental clinic each every 1-2 months depend on my progress and I always make my appointment right after I visit the dental clinic for the adjustment of my braces. I never skipped any appointment that requested by the dentist because I don't want and delay of my whole braces process.

So here's the photo 3 months after I put on my braces. A significant movement on my upper tooth and you can see it move inward and I feel so happy to spot the diff from my photo as well. Each day I wake up from my bed, I can feel my teeth move slightly because each time I bite on something I can feel my lower tooth touched my upper tooth (I'm facing an overbite problem read more on my part #2 diary

Things getting so much better each time and I feel so happy cause I thought braces was kind of scary but during the first 3-5 months I'm having the 'honeymoon period' No pain at all except I have to eat soft food or porridge each month when I tighten or adjusted my braces. So far I'm still in love with my braces AHAHAHAH! Happy time!

December 2015 - First Stage
Still on the first stage braces. As you can see my wire still so thin and it didn't cause me any pain except I have to change the rubber 3 times per day. Yea 5 months after I put on my braces, my dentist start to praise me and my teeth! HAHAHAAH I'm so happy and this is the time where I start to live with lot of rubber band. lol 
The purpose of putting the rubber was to pull my upper tooth inward so that I can have a perfect teeth but my dentist told me to put on some mini screws so I can completely pull all my upper tooth and whole gummy inward to solve my overbite problem. I feel so scared when they mentioned about the mini screw thing but you know....I still have to do so T.T 

So life after putting this rubber was quite troublesome. I have to brush my teeth each time I take any meal because all the food stuck on my braces and wire + I have to replace a new rubber each time after I took my breakfast / lunch / dinner or maybe supper. lol So I start to eat lesser and....the funny part was, the rubber band keep BROKE!

Imagine yourself that you are enjoying your meal. After few bite on your food, suddenly the rubber band broke inside your mouth. I'm like ' WTF!!!! How now?!! Take it out from my mouth or just vomit my whole food out from my mouth lol' So this is my everyday problem! Maybe when talking with my friends and I suddenly laugh too much , the rubber band broke again! lol Then I have to take it out from my mouth in front of my friend and sometime I too angry I will just like 'FML...IT BROKE AGAIN' then my friends was like OMG!!! ARE YOU OKAY!!!

So this is my braces life after 5 months but the excited part was...the moment your dentist compare your teeth profile before & after was just....SO AWESOME. Looking how your braces help you to solve your teeth problem and people cheer me up when I'm upset because of my braces. Each stage was so meaningful for me. But after put on braces, I can't talk normally because there are 4 big gap between my upper and lower tooth. Quite terrible and I can't sing normally too xD But is okay for that I guess.

Then each time after I adjusted my braces, it took me 7-10 days to recover from it. During this 1 week+ time I can only eat super soft food like cakes and porridge with marmite. lol That's the only thing I eat and it's why I suddenly become so skinny and the shape of my face become more sharp (last time more chubby because my overbite teeth profile and once it move inward I can see a significant change on my face shape too)

January 2016 - Second Stage
No more honeymoon after my second stage braces. You can realize my wire suddenly become so damn THICK!!! Yea, damn thick because this is second stage adjustment for my braces. After the adjustment , it was a nightmare for me. I can't eat anything for 2 weeks! MY GOD!! Two weeks and I can't feel my teeth during the first 2 week on my second stage braces. Things getting so worst after this because it's so discomfort.

Terrible experience ever :'( I thought it only last for first 2 day but NOOOO!! I totally can't get use to the pressure on my teeth. Feel so 'pek-cek' and irritating during this two weeks. I'm so emotional and so moody that time. I hide and sleep on my bed everyday don't feel like eating at all. The only thing I can do is just biting my own teeth to stimulate the circulation so that I wont feel much on the pressure and temporary relieve the tenderness too.

Really feel like hell during the first 2 week on my second stage braces. Also, my dentist start to mention about the insert of mini screw on my gummy again :'( I'm so afraid and I still come to review and double check my braces condition each month after I back from my travel and the only thing can make me happier was - TRAVEL and eat as much as I can when I'm oversea. Then after back Malaysia I have to go and adjust my braces again , which mean I have no choice to eat porridge again lol

So from that point onward, all my travel trip became food trip lol I think you can know it from my instagram! lol

February 2016 - X-ray , Discussion , Review on my Braces again before put on the screw
So this is quite my honeymoon month again as no more adjustment before I put on the mini screws on my gummy. My dentist told me that my teeth move quite fast and well done for that but because my upper tooth move inward , my gummy obviously become more and more obvious. He told me I have no choice but to go for the final stage with 4 mini screws on my upper gum.

Two at the end of my upper gum to pull all of my front teeth and bottom teeth more inward
Another two on my upper gum to reduce my gummy smile problem by pulling my upper teeth upward too.

The position of my 4 mini screws

This is the mini screw that have to put on my gum

Next, here's some photo that I found from google image to explain why I have to put on 4 screws (in my case) Because each of us have diff teeth profile and condition, so not everyone have to go through this unless you have serious gummy smile and overbite problem like me.

The mini screws were frequently used by many braces case to pull the teeth inward. Most of them will be placed on your upper gum and some case will be lower gum too. It depends on each individual's case actually.

Above photo show how braces and screws can actually changed the overall gummy smile after placing two screws on the upper-front of her gum.

My dentist told me I'm having a very serious gummy smile problem which I don't mind at first but slowly it become more and more obvious until I don't dare to open mouth or smile brightly with my braces recently. You can see most of the photo that I took never open my mouth because it was too ugly to show my whole braces & upper gummy. I told myself everything will  be alright because my dentist is really good on following up my case. 

They told me there are only slightly diff after I put on the screw and maybe after I take off my braces i have to laser a small part of my gum away so that I have lesser gummy smile & bigger teeth. I have no idea what's going to happen on me but I just go ahead and think about the screw thing first lol!!!!

| April 2016 -Final Stage & Put on 4 screws
Scary or not!! This is my braces now with thicker rubber band , thicker wire than my second stage , and lot of screw on my gum lol. Quite scary because I cried a lot right after I saw myself in front of the mirror but during the whole process I didn't feel any pain except when my dentist actually placed the screw on my gum I can feel the pressure but not pain.

After put on the screw, my leg and hands were shaking...shaking like hell and I cried like a crazy person right after i walk out from the room. Yea, Smelly took one day leave to accompany me for a whole day. I still cry..cry over & over again because this is really ....scary than everything! Have been struggling on this matter but still right after I back from Japan...I still go for this appointment on time lol!

All done and passed now T.T No more tear because honestly, this just scared me out of shit. I'm glad that my dentist never give me any pain during the whole procedure just like how he removed 4 of my teeth without any pain. PAINLESS. This is why I always recommend him to my friends. No pain during injection and I feel so bad for crying like a baby right after the procedure hahhahahah because my dentist and his wife actually quite worried for that. 

Although no pain during the whole process but I still tear like crazy people. I really paiseh T.T but I can't control my tear and what a big relief when everything was done perfectly now. Thanks god nothing much happen on me except the first two day I feel so sore. Super duper sore and I can't even smile properly.

The upper screw and tighten rubber keep poking my upper lip and soon there are TWO BIG ULCERS appear right above my lip (the position just right above my screw thing) really wtf and fml that time. Imagine each time you move your lip, it poke the ulcer and the feeling is just....too memorable! lol After lot of consideration I just grab whatever wax I have and PUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE to cover the screw! 

First time feel so much better and 2 days after I did the screw thing I re-visit my dental clinic to double check everything on my braces. I'm so happy that no more ulcer now. I just have to use a little wax to cover my screw and it's fine now. I can eat , smile and laugh!!! 

 Hmmm...seems scary but not so scary now xD 
 Thicker rubber band again
 There are two string on my upper tooth because it's time to pull back all my teeth together so that the gap between it will slowly gone.

Bought this in Japan and guess how I use it?
 Put my rubber lol

 Left- My second stage rubber band
Right- My final stage rubber band (NOW)

Final thoughts
Your mouth is now very sensitive to change and it will take you a few days to get used to wearing your brace. You might feel uncomfortable because of the pressure the brace puts on them and feel irritating and tight against your teeth after it has been adjusted. But you pain no gain! Every time I look through the before photo I was like WOW...What a big difference now and each of the process is way more worth than everything. Soon I will get use to my final stage braces and I can't wait to see my final result (although it's still a long way to go lol)

I can't wait to show all of you my bright smile with a nice teeth that look as normal as yours soon. Will try the best not to angry again when my rubber band broke inside my mouth lol. Booked my next dental appointment again for adjusting my wire again. I'm happy that I done this and I'm blessed now...No more worried about the screws because I'M DONE WITH IT!! OH YEA!!!

That's all for my part #3 braces update. Hope this helps too! Follow me on my instagram @chanwon92 to read more of my update and travel journey! All the best for those who put on your braces too!! Add oil together and see you on my next post! That's all for today. Love, xx.

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  1. After read your blog, I realize I have a same problem with you, overbite and gummy smiles. But my doctor said that mini screws won't help me a lot, because when I smile, my upper lip lifted very high, so he suggested me to do botox as well. Are you having the same problem (hyperactive upper lip)?

    1. Yea I'm having the same problem and screw only helped to shorter the gummy bit but ended up i will still need to go through the laser process of cutting away some part of my gummy on my teeth.

    2. May I know how much is the cost of miniscrew?

    3. I updated my whole price of my braces on my part #2 braces story I think. I'm not sure how much if it's just the screw alone

    4. owww.. okay.. i thought the price didn't include it..

  2. Owh! So the things that look like gum is the wax ! Do you need to change the wax everyday!? Is that doctor do for you? And I want to ask when you will take off the screw? I have the screw same with you , I'm afraid what will happen after taking off the screw �� blooding??? Scary

  3. Owh! So the things that look like gum is the wax ! Do you need to change the wax everyday!? Is that doctor do for you? And I want to ask when you will take off the screw? I have the screw same with you , I'm afraid what will happen after taking off the screw �� blooding??? Scary

    1. Yea the wax because the rubber keep poking my upper lips so I need the wax to cover it but now I ask the dentist to cut the rubber shorter so no need to put any wax again!! put wax is i put myself and change it every morning.

    2. It was a difficult time! Stay strong and be positive,because we deserve a best smile =)

  4. U have the damon braces only on your upper teeth? the lower teeth is the traditional one?

    1. all damon braces. The upper is transparent damon lower is normal damon as mentioned earlier on the previous braces story ya.

  5. Did the screw permanently or will the dentish removed it later?

  6. Hello Chanwon... Im having same issues with you and Your story really inspired me to go for braces. What a coincidence that 32t is my fav dental clinic too, will visit Dr Neoh for consultation soon. Stay happy and strong. Hope to see the day you can remove your braces.

    1. Hi Mo,

      Sure!! Hope everything go well for you too! All the best and thanks for your little comment note here <3

    2. hi can I know ur progress.? and some pictures too maybe

  7. Hi, your braces story had really inspire me a lot.

    I am also wearing damon braces and my dentist had ask me to consider to put four screws ( 2 for upper part and 2 for lower part of my mouth).

    Do you think it is necessary for me to insert the screws?

    1. Hi Kiwi,

      I'm not a professional dentist, dont know what's your teeth profile. Can't give any comment so please get advice from few dentist at your nearer house. Thanks :D

    2. did u put the screws? can i know which clinics u do ur braces

  8. Thanks for sharing this useful info.. angle izer template tool

  9. Hey. Can i know how you clean up your teeth with 4 screws in your mouth? Because i also have 4 screws at the back of my mouth. And it is very hurt when i brushed my teeth. Should i know how?

    1. I have no problem with cleaning up or brushing my teeth by using systema 3D toothbrush. If it's hurt when you brush your teeth it means your screw loose already. Ask your dentist to fix it or tell them for good advice.