Mist Plus | The Nano Hydrogen Sterilized Water

19 April 2016

Hello Lovely Sweeties~ I'm blogging right now, not in my room but my homestay place in Osaka. What a great experience to share with all of you. And, I guess all of you noticed that I have been traveling around this few months. Probably the most memorable year for me too. Unlocked all the achievement and goal this few months. Feel so happy and satisfied but just a little unhappy on my skin condition last month , especially when I back from Thailand and Korea.

But, I'm all good now! Thanks to Mist+. A very useful device that saved my skin from being too dry due to the changes of the weather. Have you heard about Mist+ before?

It's a high tech beauty device engineered from Korea but now it's finally here in Malaysia! People always told me that beautiful skin isn't about having perfect makeup or foundation, it's all about having a CLEAN skin! Due to the changes of weather , pollution in the air and stressful or emotional life we have, sometime we might find that it's hard to take care our skin. Am I right? It's why we need Mist+! *magic~~*

|This is how Mist+ works

To be honest, I never expect a normal clean water can do much or anything on our skin...until I get in touch with this little beauty device. It rids the skin of impurities by using a patented process to convert clean water into Nano Hydrogen Sterilized Water. It's really effective to penetrate our pores and eliminate impurities while at the same time soothing & moisturizing our skin everyday.

In short, Nano Hydrogen Sterilized Water was way smaller than a normal particle of water. So it can easily penetrate deep into our skin + cleansing our pore easily by removing all the dirts and  impurities. There is nothing like it, however comparing with other mist products this is the next level of technology. I'm totally amazed on it because it's CHEMICAL FREE and REFILLABLE! This is why it worth the money and what I need to do is just put in pure water & turn it on. That's as easy as a piece of cake!

|How to use?

The application is simply easy like a piece of cake. Just fill in some clean tap water in your house , open the top cover and touch the sensor at the bottom of this device. 

After you touch the sensor, there are a blue light appear on the bottom and later on, you will see something like this ......

Process of creating the nano hydrogen from the tap water. Sounds interesting right??!!

Not only Korea, even this product get featured on the magazine too.

 I bring it everywhere with me (especially traveling to cold season country!)

So convenient and you just need to spray it on your skin to keep your skin moisture all day long & sterilizes our skin (hands and mouth too) to prevent bacterial and viral infections on our skin.

I'm loving it!! Anytime .. Anywhere!

After back from outdoor activities , during night time before my sleep & just...everywhere!

each of this device can last up to 6-8 years without dropping on the floor or spoiling it. 

|Personal Experience (1 month after using Mist+)

The immediately result can be observe from my skin condition. It hydrating my skin and keeps my skin look healthy and good complexion all day long. One thing i really love it was compared with other mist product that i purchased previously, this absorb really fast into our skin and you can obviously compare it when using it.

Next, it's to use even on baby's skin. Really safe , non irritating to my eyes + convenient + eco friendly patented products. Love how amazing it is. All pros here except this device have to charge if the battery light blinks. After fully charge then it should be last for 3-5 days from my experience.

Feel super refresh and revive each time I spray it on my skin. The best mist ever!!

From now on I can just throw away all the mist and live with this now! HAHAHAH Love how eco-friendly it is.

|Extra Tips 

The extra tips for all of you! On the top part of the cover cap, there are a magnetic lid on it. Just press the lid against the skin and rub gently in a circular motion. Outward & upward all the way from inside to outside of your face. Just enjoy the little massage time with this magnetic lid as much as you can! 

For those who interested you can have a look at here:-

Instagram: @mistplus #mistplus
Team Mist+: +60162284432

That's all for today. Love,xx.


  1. the guy that appear on the news is my cousin!
    oh my god!!
    oh hi chanwon!
    i wanna be a blogger like you but i have no idea what to do?
    do u have any advice to share with me??
    love ya <3

    1. Here the link that I posted long long time ago http://www.chanwon.com/2013/04/about-me-my-blogging-life-how-to-earn.html