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20 April 2016

Hello Sweethearts! Greeting from Malaysia and I'm finally back from my crazy half month trip in Japan. I guess it's time to catch up here and continue to update my blog then tell you my wonderful travel diaries. Hehe! I'm sorry that I couldn't update much on my blog during my Osaka > Kyoto > Japan trip as I was quite rushing everyday but luckily I'm still able to keep my instagram up to date! So here's the complete list of my Bangkok Trip 2 months ago during the CNY 2016.

From my personal experience, I won't go Bangkok again during peak session like Chinese New Year this year. I was quite terrible because tour bus & tourist everywhere. I couldn't enjoy as much as I can especially it was super crowded and ....everything was slightly expensive due to the people there know it's the best time to increase their price since many tourist there. You know what I mean!! This is mean to be a budget trip or I can say a food trip because you can notice that I eat A LOT during the whole trip but just a little time for shopping only. Why? Because bangkok was quite a good place to eat than shopping actually and two years ago I was there for the purpose of shopping and soon...this time around I realise bangkok isn't just for shopping but a FOOD trip or relaxing place for both family and friends. 

I keep shopping on my first time in Bangkok so I never visit any temple or place that was so good like this time. So if you plan to visit Bangkok for your family trip and not really for shopping then you can follow this itinerary. If not just pick few of you favourite place to do and other you can go visit pratunam and spend your whole 50% itinerary there! HAHAAH That's what I did last time but not this!

Ticket Price and accommodations
For your information I booked the price ticket 3-4 months before our trip. Our trip was in February! It mean I booked it last year 2015 and it's my first time with MAS (Malaysia Airlines). The price of the ticket was around RM371 included 30kg and flight meal! Since it's just a 2 hours flight I never expect much but it's fun to watch TV and after done for the show it's almost the time I reach in Bangkok. The meal was quite terrible because the rice is not yummy at all maybe I put too much expectation but Japanese Airlines ANA Flight Meal was super awesome T.T Okay.. I shouldn't compare with this since I got a cheap ticket + can watch TV at least better than nothing right!

It's 5 Day 4 Nights trip. The time we reached Bangkok was quite late , can consider night time already. So the first day is just dinner in Bangkok. I staying at Baiyoke Sky Hotel so called the Thailand's tallest hotel stay in Bangkok. It cost me around RM700 for 4 nights stay (RM175 per night) Compare to last time Bangkok is slightly pricy than before because of the currency exchange rate in Malaysia. So sad for that!

So it's total RM371+RM700 = RM1071 (Both flight ticket and stay). Then I exchange another RM700 for my own pocket money to eat and maybe a little $ for shopping!! Minus the first day we reach there was quite late and the last day was a morning flight, we actually have only 3 complete day for our Bangkok Itinerary! 

So the accommodation was quite good in our stay except if you wanna stay there please don't sign any extra breakfast or dine in their hotel. The food choice was so good but it taste like..... taste terrible honestly! Why?? They never control the temperature of the food. I was so happy because I just grab whatever I see and there are a huge variety on that but end up everything was NICE TO SEE but NOT NICE TO EAT.

We go there at 8am and thought the sky dining should be awesome but I guess we expected too much again xD But is okay this is included with the hotel stay one. Just that the day after this , we never go to eat their breakfast already. It's another nightmare for me of wasting so much food. The first time I only eat up the egg , omelet , tomato and others.... I'm so sorry T.T But why the rice so cold until very hard to bite and no temperature control or stay hot of the food one! 

Oh no, this is really my first time found myself dislike the hotel's breakfast. My previous experience was all too good for me but not this! -end of the breakfast story- 

So now if you stay there you might need to concern about it or don't waste your time to look for their breakfast just go eat bangkok chicken rice better! I heard that there are few floor of the breakfast , my friend's parent went to the upper floor one and they told me it taste still fine. Guess it's our bad and unlucky day lol.

So as I mentioned just now don't go during peak time like this. Taxi and tutu price increase like crazy and they thought we don't know how the transportation price usually be. Too crowded and hence, the price of the clothes also cannot be negotiate like last time. You try to ask for discount the owner of the booth will scold you -.- Even you buy more still same price because there are still lots of buyer behind you will buy the piece you are holding lol. But other than that I enjoy my precious time in Bangkok a lot!

Okay i should back to the topic of my itinerary! Here you go!! Feel free to reschedule it follow your schedule and pick your favourite one to go!

#1 Chocolate Ville (click here for full detail blog post
A super beautiful place which suitable both for your family or friends trip. The whole restaurant as big as a themed park which consist of more than 500 big tablets there. So it's under one same restaurant and there are tons of nice background for you to take a nice photo. You won't believe it's in Bangkok! It feel like so western and I'm loving this! 

 Due to the amount of photo I took and how to go & other detail..I updated a complete post about it and feel free to take your time and read it.

#2 Erawan Shrine 
This is my second time in Bangkok but first time visit here. Quite crowded so it's better to come in the early morning. Pray for successful and peace. My friends told me it's a must-do thing when come to Bangkok and everyone know this. It's so near to our stay but if you worry about the location just go for tutu or taxi! It should be less than RM9-10 from Pratunam or else use google map! The taxi driver here can communicate in English quite well so just tell them Erawan Shrine and the will know it.

#3 Wat Pho Lying Buddha
Visit the super huge lying buddha! It was really huge and spectacular. It's so beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way. Look at the photo I took!

 So beautiful!

#4 Massage as much as you can
It's super cheap! Where can you find such a great deal for massage except in Thailand. I recommend the one located at Pratunam > Chan Thai Massage. Good place and spot for you to rest your feet after a long day of shopping. I tried both full body and leg massage and guess what we went to the massage place EVERY NIGHT! AHAHAHAH 

 Body massage! Since we know each other we just open the door so that we could laugh and talk with each other LOL! 

Leg massage time @Chan Thai Massage
Address :Ratchaprarop Rd, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

#5 Shopping at Pratunam Market (Midnight) , Pratunam Mall , Platinum Mall , Siam Square
Finally it's some time for shopping! Never had enough sleep during the day in Bangkok because we have to wake ourself up  in the early morning 4am to shop on the midnight pratunam market. Then go back to sleep again and wakeup at 6am for another one! HAHAHAHAH just one day successfully wakeup with my friends. Other than that we just enjoy our sleeping time! lol

I woke up at 4am but see my dear sleep like a pig beside me! Never dress up nicely in Bangkok when shopping because most of the time I just wear like a home / sleeping outfit to their night market! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Spot this at Pratunam Market too! Can DIY as souvenir for your friends too!
This one for myself & one for Smelly

#6 Tutu Car
I just enjoy my tutu time like no more than 3 time in Bangkok because 8 of us in a gang and it takes some time for us to look for 3 tutu at the same time with same price. Plus, some adult & parents of us prefer to sit for a whole taxi car rather than separate with each other because it consume more time for us if we still looking and communicate with the tutu car. Youngers like us don't mind la but old parent feel scary to sit tutu actually xD 

It's quite dangerous also and so lucky that we end up get to know a very good driver with a bigger taxi who offer us good price for 8pax and he just become our whole trip 'private' taxi driver like that! So lucky!!!

#7 Buy , Eat & Take Photo with Lay 
Choose the best lay represent yourself and take as much as group photo! HAHAHAHAHAHA Without this then you are not really a thailand/bangkok-kaki!

 Nelson took the wrong one leh! This is a girl's mouth! AHAHAHAH

#8 TK Seafood @ Chinatown BKK (click here for full detail blog post)
We purposely go to Chinatown there just for this TK Seafood! It's so yummy , reasonable and because it's SEAFOOD! Read more about the price , dishes and TK seafood here

Everyone know that I'm Pocky and this is the long-awaited plan since months ago! AHAHAHAH The snacks here was so cheap and it's just a shopping mall which have a huge choice of snack! LOTSSSSSSS OF SNACKS AND BISCUIT!

Good thing about this was after you pay your bill here at the counter there are few table on the front of it and you can simply go and get some paper box and put all your snacks there + pack it inside the box.

#10 Chatuchak & Coconut Ice Cream
This is the place where I spend more than what I expected. I only bought like 3 items / clothes from Pratunam but I bought almost 6 pieces clothes here. Don't ask me why but I have no idea why I can't find anything I like at pratunam but I found damn a lot in Chatuchak. lol No joke it's really huge and I will come here again if I'm going with my male friends or bf because here got more male items than pratunam.

Shoes , accessories , cap , customize top , shorts , bag and everything. Remember don't lost yourself here. It's really huge. Remember the booth number or road number of where are you standing at. So can easily gather back with your friends if you come here for the first time. Food here was so good also!!

#11 Asiatique
This is the place where everything was super duper expensive so no need to buy any clothes from here but thumbs up for the ambiance. But the transportation to here is quite complicated. You have to go by a huge ship. Due to the amount of tourist during our trip we have to queue for everything for example, the public ship to Asiatique. We line up for 1 hours 45 mins until our turn! LOLLLL

 OMG photobomb of my friend's hair lol
As you can see I look so exhausted and tired T.T

Everything here was way pricy than other place so if you really want to buy it's better to wait first because you can get cheaper and exactly the same one at other place except it's really the thing YOU WANT BADLY and you willing to pay for it. If not then don't feel sad or complain if you saw the exactly same one at other place :p If you like beer and wish to have a great dinner you can think of this too!!

#12 Unicorn Cafe (Full detail post click here)
I think most of you know this because it's one of the most popular post on my blog. A cafe that full of Unicorn and colourful Pony. Except for the super tasty 2 tone milk shake that I love, the wardrobe that can turn you to a real human-unicorn was one of the reason I recommend it to all of you too. If you like crazy , colourful and unicorn stuff then this is a must visit place for you!

The owner allows you to take as many crazy photo as you can , simply hug and place their unicorn soft toys, wear the unicorn outfit and just have fun!

#13 Chicken Rice
Friends recommends this to us! It's one of the well-known chicken rice shop and we go there early in the morning without queue but after like 30 mins there are a long line behind us! everyone waiting for our table and seat lol. Stress! But from my personal experience not taste like heaven but quite okay la. The soup and rice taste good while the chicken just fine only.

#14 7-Eleven Food 
Must do thing in Bangkok too! Their 7-11 just like taiwan & Japan. Full of choices and nice food too. I'm always loving the thailand version of Yakult Drinks. It's so big bottle and CHEAP! Ok...everything here was still cheap if compare to others! AHAHAHA Enjoy their cheese hot dog too :p yum yum~

| Enjoy to the max!
So the whole trip if minus all shopping and snack purchase RM1500 will be included for the flight ticker + 4 night accommodation + food! Quite affordable and cheap right! Can eat until full full and a short escape from our country for a short holiday too!

 Sun-kisses my skin! lol

And, I start loving tom yam (non-spicy type)! I love the taste especially it sour sour like that taste damn good!!!

So I guess it's the end of my post about my Bangkok Trip. Hope this can give you an idea on how to plan your next itinerary and bring someone / or your family here too since it's really cheap and affordable for a short holiday trip to pamper and treat yourself! That's all for today. Love, xx.


  1. Hihi, are you able to recommend your driver as we have a group of 5 and need a big taxi too. Thanks.

    1. Hi I no longer have the taxi phone number but you can easily get the taxi when you request for the big one on the road and ask them whether can they offer whole day taxi for you guys ya. Hope it helps. Thanks!

  2. hi. how much for rent the taxi for whole day?

    1. It's depend mind is quite a big car for 8 person around RM190 -120 during CNY. If normal not peak season should be cheaper

  3. Hi I went to Bangkok Last year & truly loved the place. I liked your list, it has some experiences that I missed. I would appreciate if you can look into my experiences as well.

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