Sephora is now ONLINE!!

12 February 2016

Hello Sweeties~ Look how happy am I on the photo above!! It's all because Sephora Malaysia is now ONLINE at I'm so glad that finally they made it when I saw their latest update ads on my facebook newsfeed timeline. OMG & for those who knew of Luxola, it's now being rebranded to So damn happy because I have more reason to shop more even I'm not able to visit their actual store. I have been heard a lot of their latest product especially the eyeshadow palette!! I can't wait to check out their website again after I got enough 'red pocket' money :p AHAHAHAHA

If you love to shop for cosmetics , skincare and makeup product BUT you don't like to go out from your house or think it's time consuming, then this should be a good news for all of you. I was like ' Oh finally~  SEPHORA Malaysia available online'. Thumbs up for the team! 

Actually I knew this one month ago when I received an email from their team but I'm still waiting for the official launch of I'm so excited but can't tell all of you until today OMG!! You know how long I keep this secret on myself now?? HAHAHAH It's so hard because I tried to check the website but it's not launch yet until I received their parcel few days ago & official launch news on my email again......

In conclusion, good things take time to wait! Thanks Luxola & team for the surprise parcel. I'm so overwhelmed with everything especially when I saw the personalised name on the brush set. It's so lovely & I'm so happy on all the products they handpicked for me!! Let me show you now~~

 Can you spot my favourite one?

I'm so surprise with the variety of their product and brand available on their online website From famous brand like Marc Jacobs to Korea famous cosmetic brand like 3CE & more Sephora brand products too~ 

 So here's some of the product that I really love & recommended by me!

SEPHORA Pro Brush 

Yay!! This is one of my favourite item this month. I'm so surprised when I open up the parcel few days ago. Look how cute and lovely it is.

 Foundation brush | Angled contour brush | Shadow brush | Winged Liner eyeliner brush

This brush was super good I tried it on the first day of CNY. I tried the angled brush and use it together with Marc Jacobs bronzer to contour the side of my face. Just to make it look slimmer & create a V shape face. 

Always heard of face vibration massager but this is my first time own an eye massager that feel like a real hand massage. No joke because is time to say good bye to tired & puffy eyes. This eye massager claimed to reduce the under eye bags on our eyes! Wrinkles & lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area are ALWAYS the biggest skincare issues that concern women. If you are still young then is okay but once you reach the age like me (age 24-25 above) then you will slowly realise there are some unmovable wrinkles and dark circles under your eye area. Just like me :'(

This FOREO eye massager device utilizes Alternating T-Sonic™ Technology to deliver a gentle yet effective massage for younger- and refreshed-looking eyes. There are 2 clickable spot for you to control the speed of the massager. An on/ off button + A plus & minus sign to control the speed of the eye massager.

Turn it on and it will start the massage speed on the device. Depend on your preference, I prefer one speed (-) than the turn on speed. It's more gentle and i can feel like someone actually massaging around my eyes. 

You can use it all around your eye area but personally I prefer to use it with my Lancome eye cream to increase the absorption level of the cream and give myself a pampering session too! This is...STRONGLY RECOMMENDED by me! lol Very compact, snoothing and small in its size! Just loving this~ There are few colour available , so yo might need to check this out.

Marc Jacobs Bronzer 

Thanks Sephora for this and it's my very first bronzer! OMG I can't believe this thing actually did some magic on my face. I just find some HOW-TO-APPLY-BRONZER cheatsheet online and it does help to make my face look slimmer and more V!!!

This colour fit me perfectly. Not too dark or light to contour my face.

Photo credits to google image online

My very first try on this bronzer. Since it's the first day of CNY ,I normally take lots of photo with my relatives and parent & I hope to look slimmer and V shape on the photo. So, I just contour by using this bronzer on the side of my face& chin! It does make it look slimmer!!! OMG!! MAGIC!!

Marc Jacobs Brown Eyeliner
Other than the bronzer, for those who know me well you probably know that I prefer brown liner than a black one because it make the whole make up look softer and not a harsh or stiff line. This little eyeliner can draw a thin - medium to a super thick one. I use it to draw my bottom eyeliner and the thick one as my upper eyeliner.

 Look how thin the line is..Waterproof too!!

Miriness two-sided lip liner
This is one of my favourite too. Lip liner can help you to create the korea inspired kind of 'love shape' lip or you can draw a larger and thicker lip line to create a thicker lips. Surprisingly, the colour very pigmented just that it's more nude colour for me. 

WINKY LUX Lipstick

They sent me some of the lips product too. Out of everything I prefer this mini size of lipstick that melted my heart lol. It caught my eyes!!

See how mini it is

It's a very bright colour and not my usual / daily lipstick colour. Probably will use this on CNY and the colour was super nice too. HAHAHAHA Can't wait to show the complete makeup look. Very Pretty!!! That's some of my favourite part on those product!! Wooohoooo 

Oh yea, Sephora is working hard to launch even more exciting brands over the coming weeks, so stay tuned & visit now! That's all for my sharing. Love, xx.

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