ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0 Review

17 February 2016

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!! Today I'm going to kickstart your day with a smartphone review. I know you guys have been wondering what phone is that but do let me introduce you this ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0, the most affordable budget phone with best quality and can I say it can be  worth for every single cent of your money? Let me reveal the pros & cons of the phone and review this for you!

I often consider myself to get a budget smartphone for my parent but I can't consider any as I don't have much knowledge on that. I often look at the camera , the size , battery life, design , storage and a little bit of display to consider it into my list. Yea, you are right for any basic smartphone user it's what we usually consider about but the main concern is still...


I'm so happy to be here with an update post of this ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0. I have been using this for more than 3 weeks now (before consider to give this to my dad as a new year gift. lol) To be honest, I'm not a pro on all the phone spec and those specific term but as a smartphone user and just like other end-user I can tell you that my review might help you to make or change your decision if you are still looking for a budget smartphone and consider its price as your main concern. 

After this 3 weeks of using this,  I found that I'm really happy for the phone and nice user experience with ASUS too. This is my first time to get in touch with ASUS Smartphone and if you ask me to recommend any affordable budget phone. Then, I will ask you to consider this except there are 2 main disadvantages that might or might not bothering the user of this phone. Want to know more? Read until the end!!


Let start with the very first thing when you look for a smartphone. Its design! Here's some of the detail photo I took for you guys. I got the gold colour one and I think this is best to match the theme of this 2016 year! Means more wealth for me :p 

The box came with your lovely ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0 with a set of charger & booklet.

 Look at the phone! OMG! The colour is so beautiful!

 Ergonomic Arc Design with Intuitive Rear Controls

 There are few colour available :-

White, Silver , Gold , Red

 A Snapping selfies & now you can freely adjusting the volume, regardless of whether you are right- or left-handed. 

 Speaker at the bottom-back of the phone.

 Front Camera

 Ultra-thin edges

The button/ screen button at the top

 Removable Battery 

 Dual-Sim card (4G connectivity on both sims)
MicroSD card slot (Expandable up to 128 GB)

 Speaker at the back of the device that features dual speakers sound output as one the main highlight of this budget & affordable phone.


About the display itself, so far I'm satisfied with it and don't have any problem. The display can consider really sharp for a budget device like this and its features. Other than that, the colour and brightness adequate very well at the same time too.

5.5" | 720 x 1280 pixels
13 MP  | 1080p
2GB Eam
3000 mAh 

Power/ Screen Button  

Based on my 3 weeks experience, the power / screen button at the top of this phone can be a bit for me because i have to stretch my fingers all the way just to reach it.  It's quite bothering me since this phone is 5.5'' and quite hard for me to reach the button. This is one of the little drawback of the phone.

However, I just google it and just found that this phone supports tap-to-wake , so it's good if you can get use to the feature to overcome the drawback. ASUS is smart!

| Battery Life 

I should give this a big big big thumbs up because the battery life of this phone last really long. It's out of my expectation & battery lift outlasts than any others phone consider as in the price. It's really worth for it!

As I mentioned earlier, the battery is removable! So you can always carry a spare with you and even you are streaming a full-screen video, the battery still can last you for about 6-7 hours with max brightness on the screen.  (based on my personal experience) No trouble getting a full day's worth of use out this phone and a special feature I need to mention is its power saving mode.

It estimate for you and I normally just turn on the power saving or normal mode for daily usage that make my life easier and battery life really a good pros for this budget phone.

Camera (Primary camera| Front camera )

This camera feature a 13 MP primary camera (ƒ/ 2.0) and 5 MP front camera & Laser Auto-Focus with Dual LED Real Tone Flash. It's very quick when come to taking photo of a close object and the focus is quite accurate. The positioning of 13 MP primary camera is at the top center while the 5 megapixel front camera is placed at the near top-left. 

This phone named so because its signature feature <laser auto focus> for its primary camera. ZenFone 2 Laser’s laser beam measures distances at lightning speed – and that means near-instant focus as fast as 0.03 seconds, especially in dim light conditions. The laser auto-focus even accelerates close-ups photography, compensating for the extra distance created by the lens receding during framing.In short, it will adjust the focus accordingly & correctly and a very quick shoot / capture when it's close up to any object.

Camera Setting & Modes☆ 

Camera modes, filters and settings are comfortable enough to use. There are plenty of options especially the personalised mode and setting to take a perfect photo. Very good filters , modes like time lapse, depth of field or if you prefer manual mode you can also play with that too.

Look how amazing it is!!

Beautification mode actually turned on by default and t's always a good news for those who love to selfie and take a group photo with your friends. It's really width angle and remember the beauty mode I show you just now?? Just remember that don't over processes your selfies, you can always adjust the mode and setting in your own preference.

 You can add on blusher , enlarge your eye , make your skin smoother , brighter and SLIMMER V SHAPE FACE!! OMG this is just killing me because it's too good to be true! No need any third party app to take a perfect and beautiful selfie! It's so easy with just one click!

 Photo modes , filters and settings.


Even without my makeup I still look super pretty on the screen lol xD
Thanks to ASUS!

Image Quality (Primary Camera   Front camera )

Image capture colour quite well, but when it come to the's still a small con and problem for me. I break this categories into two consider the photo taken by the primary camera lens and the front camera lens. For the primary 13MP camera it turns out quite great but for the front camera 5MP it's quite disappointing. It appear quite grainy especially indoor selfie shoot. But still, consider on this budget , it's as good as it gets.

 Using the front camera 5MP to take this selfie. It's indoor with a while wall. When taking this selfie I look quite good on the screen but after you take a shoot on it you will slightly see the quality of the image turn out quite grainy especially when you zoom on it.

 If it's like this I won't use this front camera to take the selfie. lol
I rather to use the back primary camera HAHAHAHA!

 Slimmer face mode turned on (max) | Super bright environment | Front Camera

No flash but very bright environment! I turned on the slim face / thinner face mode and max on that. As you can see the face become like alien! HAHAHAHAHAHAH  Then, just to take a look at the image quality on a bright sunlight shoot. It's still grainy but not as grainy as the first example I show you just now.

Next, look at the primary 13MP camera's image quality on an object. 

 Thanks to the laser auto focus!! Photo turn out really really good!! Let see how if i zoom on it

Photo quite nice and not grainy like the photo I took with the front 5MP camera!! I'm satisfied with this!!

Overall, the camera image quality of the primary camera was out of my expectation because it turn out so good than the grainy photo I took with the front 5MP. But consider this as a budget phone NOT FOR SELFIE at all I'm alright with that. Just if you are looking for a very good and best photo quality image by the front camera then this might be disappointing but for camera lover (if you use primary camera more than front camera) this should be a good budget phone for you!

Personalised UI (User Interface) 
This is another thing I want to highlight. Love how ASUS allows us to personalised the UI on our own preference. For example I can change the font type & size, the overall theme of the phone , colour , icon and last but not least, the scroll effects. 

On the other hand, the next thing I need to highlight is the in-phone apps. Apps that originally came with the phone (no need install yourself) For more than awhile I was like , why there are so many app here?!! lol  But there are some really useful for me!!

 Here's some..WHICH i consider not useful for me (maybe) lol
But you can always remove it, don't worry :)

Utilities App

ASUS Accessories: Lollipop Flash 
I guess all of you know that I posted this on my instagram. It's a very cute and mini flash that look like a lollipop! If not mistake it's RM46 or 49 i forgot lol

 There are a flash and 3 colour cover for you to customise and produce your very perfect selfie photo

 Personally, I only use the white one because the rest is I WILL NEVER USE XD
This could be the best buddy for you to take a night selfie!

 Can adjust the level of brightness! Low - Medium - High

 I give this creation a thumbs up! It's very cheap , reasonable and cute to carry it everywhere with me!
My friends saw I'm using this and he was so into it now!!
If you happens to take selfie at night time or dark place then a flash is always your good buddy for a selfie! lol

Look how cute it is!

Value of Money 

Value of money?? Really?? After all the review I should consider the worth for its value of money. Just like what I mentioned earlier, this phone offer an attractive combination on good performance , camera quality and battery life. And, because the use of laser autofocus technology, just the price itself it's an essential budget decide with budget specification and you should really consider this capable camera phone at this budget price. 

In the end, it really comes down to which one best meets your needs. This ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 6.0 still a very compelling option in a sea of cheap android smartphones out there and whether its positives or pros of the phone, it did a great job to be an budget phone. And, if value of money are really what are you looking for, then this device should be a great choice for you.  5 stars for this!!

Who Should Buy This
If camera matters , best network quality with a large battery life is the matters for you, then this phone will be my recommendation for you. Personally I think t's suitable for all of us especially students, our parents or business person like my dad who prefer large screen , dual-sim card with basic needed for just a phone, it's quite ideal for them. One of the 4g best budget phone in a sea of cheap android smartphone and mostly you would be surprised that you can get just looks and feels to its price.

Summary of its Pros & Cons

Affordable, removable battery , dual sim slots , good camera performance, great display , image tend to be very sharp thanks to autofocus,  value of money.

Power/ screen button is at the top  & quite bothering me to reach the button (but you can overcome this with the tap-to-wake feature) , The laser focus works at short distance but not long distances (The more further away you are from the subject, the harder it is for the laser focus to work with) ,
Disappointing grainy photo on the front camera photo although it's 5MP. 

huuuu~~ Finally I'm done with this review and when I'm prepare to pack my luggage and go for a short trip now! Happy CNY everyone!! Zenny ask me to relax and drink a cup of coffee after I'm done with this post! That's all for my review. Hope this should help you in the future! Love, xx.

For more information and detail about this phone,

Disclaimer: I didn't get paid for positive review. Phone was sponsored by ASUS. However, my opinions remain unbiased and objective.

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