Movie Plan During CNY | From Vegas to Macau 3 Movie

08 February 2016

Hello all my little Sweethearts!! Happy Chinese New Year!! OMG I just can't believe it's February now. I thought I just updated about my 2016 resolutions but now it's another brand new month again?!! Time flies but guess what I hear a lot of new year plan. So, how about you?? Or maybe me?? I normally just back my hometown @Ipoh during the second day of CNY and after that should be my holiday!!! Just like you :p

So this year except for friends and family gathering I decided to make some plan for movies! This should be one of the best plan during CNY!! Especially watching your favourite movie with your family , bf/gf or friends. Am I right :D I have been waiting for my favourite movie to be out this few days and guess what.....

I just finished watching the movie < From Vegas to Macau 3> and I love the sense of humour of this movie and definitely one of the must-watch movie with your family and friends! Nothing to do during this CNY??? 

Then.... watch this!!

I saw their trailer when I'm scrolling my facebook and it's just so funny. Just right after I watched their trailer I decided to buy 3 tickets together with Smelly & my brother. I was excited to see the funny plotline of this movie while Smelly was attracted by the superstar cast of this movie. The four main leads Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Nick Cheung, JackyCheung.

It's not really an action movie but a combination of comedy , actions and the super lame sense of humour. To be honest, I laughed so hard when I saw a scene of Nick Cheung with a girl wearing the yukata. OMG That's the best part ever! I normally won't laugh until I tear but watching this movie I actually did!! HAHAHAHAHAH Personally I think this movie is suitable for everyone who loves a little comedy and want to laugh nonstop. From Vegas to Macau 3 is that kind of this should be in your must-watch list too.

The Movie starts with a super duper grand wedding ceremony in Macau and it's the wedding of Ken's daughter. Ken is so sad because his daughter was gonna leave him and spend all her time with her husband after getting married. Following that the other 2 main cast appear as a good friends of Ken , Vic & Mark. They are invited as a guess on the ceremony too. Finally, the story continues right after a robot appear to sabotage the whole wedding ceremony while Ken and Mark are accused to have engulfed DOA’s illicit money. Ken and Mark are once again being hunted down by assassins and luckily Michael comes to their rescue with the help of Faye, Ko Chun’s niece and Long Wu Jr. In a twist of events, Ken stands in as a double for Ko Chun to participate in “The Ultimate Men Charity Ball” and wins his way through with the help from his friends. Together, they have to pursue the mastermind who has entangled them in his evil plans…

Interesting right!! The best and funny scene happens during the scene where the main cast actually participate in the gamble game and how he won the game. lol There are so many Hong Kong gambling classic movie from the past. From Casino Raiders, All ForThe Winner, God of Gamblers & THIS!!! From Vegas to Macau is NOW part of my favourite comedy list!!! So if you're still thinking of where to go / what to do in this coming CNY....Then, don't missed this chance to watch the movie with my favourite movie stars :p

Prepare to laugh til your pant drop lol!! What are you waiting for?? Go plan and watch it with your friend / family now~

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