04022016 | What happened last week

04 February 2016

Hello my little Sweethearts~ Is me again! Welcome back to my blog lolx. Disappear for a week and I feel so bad this few days! I feel so weak now because I get sick since the past few days. Why?? I never get enough sleep + never drink water + flu + dizzy all day long. So here's the reason why I'm here. For you and my blog to catch up a bit of what happened last week. I'm so tired but still able to blog about it this morning because had enough sleep since yesterday. like finally!

The past week was busy packing and cleaning my room. Oh yea this is the best thing ever but I realise that I'm quite old now because I can't be like last time where I can just sleep 3-5 hours. Now, if I don't get enough sleep the next day I feel really tired and dizzy. I know right...I'm 24 years old now! Oh well, I can't believe you guys stick with me since year 2008 until now! wtf 8 years!! We grow up together lol

#1 Clean my room , wardrobe & fixed it
It's a must-do thing for me before Chinese New Year. My mom will always be there to remind me lol. Guess some of you skipped this but I tell you..this is the best thing to kickstart your day and next you realise that you have too much clothes that you never wear & you have no idea why it's here or the reason you bought it home lol
You know that I'm really OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) one! Once I start to clean it I can just clean everything without realise it's time to sleep or eat wtf. This is true and ended up I realise I have too much long sleeve top / jackets / outers again. Guess it's why I can't fit in more clothes on this wardrobe again. lol

This year slightly diff because my stupid wardrobe (maybe too heavy) spoiled. The screw that hold the compartment dropped and then I'm quite angry about it. Then I very emotional -.- Maybe period almost come and I called my daddy to help me this time. My dad was shocked when he enter my room. Look at the amount of clothes I took out from the wardrobe lol. Then, my dad just bought some 'L shape' holder to fix it.

Next must-do thing after categories my clothes will be selling all of them online! Yes~~ I'm sure you know this because I blogged about it every year lol. Very easy to guess one right!!! If you want to know how I sell pre-loved stuff online you can read it here : http://www.chanwon.com/2014/07/how-to-sell-pre-loved-old.html

So the first day cleaning my wardrobe then the night after I used 5 hours to decide which to let go + shoot for it. I just randomly start with the first clothes and took 3 hours plus until 4am -.- wtf! I thought I'm still young then this is the main reason I don't get enough sleep + flu + running nose. Then, as usual the next day I will update those items on my own group telling everyone to stay tuned + waiting for their payment. The post office near my house will closed after 2 feb! No more parcel collection at their counter so it's why I need to burn the midnight oil and do the packing. 

Thanks for all the purchase and love! I'm glad that some of you received your parcel before CNY. So the next 2 days after I done my packing...I sick until can't even stand -.- but I still need to meet someone who just back from Korea....

#2 My Bae VickyBobo is back!!
Yea no joke! That bad girl is back from Korea! A sudden meet-up with all my flowers. It's quite short la just 2 hours meet up because I have to rush back for a facial appointment. I booked my hair , facial appointment one month ago because I know CNY always fully booked one! But then, I'm sick and I really don't want to postpone or delay my appointment since it's so close to CNY already.

Then the whole day I brought 5 packs of tissue paper with me. Just in case! Then I can't talk loudly and nicely because of my super man voice + sick face. The epic time came when I went to facial. I just ask them allow me to hold a tissue on my hand because ...just in case... Then the whole facial time I just keep on 'ahhhhhhh~~qiuuuuu~' I hate my runny and stuffy nose!

So this girl getting more chubby (which I'm so happy on it xD) Thanks to her bf and the best thing was after the morning date with her, both of them came to my house area and supper with me! OMG I really feel so tired but once I know they coming from KL I was like ' DIE DIE ALSO WANT TO MEET YOU'

#3 Smelly Kitty + Mopi Met the first time
Not sure whether I should include this on my blog or not but I guess it's a must to record it down. So, it's a very long story of how bobo & I met but we can't stop talking to each other and I thought Smelly was the one who feel left out during our couple date but -.- GUESS WHAT! Both of our bf talk with each other more than bobo & I. Okay...this is the time where bobo told me it's her first time to meet the talkative smelly! lol

This is our first couple date and I know it's been a dream for Bobo. Finally she found someone that really good to her + really close with me. So this is how we should plan for our next couple date & trip! Am I right!!! Then, bobo really appreciate me because she told Smelly & I that without me she won't get into relationship now! Okay....don't talk so much just give me a red bomb and red pocket now! AHHAHAAHAHAHA

I realised that even it's long-distance friendship, it still make both of us getting closer to each other (even she's not with me) but she always left her friends behind once she get into relationship. lol Luckily her bf and us know each other so she got no reason to forget me this time! HAHAHAHAHA Honestly, I'm happy to see her smile again and friendship still counting for both of us~ Mopi..if you reading this pls take a good care of her and remind her she still have TAN CHAN WON ok! xD

#4 Wedding Dinner + met secondary school seniors
This is the second reason to remind how old am I now! lol It's one of my senior's wedding dinner and Smelly was so shy for his first time because he normally won't appear to a place that is full of strangers one lol. This time he accompany me because it's quite late after the dinners.

Long time never wear dress or attend any dinner like this. Smelly ask don't wear too sexy because he don't want others to look at my pretty face xD jkjk* He just hope that I can be pretty on his eyes only @.@ So selfish but I don't even care xD So I'm wearing a long maxi pastel yellow flora dress to the dinner. Plus, a super high heels. lol I think I'm 173cm that night! AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH But i'm still shorter than Smelly. Guess he will be unhappy when I'm taller than him! HAHAHAHA

Since it's my secondary school friends I was like who else going? Then, I met my old &long lost friends too. We didn't talk much but it reminds me the past. It's like 9 years ago when I'm still a 16 years old girl with an old vintage spec. lol It reminds me how happy am I running out from my class to canteen just to meet my friends from the other class. Chit chat with them , chasing each other outside of the class , getting hit by teacher because I forgot to bring my sport uniform , envying my friends receive love letters & flower but I'm still forever single! HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm so pure during my study time where I never skip any class , always a pro math girls and how I sing loudly in my class then get scolded by teacher -.- 

Memories T.T I feel so old and almost tear when I told Smelly all of this. Then, I meet someone that I wish to see him and say sorry to him. Sorry for being so sick of him & refuse to accept his concern and love. But it's all the past because he seems alright and have a lovely girlfriend now! I'm so happy for him as well. Smelly was there beside me and some of my old friends keep on telling me i look more skinny than the past. I'm shy to talk with them with my braces that full of rubber but still thanks for all the compliments. I'm proud to be who am I today. Oh no...too much on this.. I'm out of topic again! lol


#5 Attending event & food review session
As usual, aside from blogging I still need to work like a full time to attend event and some food review with brand / people I love! Sometime people envy about us because we are just like a freelance with flexible time and job scope. But every job and position have its pros & cons. If I'm sick I can't take any leave I still need to attend event because I feel bad to 'ffk' last min and I know how much effort client put hope on the event and blog. So normally when I RSVP-ed  my event I will appear one except I sick until faint or really can't drive myself.

Sometime I can used half of my petrol just to attend all of those event in one day. Like this few day after I took the medicine I'm a little blur when I'm driving lol. I have no choice to hit my face and stay awake while driving but the tol was killing me. Touch and go RM20 per day isn't enough at all -.- wtf!!! Always need to reload!!

 The Face Shop first cc cushion launching!

Food review @ Sunway Giza with some new friends!

Tokyo Fashion District with Cheesie.

#6 Smelly start busy for his work
I'm so happy that Smelly start his working life after he graduated from the same uni with me & right after he back from Melbourne. At first I can't get use of it because we always on phone talking with each other until late night and now ..normally until 12.30am or latest 1am... both of us really tired to the max and decided to end our conversation but sometime I fall asleep before he say good night lol. Actually is because every night he will sing our favourite song and until half of them I just ...sleep... lol wtf! Idk why!! Don't ask me.

And sometime, when I facing any difficulty I don't want to trouble or disturb Smelly. So I will think of other solution instead of calling him lol. He's working ma T.T Don't disturb him lo!! Then last time...I mean every time when I'm so excited of something or want to tell him story I will sms or call him but now I can only tell him at night or get his late reply (which I don't mind) but got few time I wish to keep the story until night time only tell him but i'm so forgetful. Until end of the day I forgot to tell him but I told my friends then when I told smelly that ' I TOLD YOU LEH!!' But actually I'm not -.- wtf!!!! Why I remember I told him but he told me that I never!

It's my problem or Smelly so forgetful? Or maybe both of us?!! lol

#7 My Forgetful | First time need to jump start car
This brings me to my next point here. Due to my forgetful , sick and old brain, it's not the first time I forgot to close my car signal or light. wtf! Honestly I don't know and don't even remember that I open my car light wtf! I think I have more than twice that my neighbour come knock my house and ask my mom to remind me ...to turn off it...

Until last week when I went to one of my friends house for a water brush class.... I forgot to turn it off and I didn't realise until 3 hours later when I need to go for a food review at 7pm. I leave my friends house happily at 5.30pm and my car only able to start it at 6.45pm. Really wtf!!! WHY?!!

I don't have the tool to jumpstart my car so 4 of the girls...us looking for help and one of my friend's husband went all the way down to help me but ...The front cover of my car can't function. It can't open then we look for someone and he came to help us. Pity him because it's almost end of his work but still he came to fix my car.

This young boy used almost 1 hour trying so hard to open the front cover of my car. wtf! how come it cannot open at all and look at his hand T.T Don't know got injure or pain or not. The boss of this shop told me jump start cost RM20 which I don't mind to pay but end up I pay extra. I paid him RM50 because he work so hard for my car and fixed this for me. Not about jump start but trying so hard to unlock the front cover of my car T.T

Thanks for those who lend me your hand! Appreciate and ...I love you guys T.T

Lesson learn always double check before you close your car. No wonder I can't start I thought I went in the wrong car and I still look so helpless and blur on this. OMG! I'm so sorry to  you my lovely car!  This is why my mom told me that I never take a good care of my car and the reason why I don't dare to buy a brand new car. Imagine I get stretch all the way on it and I always accidentally bang the parking wall or the side of the road! lol wtf 

#8 Pastel Flowers from Bloomthis
Best thing happened last week! Received this lovely flower from Bloomthis! Thanks for the lovely colour combination and this makes me feel better even the day before was so bad! HAHAHAHAHAHA Love and they sent this earlier than smelly lol Smelly lost but this year Valentine's Day (Our 6th Valentine's Day) I'm not in Malaysia. Will be going BKK this coming CNY!! Hmmm so sorry Smelly we celebrate a day after that okay? :D sayang you nah~~

So it's the end of the post & just to sum up everything happened last week! I'm 80% recover from my sick now just feel a little dizzy when I facing my lap top for more than 2-3 hours. So I guess it's end of this post! Happy CNY in advanced!! Enjoy your day and that's all for today. Love, xx.

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