26022015 | Eyelash Extension @ Sangkent Beauty House, Kuchai Lama

26 February 2016

Hello Sweeties! Spot something? Something different!!! Yes, would love to share with all of you my experience with eyelashes extension @Sangkent Beauty House, Kuchai Lama few days ago. No joke but you can immediately get to see the result after you done with the extension. I believe all my friends spot something different this time. Finally Smelly can figure out the difference now! Give him a thumbs up lol

The eyes are the window of the soul! This is what I told you since years ago and for this reason, I always emphasize more on my eye makeup than other part of my face. I want to look pretty everyday but .... I'm lazy. Imagine I have to apply full eye makeup everyday especially if that day I'm going to meet my clients, attend event or have to take photo & so on. I bet you know I'm so lazy to apply and stick false eyelashes all the time ...

Sometimes I'm so lazy so I just apply thicker eyeshadow and eyeliner then, I skipped the mascara or false eyelashes step. Why? I dislike the process of removing all the glue , eyelashes and mascara. It's time consuming but thanks god I get invited to this beauty house again to try out their eyelashes extension. It's not the first time I talk about eyelashes extension. Normally I did this before I travel so I can save more time from make up and more time to sleep! Yessssss...


Pros & Cons about eyelashes Extension 

Day with eyelashes extension is the best day ever. I mean you look pretty and beautiful even without makeup. You sleep more because you no longer have to wake up early to stick your false eyelashes or apply as many coat of mascara as possible. It's the best day of my life. What I need to do is just wake up with a super gorgeous eyes and I can go out just like that except some time I wish to complete my eye makeup I will just apply some eyeliner at the end of my eyelid to make my eye look more beautiful.

Yea, this is what I love about eyelashes extension BUT!! There are some cons of having a perfect eyelashes extension. You need to sacrifice for the beauty because you have to take care of your eye once you did the extension. You cannot rub your eye anymore and it's best to put zero / less makeup because with eyelashes extension it's quite troublesome to remove a super thick eye makeup too.

Sangkent Beauty House

So it's why I normally did it before I travel and just when I wish to skip my eye makeup I will just go for extension because I look prettier when I'm with the extension on my photo. lol So dilemma but this time I decided to accept the opportunity to experience a new beauty house because I'm interested to try out their cross eyelashes extension style.

At first I want to choose the normal style of eyelashes extension but due to my concern previously I ask for some recommendation. Sangkent Beauty House was quite different from my previous eyelashes extension shop because it's more personal & private, since the owner was the only one who did the eyelashes extension. So, it's another good alternative if you prefer to have a more private pampering time without others there.

The owner explained every detail for me (although I tried eyelashes extension before but it's best to listen for her recommendation). After awhile I decided to move on with the Design Eyelashes Extension (cross style one) because no need to comb it and it's more lasting.

Cross Style Eyelashes

Yea it was something like this. The previous one I did was the normal (straight style) one and it took me some time to comb it every morning and apply the long-lasting gel to hold the shape of it. It's very troublesome to comb it every morning because sometime my real lashes might fall so this time after the owner's recommendation I decided to try the cross style one.

The reason why design eyelashes extension more lasting was because it has a base on it so you no need to comb or make it back to the shape every morning. It can enlarge your eyes more than the normal straight one! Yes!! I can't wait!! Because you no need purposely comb it, so this can reduce the chances of real eyelashes falling. OMG!! HOW COME I DON'T KNOW!! I thought all eyelashes extension sticked their eyelashes above the real eyelashes?!!!! Oh well!!! Now i know! lol

The owner also prove and show me some of the video of removing the eyelashes extension.So no need too worry for the eyelashes extension because my real eyelashes still with me now! HAHAHAHA

So I'm here to try and test it!!

Before & After
 Before & after photo

Close up Photo
Love how it match my eye shape and the owner also help me to trim my eyebrows! Thanks~

This is how natural it is! I thought the cross style might look too dramatic and awkward on me but when all of my friend saw my makeup they thought I'm sticking the false lashes myself but it's not!! This is eyelashes extension omg!! It completed my make up and make me look really ON POINT!

 Look how it enlarge and complete my whole look! LOVE IT!!

 WAHHH!! I want to do this once again before my coming trip! HAHAHAHA

 I just draw a eyeliner at the end of the eyelid but the whole extension make it look like a full eyeliner on my eyes! OMG SO BEAUTIFUL (i mean the eyelashes not me)

I'm loving it!!

 Thanks Sangkent Beauty House for everything!! Especially giving me a perfect eyelashes that personalised with my own eye shape. 

 So cozy!!!

 It's located opposite foodtalk cafe , above the hair resources hair salon.
Just waze Sangkent Beauty House and you will find the location and it located at the highest floor of the shoplot.

Yea! Here!!

Remember to make an appointment with the owner before going because the owner was the only one who did the eyelashes extension only. Just msg , call or watsapp her @ 0129253349 (sangkent尚勤). Hope this helps those who love to experience eyelashes extension. I link everything included their address below. That's all for today. Love, xx.

Location & Details

Address of SangKent Nail & Beauty House
No.8-2,Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Entrepreneur Park, off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
(Opposite of Foodtalk Cafe) Facebook/Instagram/Waze @SangKent Beauty House Business Hour: • 10am - 7pm. • Close on every Wednesday. Whatsapp/Sms/Call: +60129253349 (sangkent尚勤) please call for appointment

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