[Chanwon Travel in Japan #26] Gotembak Outlet & Private Villa x Onsen

22 February 2016

Good Morning Sweeties! I'm back from my Bangkok ,Thailand trip and I'm so sad because this is the last post to end my second trip in Japan. I'm getting excited because coming April I will be going to Japan again and still planning for the schedule, probably will visit Osaka & Kyoto this time. Next thing was I received quite a lot of email and feedback regarding my Tokyo Japan Itinerary. I went there twice and would be good to share those useful information on my blog soon. Maybe a low budget and normal trip itinerary for all of you. Should be on this weekend or next week because I have too much info need to share with all of you.

Since it was my second time in Japan, I still plan for a day just for the hot spring (onsen) experience. If you read my [#17 OEDO-ONSEN MONOGATARI , Odaiba Tokyo 大江戸温泉物語]'s post you probably have an idea of the type and price of hot spring in Japan. Since I brought my brother with me during my second visit to Japan, I decided to book a private villa and onsen this time. Since it's private and we actually stay there for a night I think it's quite worth for its price. This is luxury onsen experience. More relaxing and you can enjoy more personal time with your partner or friends. 

Private Villa x Onsen more suitable if you have a big family come over to Japan and you wish to give them a memorable trip / time OR when you want to organise a gathering with your friends OR any celebration because the villa was quite big and there are few type of rooms for you to choose. But still it depend on your budget and concern.

Gotembak Outlet  
So, right after we enjoy our first overnight experience in the camping car , we decided to spend our next day visit to Gotembak because we booked our private villa nearby there. But first, we have to enjoy our shopping time at Gotembak Outlet. This is my first time in Gotembak!! So much fun during the trip especially the super huge villa!!! I miss that :'(

This is our time overnight in camping car! I blogged about the experience here < [Chanwon Travel in Japan #25] New experience in Japan | Shower Room in Japan Haneda Airport + Overnight in camping car>

Right after we brush our teeth and changed our outfit, we decided to visit this Gotembak Outlet before we go to our private villa. We took our lunch here and did a little shopping with my friends & brother.

Limited edition autumn season pokemon soft toys! This is just too cute!

-.- my brother!

Not a fan of this but too cute to resist!! 

After 30 mins we decided to take our lunch before continue to explore this outlet and shopping. So we just look for a place to eat until we saw a outdoor one. OMG So cold yesterday and finally I can feel the sun! So warm and first time I fall in love with the super bright and hot sunlight lol.

Trying my brother photo skill! Not bad huh!!

Then, we went to the indoor food court and order some food. 

Ramen time!

First meal in Japan!

My brother was super duper excited and look like me during my first time in Japan. After this trip (until now) my brother still so in love with the culture , people and memories in Japan. This is why I always told you that if you wish to travel to a country and still not yet sure where to go.... I suggest you to go Japan. After Japan you will realise the different between Japan and other country and you will know the reason why I love Japan so much.

Went to coach outlet as well and maybe we too excited and someone actually passed us a 30% discount card to me. Or maybe I look so chio that day so the handsome Japanese guy just pass this to me. HAHAHAHA But too bad I can't get anything I like here except getting this card and keep into my bag until now. lol

Also went to Franc Franc and search for some cute living rooms stuff. I love this brand so much especially their super cute pillow that you can put on your bed as decoration , hug it or just give it to someone you love. I wish to grab everything here when I got my own house lol #everythingfrancfranc

Spotted another shop other than my favourite WEGO, Snidel & INGNI. The quality is damn good and Japanese Girl style tend to be more sweet , pastel and lovely. This is just....so me! lol So after 2 hours plus, we decided to leave Gotembak Outlet and go to see our private villa! Wooohooooo I'm so excited actually.

Our villa number


| Our Gotembak Villa  
There are few type of room but we picked this because it's more than enough for 4 of us. A super big living rooms with temperature carpet that keep you warm during cold weather. Two room for you to stay as well. A traditional tatami room and a modern room. Other than that, the highlight will be the view from our villa. What view??

Mount Fuji Japan! OMG I can't see on the first day but the next morning wakeup from my room (While I open up the big door just to look at the sky) I'm so shocked! So shocked with the view from our room!! Will show you the photo I took later!!

This is the tatami room but they placed a table and chair there. You can move this and put the tatami bed at night. Fully utilized the space!

Living room

The Modern Room

So cozy and clean!

Look how big it is!!! Love this super big window!!

Cute little kicker!

Candid Shoot with Malaysia Style! AHAHAHAHAH

Our Tatami Bed
At first we plan to sleep at the modern room but I changed my decision since I never sleep on the traditional tatami bed before. I tell you it's super cozy T.T I asked whether can I get one tatami bed and blanket back to Malaysia but they told me it can cost more than RM1000 for just the blanket!! 1K?? but that's the most cozy blanket that I ever use! wtf!!!

All of the bed sheet and bed keep inside the wardrobe

Blanket cover and tatami bed done within 3 mins!

Look how nice it is T.T

Done our second tatami bed!

Look at my bro -.- He almost fall asleep! 

Also, not forgetting our first 7-eleven haul! AHHAHAAH

The complete map 

Swimming Pool

Hot Spring / Onsen

Our Traditional Japanese Cuisine  #和食 わしょく
Personally I think it's worth because our stay at this Villa included a traditional meal as our dinner. It's not those simple set lunch or dinner but a beautiful art on the food and it's more than 9 dishes. Like what we use to eat during someone's wedding dinner like that!!wtf! seriously?!! 

Photo taken with my iPhone because my camera run out of battery lol..

Japanese cuisine is a type of food and ingredients that is cooked in a specific way based on the culture and tradition of Japan. The traditional cuisine of Japan (washoku or 和食) is based on rice with miso soup and other dishes, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. They very emphasise the natural colour of the food and must taste delicious too.

The Menu

The presentation of the food can call as 'food art' It's so beautiful and served in small amount but it's more than enough for us. Get super duper full after this! 

Everything were so fresh , yummy and it's all about NICE TO SEE AND NICE TO EAT! Japanese cuisine normally very expensive this is why I mentioned it's quite worth since we our one night stay actually included this as our dinner.

Ginger drink!

The sweetest sashimi I ever had! Super fresh too T.T 

Mash potato in Japanese style! 

oh well, this is so yummy too! 

It's all for one pax! You no need to share with someone but just eat it all!!

Can't see the MT.Fuji at night and afternoon. Maybe the next morning I guess?

This is how I usually sit when it's so cozy! HAHAHA spoiled my image here lol

Mt. Fuji
As I mentioned just now, our villa can view Mt.Fuji but due to the weather we can't see anything on the first day when we reach the hotel. Was so surprise on the next morning 5am because I want to get a drink and warm up myself , then I just simply walk around and look at the window. It was 5am I remember, I open up the super big and long window and I was so shocked!! WHY???

LOOK AT THIS!! This is the photo taken by my camera. It's super duper real!! Just in front of me! Look how amazing it is. The pastel sky , the mountain , cold and this is the first thing I saw in the second morning!!

One word to describe

The next thing was,
I dunno why maybe I too sensitive I feel like crying when I saw this! omg so emotional

It's like once in a life time that I feel so emotional when looking to the mountain loll
idk why but this memories will always be in my brain OMG!!

This photo taken by my iPhone!

Before we back and move to Tokyo we decided to go Onsen again!! Yea hot spring spa in the early morning is the best thing ever. BEST BEST BEST X130302947390732497 

Oh yea before Onsen, our one night stay also included a breakfast in the next morning!! 

Our Breakfast
Oh yea!! I miss this! Our stay also included a morning breakfast too. Not those small and normal breakfast but this breakfast taste super good too. So many choices and type of food. You can go for something traditional or western like bacon, bread but my favourite still remain the same - Half-boiled egg / hot spring egg! 

nom  nom  nom~


Our breakfast!

After breakfast it's the last chance for us to enjoy our hot spring before we check out.

View outside of our villa. 

Outfit with our sport shoe lol!!! Weird to the max! AHHAAHHA

Our Onsen / Hot Spring
Yea I know you might be so curious about the onsen in Japan. So far I went to 4 diff place of hot spring there are some expensive one and some very budget one. For RM30-40 you can enjoy the normal onsen in Japan. It's all public but don't be shy because no one will look at you even you don't have a perfect body. I'm very shy for the first time and I did share my thought on my first onsen experience here (http://www.chanwon.com/2015/12/chanwontravelinjapan-oedo-onsenodaiba.html). 

That was so fun and middle price range of onsen will be range from 150-250. If you have extra budget try to stay one night at the hot spring hotel!! It was really really fun and if you prefer a luxury experience or more personal / private time you can go for something like this. I tried all onsen and this time I decided to pamper myself that's why I'm here!! Hehe

This place not crowded at all and especially the early morning there are no one here except my friend & I. OMG Just like our private hot spring lol. So syiok leh!! So as I mentioned just now most onsen look the same except the type of onsen and it's private / public one.

Other than that, it's quite similar one. 

There are a place for you to keep your clean & dry clothes / your belonging. You can't bring phone and enter the hot spring so you need to keep everything here. No locker here but some place allows you to store your expensive belongings with a locker cabinet.

So to make you more clear on this I 冒着生命危险在没人的时候拍的 lol

(1) Bathing area - You have to clean your body before entering the hot spring. Clean your body & hair with shampoo available here or you can bring your own one. Just slowly enjoy your time because you will notice those Japanese people will took 30 mins-1 hour just sitting here and clean their body. They won't enter onsen with dirty body lol

(2) Hot / High Temperature water OR onsen from natural spring water with even higher temperature. Enjoy and slowly enter from the bottom part of your body until your full body. Naked ya remember! HAHAHAH Just use the small little towel to cover if you are too shy lol

(3) Cold Water - After onsen you can bath your body with the cold water here. To close the pores of your skin and I skipped this because I never bath with cold water lol

(4) Just dry your hair or apply some hair oil on this area. Just sit down and slowly blow dry your hair. If you bring your skincare product with you then you can apply it here too.

Our 'private' onsen! HAHAHA no one there lol!! 

I stand up and side on a side every 10-15 mins in this onsen because the temperature is just toooooo hot for me lol. It take time to get use to it but this can make our skin look better and just pamper your skin and whole body with the natural benefit from onsen.


So after all we have to say Bye Bye to this place :'( It's autumn (Oct-November 2015) that time so I guess it's time to put on my new beret that I bought during my trip to Japan too.

Selfie with my Casio ZR3500

Photo taken by my iPhone without any edit and filter. 

Taken by my olympus OMD EM10

Except for sakura blossom season , autumn / fall is one of my favourite season too. 

More selfie before we leave this beautiful place again :'(

Don't wanna waste the effort of makeup and this is the perfect time to selfie lol

With my brother!

Group photo but kicker don't want to take photo with us :p


Kicker why you close your eyes :p

Finally he look at the camera & look how cute he is!!

End up I have to wear a mask and take some medicine because I allergic to pollen!! OH MY :'(
Daph realise the hay fever symptoms on me and gave me the mask & medicine!! LUCKILY!!

So the rest of my day = wearing the mask lol

Then went to have our favourite takoyaki ever!!

Starbucks in Japan!!

So after all we leave this beautiful place, Gotembak and start my journey with my brother at Tokyo! Oh yea this villa is very hard to book. I can't even book myself and thanks for Danny was there to help us. Normally it took 4-6 months before to reserve a villa because it's so private , peace and so many demand. So, if you like to experience this beautiful onsen you can try to contact / email to service@gurugurujapan.com. Thanks for reading and hope you like it. That's all for today. Love, xx.

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  1. What's the name of the gotembak villa? Can I know is there any room for 2 ppl at the Gotembak Villa that u? Roughly how much the room cost for two persons ?
    As private onsen is basically mean the onsen only for the ppl who stay at the hotel right and is not onsen that in our villa for both of us?

    kindly suggest best timing for cherry blossom for 2018 :)

  2. Hi Sze Yiing you can see the location tag on this insta post : https://www.instagram.com/p/9MgoOCD7Ou/?tagged=chanwoninjapan

    the name is パビーラ御殿場