Preparation & Kicker 1st Birthday Party in Japan

07 February 2016

Ohayooo!! Please be prepare that this post will be full of delicious food photo and lots of orange themed photo lol. So this is another throwback post that was on my waiting list. Yea I have tons of waiting list post but it take me some time to blog & share with all of you because I'm afraid you missed any one of these :'( So remember to follow my blog as frequent as you can! HAHAHAH When you feel sad , angry or boring just come and click on my post :p lol

So I guess everyone of you know that I love baby a lot except when they ask for breastfeeding and cry in front of me lol. I don't have any breast milk to feed them  lol If I can I hope someone oversea actually hire me as a babysitter for their kids and pay me an amount of money that I can live and stay in that country forever. If that happens I hope I guess this should be a best job ever and I hope it happens in Japan so then I can stay there forever! dream big big lahhhh

To continue my topic (out of topic again wtf), I should talk about the preparation for kicker's first birthday party. I'm so blessed that I'm able to join and celebrate his birthday with my bro & kicker's family. The past few days was exhausted for Daphne & Danny because both of them wanted to give kicker a big and wonderful birthday party. They are the best mom & dad!

Look at their family time I miss my parent but it will never happens in my life...again :) But is okay because if I'm a mom of my son  or daughter I'm sure I will treat them like how my friends treat their kids. Sometime I saw Cheesie prepare lunch for Junya or how daphne take care of kicker, I asked myself, can I do it if I have a kid like them in the future. Can I??

The answer will be..
I TRY MY BEST! But recently not sure whether I attended too much gathering or what I start to think about ...get into marriage life & maybe have a kid so that I can be a hot mama like my friends too. I start to learn and taking information of how to cook , how to take care and look after their kids and start to envy someone who can have baby when they're still as young as my age.

This will never happens on me previously but now I'm 24 years old I start to think why not get married at 26 and get a baby at 28?!! wtf am I doing! Last time I told myself I have to get married after 28 maybe then get baby at 30 but 30 too old for me i guess..hmmmmm... I really hope that it will happens on me!! Maybe 2 years after lol when I'm still have the energy to play around with my kids and be a hot mama! lol

But this isn't easy at all. But day if lah...someone propose to me..I guess I will be scared rather than excited. idk why but I really don't want my future kids to experience what I experienced in the past so...If I wasn't ready at all then I will not easily get into any marriage except that person can gained my confident of trust for not leaving me or my future kids home alone or anything. I don't want to have a family like mine where mom and dad isn't happy with their marriage life at all and ended up they just sacrifice it for their kids. Without no longer consider as a family..

So maybe one day ....when I get married, my friends and my bestie should be the one who cry like a baby?? HAHAHAHA Who knows? OMG I can't imagine I cry in front the doc when I give birth and introduce a new face to Bebe and tell him say You see...bebe we have a new member now and imagine my kids playing with Bebe every day! Oh well....waiting for the right time and hopefully Smelly have the same idea with me too lol #hint hint

Then, back to the topic a day before kicker's part I bought a Yukata with Daphne! This is a bright red and pastel yellow yukata which matched and fit me perfectly. I love bright bright colour yukata and look good with my short hair too :D

-The back-

-The Front-

Since it's halloween there are lots of cute cupcakes too! We went to the nearer cake shop to collect kicker's birthday cake!

See this little one! Guess he don't know anything yet! HAHAHAHAHAH

Hard work paid off!! It took almost 3 hours for us to prepare the balloon a night before his party. We don't have the flying kind of balloon so we stick it on the top one by one and tie all of it ourself. So smart and thanks Daph & Danny for considering my idea! HAHAHAHAHA The rest was thanks to Daph! She planned and cooked everything. Super yummy I tell you!! The scallops (I still remember) were so tasty! Taste heavenly OMG!

They told me to eat whatever I want and as much as I can! So in return I will be their photographer of the day! Thanks to my camera and candid shot was way too candid xD

Mimi also want to join us too!

HAHAHAHA!! Daphne bought the pumpkin one piece for kicker xD SO CUTE!!

Done with all the decoration, it's time cook and prepare the drinks!

Received my first flower in Japan! Thanks babe daph for the surprise <3 
I miss you and kicker :'(

I love this photo and...It's just so lovely!


Salad :O
I don't eat salad but this I eat few bite xD Japanese Salad taste so diff from our one!!
It's so fresh and sweet leh!!!


When Daph & Danny preparing for the food I just hug Kicker and talk to him  until he sleep loll
I'm the best baby sitter + photographer ever lol

Cheat Sushi! HAHAHAHAHAHA Order one but it took us 30 mins to put and place it looks super nice! lol

Danny gained the best chef award from us! He cooked super good fried rice in Japanese Style and this mee in Malaysian Style. All their Japanese friend praise him on this and I MISS THIS SO MUCH T.T

I tell you!!This also so yummy! Super rich in cheese and the taste....OMG
MISS THIS X2 again

Oppss!! kicker woke up already!!! It's time for me to take care of him! AHAHAHAHA
Kicker do you miss chanwon jie jie~~

I just can't believe most of my closed friend become hot mama liao.
Thanks for giving me a memorable time in Japan and thanks for the awesome food by Chef Danny!
Thanks for giving my bro & I a wonderful time to end up our trip.
Each time I back from Japan I almost tear when I look at kicker and you :'( 
That's why I hate to say good bye T.T


My stupid bro who argue with me during the whole trip but end up we get super close to each other xD
Okay now... worth for my sponsors now! 

Our group photo and this I miss out someone??!!!

It's MIMI!! AHAHAHAH look at his face lol

Mimi: ' Don't near me!!! how can your group photo without me!!!'

Chanwon: Sayang back la mimi!!!

Mimi: NO!!!!
Chanwon: PLEASE~~

Mimi: Okay!! but pls feed me with lots of nice food later ok? Don't tell mummy and daddy!'
Chanwon : 'Okay I go get some for you now ok???'

mimi:' what are you waiting for?? GO GET ME SOME!'
#likeaboss pose

This is how I normally deal and disturb MIMI!! AHAHAHAHAH He don't even want to give me a hug but is okay!! I will get you some nice food next time okay?? Stay healthy Kicker and remember to grow as much as you can + call me jie jie next time I back Japan again ok!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KICKER! Looking forward to celebrate your birthday again :) That's all for today. Love, xx.

Quote of the day- Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

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