Unicorn Cafe @ Bangkok, Thailand

18 February 2016 Bangkok, Thailand

Hello Sweeties!! I'm here again with another blog post guess what it is~ OMG!! If you read my little pony collection blog post here,then you know I'm a fans of colourful, pastel and dreamy unicorn. Lyvia actually planned this on her itinerary for me but before she plan it I was like ' do you know there are a unicorn cafe in Bangkok?? I want to go badly' then her face expression immediately changed. Next, I know what's her surprise on this trip already! AHAHAHAH Opssss~

So it was a 5 days 4 nights trip to Bangkok, Thailand, my second time visit to Bangkok and I'm so excited because all the place that I visited few days ago during this trip was new for me. Not just about shopping but exploring the favourite spot and place of Bangkok. Had a blast and so tired & exhausted after all.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY on the second day of our plan,

Thing wasn't run smoothly at all because the taxi driver sent us to somewhere else which we also not sure where is the unicorn cafe and wasted one hour walking under the hot sun. Then, the taxi driver just say bye bye and 'fly away'! wtf We keep on walking around the small place and ask for help. Although we can't communicate well but as long as we dare to ask I thought we can still find the way to the cafe. We asked people around us , someone from 7-eleven shop , younger teenage or aunty but all of them just point the wrong way and we actually follow what they point out for us.... until one hour later...still fail to find the place and we decided to go back hotel at 3.30pm so can follow back the itinerary and wait for another taxi driver fetch us to Chocolate Ville.

So, we got no choice but call another taxi and drive us from the 'dunno where place' back to our hotel. Plan fail because of the bad taxi driver!! We showed him the exact address and location but still...aihx.. :'( We were so sad and I even dress up nicely for that!! Then, we decided to postpone our plan to the next day (one day before we back Malaysia). Wasted the whole morning just searching for this & ...just wasting our time , effort & money!! Because traffic in Bangkok was terrible so it's really time consuming...

The next day, we were so lucky because the new driver successfully found this cafe at the corner of the housing area. OMG thanks to him and I feel like crying in front of him lol. He was so kind and can speak basic english to communicate with us too. He was really curious how we know this cafe because he was born there but never know there is such cafe exists in Bangkok. AHHAHAAHHA So cute of him!!

After two years of waiting and envy of others.....

Unicorn Cafe

Let me show you how beautiful and dreamy the cafe is... I can die for the pastel theme interior and the wall is just....way too pretty!!! 

Look how happy am I on this photo! OMG I'm addicted with the interior of this cafe. It's so pastel and everything was my favourite!! I can die for this you know~ Waiting for so long and always wonder how it look like until the day I enter this cafe...I was like ' It's the best day of my life'

The cafe only open after 12pm but we reached there at 11.30am! The owner of this cafe was so nice and allowed us to go in earlier than the opening hour. I'm so happy because no one was there and not crowded at all. This is the best time to shoot for the cafe and selfie without photobomb! WOOOHOOO SO HAPPY! OMG no need queue , no need wait and it's so cozy. The whole interior was full of pastel and unicorn themed and a little decoration of Valentine's day.


I'm so surprise with the amount of unicorn and little pony there. It's everywhere and they even selling some of the super cute soft toys too. Want to bring back the super huge pastel unicorn back to Malaysia but...it's too big! Anyone can help me? I want it badly :'( Other than that, I'm so happy because you can pick your favourite unicorn and take as much photo as you can. You can just do whatever you want and they won't limit you actually!!


Another thing I love about this cafe was, there are a corner for you to pick your favourite unicorn jumpsuit or one piece outfit , wear it and take photo! You can play and have fun until they close the shop lol. This concept was so good! Too bad we only have 1-2 hours time there. Wish to stay longer and act cute with the unicorn or take more photo!!

Reminds me of Japan and I feel like I'm in Harajuku Japan too T.T I miss you Japan and I still can't believe I'm in Bangkok!!

 Panaroma photo credits to Lyvia's camera.

Food & Menu 
The food here was't expensive but just like other themed cafe. It cost around RM20-30 for one dessert and cake around RM15-20 depends on type of the cake. Since we took our lunch before this we decided to just order a drink & dessert. I tell you, if you plan to come here remember to order their signature pastel star drink!!

Not just looks good but taste good as well. You know....when I say it's good ..it's really good!! Other than the signature drink I also ordered a crepe cake... but it's not as good as what I expected. Some people like it but I'm not really into crepe cake since it's too milky and creamy. I hate the smell and taste of the milk on my tongue. Yea...I don't drink milk lol

So it's still depends on you whether you want to try it or not but their dessert all look so dreamy , colourful and quite surprise for their menu & the type of the desserts of this unicorn cafe.

 So pretty x19372372730248308

 This is my favourite one! Remember to try this out!!

| Having fun & go crazy with Unicorn
Wish Smelly was here so he could help us take more photo but luckily Lyvia's boyfie was here so we can take more nice photo and I can show you how fun it is!! I'm going to make my blog full of pastel now lol. Thumbs up for this post xx. First, we start to selfie with the unicorn there.

 Thanks dear for the 'surprise' although it wasn't a surprise anymore :p

 Blur photo but still so in love with it!!

Happiness is...
when I'm surrounded by lots of unicorn & pastel, colourful items lol 

 10 years friendship celebration and this is how I spent my Valentine's day In Bangkok! lol

 This is one of my favourite unicorn soft toy. I love everything with pink and pastel blue combination! Can my room become like this T.T

 More selfie!

 With the colourful cake

Hi unicorn!!

After all I decided to choose an unicorn outfit and go crazy & imagine I'm the real unicorn wtf*

 Continue spam my post with more pretty shoot of us , unicorn and pastel colour! lol

 I don't want to give up...Continue pose like nobody's watching..

 Can I bring the whole cafe back T.T
Or can someone design my room like this? I want the colourful pastel wallpaper and chair like this! lol

More photo!! Continue spreading my love toward the unicorn :p

 Unicorn was watching us!


 More love~

 Wow...look what I found! A big unicorn head! HAHAHAHAHAHA 
I wish someone wear this and propose to me! hint hint* lol Or gudetama also can! AHAHAHAHAHA

 This was quite heavy actually... lol
& I'm so hot with this outfit lol

 Never give up! Continue spreading the love! xD

 After awhile Lyvia was so tired but still..
Never give up and I continue to selfie with this unicorn jumpsuit xD

 OMG...I'm so regret I pose with this expression -.-

 This purple one too heavy I decided to give up this and go for the blue unicorn instead lol

 Hili!! xD

Candid shot credits to Lyvia and I'm so busy taking video of this cafe!  lol

And then, no more photo because it's end of this post! Seriously, I'm so happy and excited once I enter the cafe & I hope the owner won't feel scared because of me! It's fun to share my silly face and photo I took during my trip on my blog because it's when I feel like you are here with me. I know some of us share the same interest like me...

Special: YouTube Video

Teehee~ here's the short clip for all of you!

So if you love unicorn , pastel or themed cafe like this... Then you should come here once in a life time. Worth it because the whole cafe match the theme very well and it's my favourite that's why I share this on my blog. Once again, thanks for your reading and thanks Lyvia for this surprise! I'm so happy to be there with you~ That's all for today. Love, xx.

Location & details
Unicorn Cafe 
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12.00-20.00 i
Contact number: 0863979262 
Address: Sathorn8 BTS Chongnonsi, Bangkok 

Ps: Bonus selfie! lol

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