[Chanwon Travel in Japan #25] New experience in Japan | Shower Room in Japan Haneda Airport + Overnight in camping car

15 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year Sweeties!!! Enjoy your reunion dinner yesterday?? Remember to drink more water and stay healthy, so you can eat as much as you can during this few days. HHHAHAA No more time to think about keep fit just keep eating and receiving your red pocket from your family and friends. lol So every year during CNY....I'm always free...super duper free because it's either I spend my time 1-2 days at Teluk Intan, Ipoh after chor2 or I just plan and date all my long lost friends out. It remains the same every year.

Yea... Quite boring after chor3 or chor4, but this year was quite interesting because I'm leaving Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand for 5 days~~ Weeeeeeee~~ I'm so happy but just a short gateway to enjoy my CNY. So, back to the topic!!! As you can see this is a post regarding my shower experience at Haneda Airport & Overnight at camping car.... IN JAPAN!!!

Yea, everything seems to be so good when I'm in Japan. So desperate to go back soon. So, this is the first night in Japan with my bro. We reached Haneda Airport at night & if I'm not wrong it's either 11.30 or 11..45pm that time. Then, thanks to my pocket wifi I'm able to contact my family and daph to meet up with us!! So happy that time~

Since we have to spend one night sleeping & overnight in camping car, we decided to experience the shower room service in Japan Haneda Airport. We took shower, bath inside the shower room + brush our teeth so that we can just sleep in the car... Yea, it's quite normal in Japan and you can't believe how clean it is and the toilet just like a 5 stars hotel's toilet. wtf this is why I love japan

 | Shower Room in Japan Haneda Airport 

So before enter to our very private shower room, you have to register first on the counter. Next, you just grab your key with the room number at the counter and you have 30 mins to enjoy your shower time!

My bro enter the opposite shower room and I'm in the shower room H!! Feel so surprise with the shower room and at first I thought it's so small , tiny , and might have some weird feeling BUT..when I open the door I was like... OMG SO CLEAN.. I can't even see any dirt on the floor or hair on the sink. lol Malaysia's toilet standard can't fight and compare with the Japan one because...CAN'T COMPARE AT ALL. JAPAN THE BEST!! lol

The hair dryer not those cheap cheap one leh!!
Is panasonic + Ionity one leh!!
No joke!

New towel

Take off your shoe 

After you enter the shower room there is another room for you to take your shower and before that you can see a big and clean sink + hair dryer available too. Body shampoo , hair shampoo + conditioner available in the bathroom too.

Hanger for you to hang your clothes and my after shower face! lol

 | Overnight in Japan camping car 
This was one of a memorable night together with my bro , Daph , Danny and kicker. I can't believe 5 of us can overnight in this little camping car. It's just so unforgettable!! My bro & I were so excited and we have no idea how was it and how can we sleep in this car?? is that possible? We didn't see any bed also. Only chair and the kitchen in the camping car lol.

Here's the magic part lol....
So, this is a basic idea of how the camping car look like. Photo credits from google image. The whole chair can actually turn into a bed and Danny's camping car look much cuter than the photo above. There are a bed above and it's where we sleep while Daph , Danny & kicker just sleep on the bottom bed (chair transform to bed) .

So interesting and I can't believe this mini camping car can fit 4-5 person leh omg!!! The bottom bed can fit 3 person actually!!

This is how we spent the whole night in Danny's camping car! AHAHAHAH

Since we were so tired after we reached Japan...we just say good night to each other and fall asleep. Daph prepared a thick blanket for us but the weather in Japan (autumn season) just like Genting. It's 15-16 degree celsius and guess what the whole night sleeping in this camping car is so wonderful and the experience was great. Very hard to describe because you will never know how cool it is until you spend a night in the car and everyone was sleeping. The next morning , without the need of alarm you will automatic wakeup one! HAHAHAHAHA

No need air con and we just drive until a park or space for us to stop the car ...then we just sleep in the car. Normally Japan people love to do so during new year eve countdown or camping in disney land area. Everyone just wait inside the car but pity the driver have to face the traffic jam alone :p Sometime, Japanese people just drive their camping car out with their family to a new place , park and begin to explore the new place. But there are some place that not allow camping car to park and the parking fees in Japan was....so...expensive.

Nothing else in Japan can be expensive than their transportation & parking fees. One hour can cost RM20+++ and it's quite inconvenient to rent a camping car and drive yourself in Japan IF YOU not familiar with the place and where to park. So, if you wish to experience overnight in camping car or to make your Japan Trip more memorable you can find your friends who live there to bring you around with their camping car. 

I'm so happy that I'm able to experience all this in Japan during my 2015 Oct-Nov trip. But if you interested you can always welcome to contact / email to service@gurugurujapan.com because Danny will be a professional tour guide to guide you around or  help to plan your Japan Trip! Just so special and memorable than others!!!  Hope this helps you too :) One post left then I will update a complete Tokyo, Japan Itinerary for your own reference!! 

See you in the next post! That's all for today. Love, xx.

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