[Chanwon Travel in Japan #24] Hanazono Shrine @ Shinjuku 花園神社

05 February 2016

Hello Sweeties! Finally I'm back on my daily routine - Blogging now! It's been awhile since my #23 Japan travel post and today I'm going to show you one of my favourite Shrine in Japan. It's so special and pretty for me because it's a red themed shrine that was quite different from the normal shrine I visited during my past Japan Trip.

I did some research before my trip and too bad when I'm here it's still repairing or under renovation. But still the shrine looks so bright and shine in my eyes. This Hanazono Shrine 花園神社 is a Shinto shrine that located in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan. It's very easy to go there with a google map app and quite a secret spot I guess but I saw lots of photographer around this area actually. This shrine was founded in the mid-17th century and should be one of the most historical shrines in Japan.

Since it's under renovation here's some of the photo I got it from google image.
Photo credits to google image

As you can see the Shrine is really really pretty especially in Sakura season & Winter! So  pretty right! I'm going to visit here again this April and hope able to capture a nice sakura scene with this Shrine. I love how pretty it is!! Seriously when I saw some of the photo on google image I was like ' wow!! 'it looks even prettier during night time and sometime they will organise some food market here too!!!

Just posing here because the renovation really photobomb my photo lol!! 

 Ringing the bells and clapping hands!

Have no idea but this is so cute so I also bought one too!

After preformed my prayer, I just walk around and enjoying the quiet far away from the crowed and the busy streets of Tokyo. 

I can't imagine the how pretty it is during the Thousand Lights Festival!! Hopefully I can join them in the future and explore the night scene of this Shrine. If you are planning to visit Shinjuku, remember to drop a visit here and i'm sure you will feel the same way too! That's all for today, Love xx.

#ChanwonTips: Pocket wifi & google map are my travel companion every time I travel to Japan!! You just have to remember the name and type it then follow the direction to discover this beautiful side in Japan. xx